Pamela Anderson Proudly Joins Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors

Pamela Anderson’s iconic blonde bombshell persona made her a household name, but for as long as she’s been a successful television star, she has also been a fearless animal right’s activist. A long time supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its founder, Captain Paul Watson, Pamela adds another achievement to her list by joining the organization’s prestigious Media and Arts Advisory Board.Pamela has not only dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and environmental protection, but she has also bravely fought on the frontlines for change. In the Summer of 2014, Pamela traveled to the Faroe Islands to publicly speak about the brutal mass slaughter of pilot whales known as the Grind. In 2006, the Canadian native spoke up against the Canadian seal slaughter at the Juno Awards, sparking the strongest protests ever against the barbaric practice.In the ‘90s, Pamela was one of the first celebrities to join PETA’s anti-fur campaign, starting a trend many celebrities would later follow. Pamela’s list of philanthropic accomplishments is long and varied. She has successfully campaigned to bring to light Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) horrific treatment of chickens, as well as numerous campaigns to save the seals, stop animal testing, and ban the use of fur (including exportation of fur from Canada's brutal seal hunt into Russia). Through these and many other efforts, Pamela has proven to be one of the most influential defenders of animal of rights in the world. She has spoken on the subject of animal rights to government legislatures, and at universities including Oxford and Cambridge.Pamela has justly received many awards and recognitions including Mercy for Animals Sam Simon Award for being a defender of animal rights, and in 2014 was named Grand Dame of Montenegro in recognition of her animal activism. She is also the recipient of the Linda McCartney Memorial Award, presented to her by Sir Paul McCartney, to recognize her dedicated work as a staunch defender of animal rights.Over the years, Pamela has served numerous other charitable causes including MAC Cosmetic’s MAC AIDS Fund, American Liver Foundation, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Pamela has also been deeply involved in supporting groups working on climate change issues such as Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution as well as Cool Earth.Now, Pamela is proud to leverage her many years in public philanthropy with the creation of her own charity—The Pamela Anderson Foundation. The Pamela Anderson Foundation will provide support and funding directly to those organizations on the front lines protecting and defending the rights of the planet and all those that live within it.Her generous heart and deep consideration for life are almost as irresistible as her legendary charm and beauty. It is with these remarkable traits that she has made international headlines for herself as well as shaped a legacy of caring about the causes she holds dear.  


Chideo, the first interactive charity broadcast network, today announced the worldwide premiere of the revealing new documentary short, “A Conversation with Pamela Anderson,” directed by filmmaker Natalie Johns. 

Watch the video here:

The Better World Awards speech

Hello, I am honored to be here—
Congratulations to all the honorees and their great work—
I wish you strength and courage in your continued activism—
as, for the Animals and my relationship— there are many roads to go down-  I’ve been actively involved in the crusade for decades—
and have witnessed the positive results-
while speaking up for the vulnerable . It is my passion- the innocent…
to expose and speak against needless suffering-
while we offer a lot of comforting and encouragement,
My foundation finds resources to help those on the front lines—
basic needs for animals- and their heroes  - which sparked an idea- separate from my foundation-  a new program I have created-  "Activist Tenure- Driven by Artists"- the freedom fighters of the world-  dedicated to tenurize incomes for activists- the ones that are doing the hard work -to help sustain their families, while they face thankless jobs, and dangerous obstacles- — information and exposure are truth, the future— and it rings loud to our youth—
 it is a movement—stirring and real-Friends, Ai Weiwei, Assange, and Watson— are good examples- of what speaking up - and fighting for whats right, can get you-
there are many examples—unfortunately- and-that needs to change-
As for Formula 1 -there is a sweet connection, I wanted to share with you -
The greatest driver of all time, Michael Schumacher…
who ...we all send our love to... during his long recovery….
along, with his wife Corinna,Helped PETA rescue many dogs trapped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; They helped PETA replace horses pulling carts on Turkish garbage dumps with mini-vans;Michael rescued a beautiful dog he named Flo during a Sao Paulo Grand Prix.  He also helped PETA oppose experiments on monkeys in Germany. Michael Schumacher is not only a champion on the track, but a champion for animals and has been throughout his career., and has set a humanitarian tone- to the industry-

thank you, Michael- we are on your side, you are in our prayers...

and then- yet, another hefty connection-

I love the Ad-  Bernie Ecclestone's daughter, Tamara appeared in for PETA covered in a checkered flag.. bragging-  "Going fur-free is the winning formula.”

She is right! and we appreciate her and formula 1 for that-you won’t find any animal skin in a formula one car- making these hot machines- even sexier by being purely Vegan!

I feel very lucky to be me - an ambassador to compassionate people everywhere,  I’m proud to accept this award at such a prestigious and exciting event— to strengthen my voice for animal protectionism, the environment, the rights of those fighting for freedom - and ... for a better world...

Looking forward to seeing you at the track-

Thank you...

_G1Y0791 copy.jpg

Grand Dame of Montenegro acceptance speech

Your Majesty,

I am truly honoured and gratefully humbled by this recognition by the
Imperial House of Montenegro, and by your Majesty¹s graciousness in
bestowing this prestigious title of Grand Dame of Montenegro to me, in
recognition of my activism in defense of animals and especially of marine
life in our Ocean

Your recognition of the need to protect and conserve biodiversity in the
seas and to oppose the brutal exploitation of whales and dolphins and  all
incredible diversity of life in the seas and upon the land of this
beautiful planet is  graciously appreciated.

The Ocean is the life support system for our planet.  Marine wildlife
populations are collapsing under the pressure of poaching, over-fishing,
pollution, acidification and climate change. There is simply no other
issue as serious as this because if our Ocean dies, we die!

We cannot live on a planet with a dead ocean.

My recent involvement with the Sea Shepherd crew in the Faroe Islands
helped to focus international attention on the horrific slaughter of pilot
whales and dolphins.  I was able to stand on the front lines with
international volunteers who achieved what governments have failed to do ­
to stop the killing.

In the summer of 2013 over 1300 pilot whales and dolphins were slaughtered
on the beaches of the Faroe Islands. This recent summer the Faroese
managed to kill just 35.

Speaking from the Faroe Islands on behalf of these incredibly intelligent,
socially complex, self aware sentient beings ­ the whales and dolphins,
was something that I had to do, for none of us can stand idly by in the
face of such horrendous cruelty and senseless ecological destruction.

As a compassionate person, I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to
use my voice to benefit those who cannot speak in their own defense.

This honour that you are presenting to me gives strength to a movement
that I am proud to be a part of - the movement of people everywhere who
care about values like kindness, conservation, and the need to protect
life on both the land and the sea.

On behalf of compassionate people everywhere I intend to use this honour
to enhance my voice for the voiceless, to protect the future of life in
out oceans and upon the land, and to oppose cruelty and destruction
wherever and whenever it arises.

For the Oceans, for life, for diversity and for the future  - thank-you.


Acceptance Speech for Sam Simon Award - at Mercy For Animals Gala. Sept 12/14

Thank you Sam

Thank you Mercy For Animals. You guys are such gangster cool rebel- undercover sexy maniacs.

You too Sam.

I feel like there has been my life before meeting SAM and after Meeting Sam.

Pre Sam just wasn't as fun...or meaning full - I definitely didn't know how special I was. Or --  how funny I was. It must be pretty easy to make Sam laugh. Or - maybe I'm as funny as Jennifer Tilly.

Some how I doubt it. Still an undeniable connection--

I just love being a part of your life Sam. It's an honor to be on this journey with you.

Along side of you- in trying to help the helpless. You are an inspiration.

For more than the obvious reasons..

You are inquisitive, fearless in your activism. You have had undeniable success - and your willingness to put your resources to good use. And - be an even bigger part of your own legacy is unique.  It's not bullshit. Its RAW. It's's exciting. Its a lesson to everyone-

You are living how we all should all the time-  

I'm very honored Sam chose me for this award. He and I are kindred spirits and I've learned a lot from him - not just about how to save animals, something I've been doing since I was a kid. but how to behave as an adult -a constructive citizen- on this planet-- with empathy- and a sense of humor-and how to be brave- in the face of Life's circumstances-

speaking up- when no one agrees-  your family, your friends- may not agree- but you push through-- you pioneer a way through what YOU think is right- and follow your own heart-- we all have a purpose-- it's not just following the herd-- or to make others happy , or comfortable- we need unique thinkers = not afraid of following that inner voice--

My first action was getting my dad to stop hunting - after I found a freshly killed deer hanging in our shed- with no head- dripping blood into a bucket. All his friends hunted-- it was their "culture" he was numb to it-- it's just what people did in those parts-- sounds familiar - I thought back to that conversation while recently in the Faroes-- they are numb to slaughtering whales senselessly too-

During Baywatch, I wrote PETA to ask how we could shift all the international press interest- from my boobs and the men I might be dating- to more worthy and wilder issues.

Since then, anywhere I travel, I get involved. Either on the front lines- or speaking to politicians-- who are usually quite thrown off- when I walk in the room to make a valid point-- having nothing to live up to has served me well-

We helped pass Europe's best animal law, in Austria, pushed other bills in Israel and Finland, I led protests in Australia, and posed in a lettuce leaf to promote vegan eating. what ever it takes-- I'd rather go Naked than wear fur-- but I think most people know- I'd rather go naked--

I'm proud to be known as Dan Mathew's 'Weapon of Mass Distraction.'

A lot of colorful characters in this group-- some people in the world just don't get the world outside themselves--self centeredness-- self induced issues-- bogus hardships?  

I try to encourage living a sensual life-- A life with meaning-- and fun--A life that effects others in a positive way--

In the past year especially-  I've been lucky enough to join forces with one of my favorite characters- Sam - we've been on many campaigns together-.

I might be able to draw some of the attention

but-  Sam seals the deal. Money talks-- but he doesn't just give money-- He shows up-- even, against Doctor's orders-- such a bad boy--

I was there to watch him rescue a second set of bears from a roadside zoo this spring.

and- Last winter we traveled together to Newfoundland where Sam offered the seal trade association a million dollars if they worked out a formal, permanent end to the slaughter with the Canadian government.

They didn't accept, and they heckled us in the streets. They offered me a million to stop acting-- they ran fast -when I said "I accept!"

but - because of Sam's offer - We made news around the world, and got columnists across Canada writing about how foolish it is for the government to keep bailing out the seal trade.

I'm proud to have helped convince the biggest buyer of sealskin - Russia - to formally ban it - like Europe did.   

But-- it wasn't just me, it was activists like you - people everywhere who wrote Putin and wrote the EU and the World Trade Organization.

You don't have to be an actress- or- a Grand Dame or a Countess?  To make your voice count. - Yes- you heard it here first--- I may be the first playmate ever to be knighted-

life keeps getting stranger---

We're all in this together. There are so many obstacles - but we have a lot to celebrate. So please, be an active part of Mercy For Animals , and remember, "Never be silent!" when you see animals in trouble.

Thank you,

and -- thank you Sam! I love you--

Thank you for your support-- and Love-- let's keep doing what were doing-- it's important work-

I love you too baby---my biggest doner-- my husband Rick-

Thank you

Pamela Anderson urges ban on animal testing in India

Former Baywatch star and Bigg Boss star Pamela Anderson has written to the Indian Health Ministry calling for a ban on animal testing.

Anderson was delighted to learn that after banning the testing of cosmetics and their ingredients on animals, India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is now considering amending The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, to include a ban on the import and sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.

Anderson then wrote to Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to urge him to extend the animal-testing ban.

In her letter, Anderson writes, "Please resist special interests and 'dinosaur' companies who still test in crude and cruel ways and do the right, kind thing. Please pass the proposed ban on the import and sale of cosmetics if they or their ingredients have been tested on animals without delay".

If introduced into The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, the new rule could state, "135-B. Import of cosmetics tested on animals prohibited.—No cosmetic tested on animals shall be imported".
A decision to ban the import and sale of cosmetics if they or their ingredients have been tested on animals would bring India in line with Israel and the European Union, which have already passed similar bans.

"The European Union and Israel have already banned the marketing and sale of cosmetics if they or their ingredients were tested on animals, and more than 1,400 companies around the world have also banned all animal tests in favour of modern, non-animal and human-relevant test methods", writes Anderson.

"They no longer drip substances into rabbits' eyes, smear them onto guinea pigs' abraded skin, spray them into dogs' and monkeys' faces, and force them down animals' throats, the thought of which makes me sick."

After learning about the issue from PETA India, many other stars – including Raveena Tandon-Thadani, Jacqueline Fernandez, Dia Mirza, R Madhavan, Rahul Khanna, Sunny Leone, Pooja Bhatt, Lara Dutta, Trisha Krishnan, Dino Morea and Esha Deol-Takhtani – petitioned India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in support of a sale ban on cosmetics and household products tested on animals.

This is not the first time that Anderson has spoken up for animals.

Among dozens of international actions over the years, she recently supported PETA India's successful campaign to free the chained temple elephant Sunder, who now lives in a spacious elephant park.

While she was in India filming Bigg Boss, Anderson adopted a desi dog she named Pyari.

The long-time vegan also wrote to then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2010 and asked him to help the cows who are abused and slaughtered in the gruesome leather trade.

Sea Shepherd¹s Operation GrindStop 2014 campaign

I have traveled to the beautiful Faroe Islands today to publicly oppose the needless killing of intelligent, sentient pilot whales and other dolphins and to support Sea Shepherd¹s Operation GrindStop 2014 campaign.

It is important to understand we are NOT AGAINST the Faroese. WE ARE FOR the whales and dolphins. We are their voice. But the eyes of the world are upon the Faroese today and it is now time to end this archaic abomination called the Grind. I support Sea Shepherd¹s efforts to end this cruel and ruthless massacre of defenseless whales and dolphins who are highly intelligent and so much like us. They have families like we do, they love them and care for them like we do, they have their own language and individual names for one another like we do, and a very complex social structure like we do.

The killing is a stain on this pristine country which no longer needs the meat of these animals to survive. When we know better, we do better. And we now know that these are sentient creatures who suffer greatly not only during the slaughter but during the very stressful drive itself. They are very socially complex animals and their entire families are being killed in front of them in a manner that would never be permitted in any slaughterhouse in the world. In addition, the meat of these animals is tainted with toxic contaminants including mercury, which is particularly harmful to pregnant women and young children.

I am fortunate to have some of my family with me today. They are surfers. What a beautiful eco-tourism destination these islands would make if only you would bring the grind to a halt. But until then the waters remain tainted with blood, staining the reputation of the Faroese. The time has come to stop the grind.

OPERATION GRINDSTOP 2014 - Faroe Islands

As many as 1,000 long-finned pilot whales are brutally killed in the Faroe Islands each year. Other cetaceans such as dolphins may be slaughtered as well, but pilot whales are the main targets.
The killing occurs mainly during the summer months during communal hunts that locals refer to as "grindadráp" or simply, “the grind,” but more accurately this practice should be called what it truly is - mass slaughter.
The pilot whale grind is similar to the annual dolphin drive hunt slaughter in Taiji, Japan,documented in the Academy Award-winning film The Cove. The similarities between these brutal hunts have made the Faroe Islands known to many as “The Taiji of the North”. The main difference, and the challenge for Sea Shepherd, is that there are at least 23 different coves in the Faroes where a grind could potentially take place, as opposed to
one main killing cove in Taiji.
The majority of North Atlantic cetaceans give birth to their calves in the warm waters of the equator before migrating past the Faroe Islands to feed in the nutrient rich waters of Svalbard and the Arctic. Long-finned pilot whales pass by the North Atlantic Islands while pursuing squid, their main source of food.
Recorded first as early as 1586, the Faroese developed a method of whaling that involves stranding pods of small cetaceans on certain designated beaches. When a pod of cetaceans, primarily long- and short-finned pilot whales (bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic white-beaked dolphins, Atlantic white-sided dolphins and harbor porpoises can also be taken) are spotted offshore, the grind, or whale slaughter, commences.
Small boats herd the cetaceans towards a low-lying shore. As the pod approaches land,the boats continue to harass and frighten the mammals until they’re washed up on shore.
Once beached, a knife is used to cut through the veins and arteries that supply blood to the pilot whales head. Some pilot whales suffer for as much as 30 seconds while others can take several minutes to die.
Those pilot whales that do not wash ashore have a gaff hook beaten into their blowhole and are then pulled ashore by rope.
The whale meat is divided up among the locals, although many times the whale meat is simply left to rot on the beach.
Operation GrindStop 2014 is Sea Shepherd’s largest, most wide-ranging and longest campaign in the Faroes to date.
The goal of this campaign is to maintain a constant presence during the peak killing months of the grind season in the Faroes to document and obstruct grinds from taking place. Sea Shepherd will remain in the Faroe Islands until October 1.
Sea Shepherd crew members are patrolling both land and sea, as onshore and offshore teams monitor the coves and waters for any sign of grind readiness.
Should a grind commence, Sea Shepherd will intervene, when at all possible, to prevent the unnecessary and cruel slaughter of such precious marine wildlife.
This campaign follows a similar strategy to the Operation Infinite Patience campaign in Taiji, which has been successful in reducing the number of dolphins killed, at times by as much as half, because of the ongoing presence there of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians.
In 2010, Sea Shepherd sent an undercover operative to the Faroe Islands to document and expose the grind. The operation yielded shocking images of hundreds of slaughtered pilot whales – including pregnant females, infants and unborn calves – which made
international headlines, exposing the brutality of the grind.
During the Operation Ferocious Isles campaign in 2011, not a single whale was killed while Sea Shepherd patrolled the Islands.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been the leading opposition against the slaughter of pilot whales in the Danish Faroe Islands.
Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson has led campaigns to oppose the hunt in 1985, 1986, 2000, and again in 2011.
Sea Shepherd was also successful in convincing 20,000 stores in two grocery chains in Germany to boycott Faroese fish products.
Sea Shepherd's efforts against the Faroese grind are documented in the BBC documentary “Black Harvest.”
The long-finned pilot whale is listed in Appendix II of Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), meaning that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has determined that although the species is not necessarily threatened with extinction, it may become so
unless hunting is closely controlled. With a wide range of threats to populations, from military sonar to entanglement in fishing gear, it is believed that populations could face a reduction of 30% over three generations.
Therefore, the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats classifies the long-finned pilot whale as “strictly protected” under Appendix II.
While the Faroe Islands are not a member of the European Union, they remain a Danish Protectorate. In other words, even though the Faroes are self-governing, Denmark controls the police, defense, foreign policy, and the currency.
The primary reason for the Faroes abstaining from joining the EU was in an effort to prevent the EU from meddling in their fishing policies. The slaughter of cetaceans is illegal within the European Union.
North Atlantic pilot whales, because of their position in the food chain as an apex predator, are poisoned by large amounts of environmental pollutants. Meat resulting from the grind contains high amounts of arsenic, cadmium, zinc, lead, copper mercury, and
In 2008, the chief medical officers of the Islands, Pal Weihe and Hogni Joensen, declared that pilot whale meat contains too much mercury and other contaminants to be safe for human consumption. Children and pregnant women in particular have been warned not to
eat the meat. Mercury poisoning has been found among Islanders resulting in “damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly
infertility in adults.”

60th Taormina Film Festival

Thank you Tiziana / thank you Taormina- I am so pleased to accept an award on behalf of my own foundation.
I am honored that the work we've done to date merits such a flattering mention.
I have been an activist most my life. The entertainment industry has given me the opportunity to have a voice which I am truly grateful for.
The Pamela Anderson Foundation Embodies everything I am. So hope that leaves you smiling. I will work endlessly supporting those on the front lines - the hard workers,  the warriors - the angels -the goddesses/
Empowering the women of our time -
with Empathy
And love. I promise you-
I have unique ideas.
To reach in unsuspecting places.
To make a difference for the vulnerable.
Let's share our stories.- through personal conversations , through movies, and art.
Let's not be quick to judge each other. You never know where someone has been.
I have a wish- Maybe,
I will see you again.
Recognized as an Artist.- maybe an accomplished international Actress?
We can all dream big.
Thank you.
Ti amo Taormina.


Hello Everyone,

Part 1
Hello Everyone,
Sorry about the venue change -
But I think I like this better. La plage gold - blonde beach?
It's meant to be.
This is going to be good. The start of another crazy adventure-
Welcome-  to the next chapter of my life...
I am so happy to finally launch PAF -The Pamela Anderson Foundation -strange reading your own name out loud. Even stranger
that I feel now - might be the time to reveal some of my most painful memories.
At the risk of over exposing myself...again
possibly being inappropriate...again.
I thought I might share with you- events that
In surviving -drove me to this point...right now.
I did not have an easy childhood--
Despite loving parents-
I was molested from age 6-10 by my female babysitter-
I went to a friends boyfriends house - while she was busy. The boyfriends older brother decided he would teach me backgammon which led into a back massage which led into rape- my first heterosexual experience. He was 25 yrs old- I was 12-
My first boyfriend
in grade 9  decided it would be funny to gang rape me
(with 6 of his friends)
Needless to say I had a hard time trusting humans-
I just wanted off this earth.
My parents tried to keep me safe- but to me - the world was not a safe place - my dad - an alcoholic- my mom worked 2 jobs waitressing --
my mom was always crying--
Dad didn't always come home leaving us in tremendous pain
and worry.
I couldn't bare to give her any more disruptive information.
I couldn't break her heart any more than it was breaking.
I kept these events to myself -
Sometimes when you smile,
it's not because your happy. It's because your strong. (Her words)
My affinity with animals
Saved me- they came to me naturally.
The trees spoke to me.
I wasn't sure why I was alive.
A burning question -
a quest -
My loyalty remained with the animal kingdom- I vowed to protect them and only them- I prayed to the whales with my feet in the ocean. My only real friends -till I had children.
Then I realized humanity is suffering..
Our children are born perfect.
We were all struggling with right and wrong -and why?
Baywatch was a turning point for me. Reluctantly famous (in over 150 countries)  I tried to make sense of my place on earth. I started to realize - while being interviewed endlessly about silly things. That I had a Voice!!!
I contacted PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals)
I asked them for information to share in these interviews about any animal issue in that country. Dan Mathews Vice President of PETA and I -
became Partners in Crime.
We have endless stories. -
Too many to mention here-
We have changed animal welfare laws all over the world -
And - over the last 20 years
I've spoken to press, parliament, presidents, kings, queens,
I've had the ear and admiration of people like Castro,
and... Crazy enough-  Putin?
There must be away to use this for good. Hmmm. Well,
Russia stopped the importation of seal products - which closed 90 percent of the market.
I know what I'm good at-
I'm brilliant at connecting people. --Communicating,
l live a sensual life.
Sensitive and rewarding.
This is the platform I will use.
Compassion. LOVE-
Now tonight-
I chose backgammon for a few reasons - I love gambling ~gamblers-- It can be an elegant thought provoking game--
And- it gets peoples off their cell phone ...
...Human interaction.
Among interesting people.
Maybe - something good will be born here. A connection.
...Relationships made.
Speaking of gamblers.
I wanted to thank my husband for being my angel.
My biggest donor?
The only man (besides my boys) that I trust. (I've always trusted him).
His word means something.
He would never let me down-
Maybe- only himself.
He says - His way of helping the world to be a better place -
is caring for me- protecting me - making me happy.
I am so proud of him -
He has come a Long way-

I love you Brandon, Hunter. Thank you for being here-
My little family.
Thank you for being a part
of this misfits revolution.
I hope to help alleviate
some of the suffering in the world.
And ...
be a good example to those around me--
Where ever I am.
Please sign up for the tournament.
Good luck.

Part 2
Hope everyone is having a good time. Thank you again for being here. Now~
I am thrilled to introduce a woman who has had a brilliant - meaningful impact on the planet. In so many ways.
A kindred spirit.
Comrade in arms.
Freedom Fighter.
We met while fighting for Leonard Peltier's release. And  - the rest unfolded naturally. She told me "she didn't have to draw me a map"?-  We have become great friends and have similar passions-
Please join me - (take notes I always do.) In welcoming the goddess of Justice, art, culture,
all good things for the planet,
the infamous
Vivienne Westwood.

Part 3

It has been a pleasure -
I'm so happy with the result of tonight
And- this is just the beginning.
More fun, interesting, bonding events to come.
We have raised 100s of thousands of dollars.
.. Thank you.
I will go to work now.
Very Exciting.
And- Please
Check out
Vivienne Westwood's Active Resistance blog...(on line)
Maybe instead of watching internet porn,
Kiss your wife,
know where your children are.
Embrace intimacy.
Don't be afraid.
Go to a museum,
Think positive thoughts.
The world can be a safe and thriving place, If we all do our part - find a cause you believe in.
Support us - so we can support those on the front lines.
My foundation is dedicated to doing just that.
Thank you for your support,
your donations,
Thank you -thank you -thank you.
Tread lightly on this earth.
And -chew with your mouth closed please
Goodnight every one...



Notes and video from trip-
My Brother Gerry (filmmaker) and I learning a lot-
I fund-raise a lot for Haiti
This was my 2nd trip there.
This time focusing on environmental concerns-
Visited Agro forestry school-
With a few strategic and critical NGO’s -
(Those who can and are making a difference – CF, JPHRO, INGA)
Agriculture and reforestation are top issues.
With Inga Foundation’s Mike Hands- tropical ecologist from Cambridge -
Who- has had great success in Honduras (and did years of study in Costa Rica. Alternatives to slash and burn)
Inga can act As “nurse” to rainforest trees–And used in alley cropping.
Long term idea.
10 year programme
Haiti is in need of reforestation, which will help with ground integrity, planting in “rainforest environment” growing quickly- sturdy- creating canopy. Then prune for firewood. Discouraging farmers from slash and burn – it will be an essential part of what people need.
Inga is a great source for all these  issues -
We made a lot of stops over the few days.
I keep looking for surf spots. A surf contest/fundraiser would be a good idea. And -surfers are easy to house- will enjoy the adventure and the ability to help-
It was very nice to revisit JPHRO after I was there 2 years ago.
(I brought cold beer for the volunteers )
This time-
We felt more comfortable not filming tent camp area/families … I didn’t want to be intrusive- for more information please visit to see all their great work.
We had a nice long tour and were amazed at how far they have come.
Great people – hard working – intelligent efforts.
Re housing most of the Tent camp families. Finding ways to rebuild and remove rubble in hardest hit areas.
They have cleared roads , built medical facilities, rebuilt schools,
I was so proud to see familiar faces. A lot of hugs in order.
I remember a much different place. I’m amazed how many young people- How many Haitians working hard for the organization and in the field -all focused. A common goal. They are succeeding. They have become the Model to follow.
Good to see.
We visited a vitiver factory
vitiver can be a popular export. Also the waste from vitiver is good for eco- briquettes-(a possibility)
I love the Amazing Haitian Mangoes, coffee, Beer…
Soul of Haiti is helping to teach good business practices, local farming. They say all Hatians are entrepreneurs- Selling produce is important and community building.
ORE was our last Agricultural visit.
Moussant and Allesant (agroforesters)
Have been at this issue for a long time –trying to reforest areas of national park. But having to deal with so many other issues- You can tell its been difficult. Uphill battle. People cutting into park for firewood. Survival–. (Inga will provide people firewood)
Great long meeting–Lots of smiles- everyone felt encouraged.
Mike and Moussant really hit it off. Inga will be very useful here.
-it all makes sense.

The trip was very successful.

Grace children’s hospital and Mother Theresa Orphanage are in  a transitionary phase.
But are managing.
Lets hope enough funds are raised to rebuild the Hospital -safely.

I have fallen in love with Haiti. Its an inspiring place.
We all may face
a time -where survival and instinct will be what defines us -Helping each other now. Teaches us that no matter what- There is always hope.