La Table du Marché by Pamela


An unprecedented concept that is well set to make the buzz this summer in Saint-Tropez!
(C'est Bizarre vegan cook book coming soon )
The ephemeral restaurant La table du Marche by Pamela opens it's doors in the enchanting setting of Moulins de Ramatuelle on July 4th.
Born of the meeting between Chef Christophe Leroy and international star Pamela Anderson, the concept of this restaurant has become self-evident: festive, glamorous and Vegan.
Pamela Anderson 'a dream come true' Christophe Leroy, organizer of the famous Nuit Blanche, opened the doors of the Moulins de Ramatuelle to imagine this new address with a magical decoration which, between Champagne bar and 100% Vegan menu, will offer for 50 days to lovers of the Côte d'Azur a gourmet, chic and romantic alternative.
Open every night from 6pm, La Table du Marché by Pamela we will happily greet you a Sensual atmosphere from 4th July.


La Table du Marché by Pamela Anderson : Voilà le nom du restaurant éphémère qui ouvre ses portes dans le cadre enchanteur des Moulins de Ramatuelle le 4 juillet prochain.
Né de la rencontre entre le chef Christophe Leroy et la star internationale Pamela Anderson, le concept de ce restaurant s’est imposé de lui-même : festif, glamour et vegan.
Pamela Anderson en rêvait… Christophe Leroy, organisateur de la célèbre Soirée Blanche, lui ouvre les portes des Moulins de Ramatuelle pour imaginer cette nouvelle adresse au décor féérique qui, entre bar à Champagne et carte 100% Végan, va offrir durant 50 jours aux amoureux de la Côte d’Azur une alternative gourmande, chic et romantique.
Ouverte tous les soirs à partir de 18h, La Table du Marché by Pamela Anderson vous donne rendez-vous à partir du 4 juillet.


La Table du Marché by Pamela

Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Route des plages 83350 Ramatuelle

Tél : 04 94 97 17 22

Make a Reservation/Réserver une Table:
Media enquiry: MCA Communication 00 33 1 5836 03 45

Why My Heart Stands With Julian

No matter where I am, I can't forget this man isolated in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  A man risking so much with such little gratitude.

Thinking of Julian makes me wonder, what is the sexiest quality in a man? Surely the sexiest qualities in a man are bravery and courage. Sexiness in a man is showing strength. Having convictions and having the courage to stand by them.

Think of a man putting everything aside to stand up to bullies, to say enough is enough, to take a stand for justice and truth.

Standing up for the oppressed, for the weak, for the forgotten. An unstoppable force, standing up to an immoveable object. Even when it is impossible, even when it puts him in danger. Even when he has nothing but his beliefs and his intelligence and his courage.

Many people have courage and strength in their convictions. But how many people have stood up to the ultimate bully, a superpower, with 1200 military bases all around the world? When the courage of their convictions would bring them into conflict with the United States government, how many people would have stuck to their principles and refused to stand down?

Seven years ago, Julian's quest for justice led him into a confrontation with the strongest power in the world. Julian was and still is crusading for justice and truth.  He was trying to show the world the murders that had been committed in Iraq. (

He was trying to show the world hidden crimes that would change our minds and eventually stop the war in Iraq. To question war. To question authority. To shine a light on the powerful. He stood up to the United States government, to the Pentagon, to the CIA, to the FBI, to the White House. He didn't flinch. He still doesn't. He stayed the course. He knew what he was doing. When others attacked him, he stood firm. He persevered.

And he won. WikiLeaks never retracted a single thing. Nothing was censored. Revolutions happened across the world. The Pentagon stood down. Secretary of State Hillary of Clinton is no more. The Obama administration is gone.

Julian won, and we all benefited from this. He took on the Leviathan and won. That is sexy.

Julian has been trapped in a small room for five years now, and for two years before that he was under house arrest. He has won his case against Sweden. All of the excuses are gone. There is no reason he should not be freed.

But Theresa May - who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for 5 years - refuses to allow him to leave. Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the Pyhrric victory. Theresa May, who won't shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn't care about poor people. Who doesn't care about justice or peace. Who doesn't care about Julian. The worst Prime Minister in living memory.

This is an emergency! I am reaching out, with honest diplomacy, to leaders who can make a difference to Julian's plight. At this time, there is such potential for big, galvanizing actions that would inspire the world to activism!

I am reaching out to Emmanuel Macron, and to his wife Brigitte Trogneux. As a resident of France, my adopted home, I would like to meet with you and discuss Julian's situation. I am opening a new vegan restaurant in France in July, and I would like to extend my invitation to the new President and his First Lady. Join me on the day I open the doors, and we will sit and eat good food and discuss what can be done for Julian.  France could display its strength, and so could you, if you give Julian asylum.

I am reaching out to Jeremy Corbyn, who could and should be the next Prime Minister. Jeremy, you and I share a compassion for animals. You and Julian both know how vicious the UK media can be, and how unjust the present government is. Julian should be given safe passage, and compensation. I have watched the recent UK election with great interest. I have cheered the turn in your party's fortunes! You are clearly a decent and fair man. When you come to power, you must rehabilitate the UK's reputation in Latin America! You must condemn the threat of the Cameron government to violate the Vienna Conventions, recognize the UN ruling that Julian is arbitrarily detained.  Free Julian. It would be celebrated across the world, and show everyone that the UK intends to change its foreign policy.

In the United States, things are pretty dire. The director of the CIA is on the warpath against Julian and WikiLeaks. President Trump, who benefited from WikiLeaks' publications, has not stood up for Julian's freedom to publish. I appeal to President Trump, to Ivanka, to the right and the anti-Clinton left, please, let's come together and organise for Julian's release. WikiLeaks is an attempt to bring the First Amendment to the rest of the world. Let's not kill it at home.

I am reaching out to China too. There is too much at stake in the world to allow for all of the geopolitical antler-clashing that is going on now. We must reach out and work together for a better world. I will write a love letter to China. I will  travel there, and discover China for myself, and represent its strengths to the world. I am sure China can be a symbol of peace and strength in the world, and do the right thing. I will advocate for Julian to China's leaders too. China could help Julian.

We must turn the world around. Stop escalating cyberwars. Stop geopolitical sabre-rattling. Stop interfering in elections. Stop torturing animals and eating them. Stop writing speeches on goatskin. Letting Julian go free would change everything. For a better world!

(For Julian)


Out of the night which covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


I love you,



Sea Shepherd Gala Speech

Hello Friends.
It's nice to be back in LA among true warriors
and the generous people who support them -
-in a time where American's looks like self indulgent assholes.
We might sway that perception by continuing the good work of Sea Shepherd.
We must press on -
The ocean is what connects us all.

As a director and the official chair of Sea Shepherd international
it is my honour to welcome all of you to Sea Shepherd’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Sea Shepherd began in 1977, founded by Captain Paul Watson in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.

Since then Sea Shepherd has evolved into the most significant marine wildlife conservation movement on the planet.

The Sea Shepherd fleet of 10 ships is the largest non-governmental anti-poaching navy in the world and Sea Shepherd is now registered in over 40 nations.

There are 7,000 whales swimming free in the Southern Ocean
because Sea Shepherd ships and
crew intervened.

Sea Shepherd successes are marked by lives saved, habitats protected, and criminals brought to justice.

With us tonight are quite a few Sea Shepherd captains, officers and crew and it is important to stress that these brave men and women have accomplished so much -and only able to -
because of people like yourself.

The Sea Shepherd Navy has four divisions.

The first are the courageous men and women who operate the ships, stand as Guardians at the Cove in Japan or walk the beaches of Costa Rica to stop turtle poachers.

The second are the hundreds of unsung volunteer shore supporters around the world who keep Neptune’s navy running, raising funds, organizing supplies, speaking in schools, attending conferences, cleaning beaches of plastic, organizing local campaigns and events and assisting the ships whenever the ships are in their area.

The third division are the thousands of supporters around the world that provide the donations to keep the ships at sea.

The U.S. Navy has taxpayers to keep the ships afloat.
Sea Shepherd has you.

And finally the fourth division, three of whom we are honouring tonight, the incredibly generous people who have made it possible for Sea Shepherd to secure the most important tools in our campaigns – our ships.

Our three honorees this evening are

Bob Barker

John Paul DeJoria

And Martin Sheen

Their names are proudly displayed on the bow and stern of our intrepid ships an honour they share with those whose names grace six of our other ships.

Brigitte Bardot

Dr. Bronner

The late Sam Simon

The late Farley Mowat

The late Jairo Mora Sandoval

And the late Steve Irwin.

Sea Shepherd’s Navy is composed of our ships, our drones, our crews and the most powerful weapons on this planet – cameras.

We go into battle with cameras instead of guns -
The truth is our most powerful weapon.
Evidence and Awareness.

Sea Shepherd practices aggressive non-violence and over these last 40 years not a single person -we have opposed-
has been injured and we have not suffered any serious injuries to our crew despite being shot at, beaten, and attacked with spears, grenades and other projectiles.

Sea Shepherd was established as an anti-poaching organization but it has become much more over the years.

Today Sea Shepherd inspires people around the world to understand that they can make a difference, that each and every one of us has the power to change the world.

Thank you.

The Honorable Bariša Čolak - Speaker of the House of Peoples - Bosnia and Herzegovina's

The Pamela Anderson Foundation

May 26, 2017

The Honorable Bariša Čolak

Speaker of the House of Peoples

Dear Mr. Čolak,

I applaud Bosnia and Herzegovina's decision to ban fur farming. But I was shocked and disappointed to learn that the deadline for the ban may be extended by another 10 years, following an urgent procedural vote by the House of Representatives. Animals suffer terribly on fur farms. On behalf of kind people everywhere, I urge you and the other members of the House of Peoples to stay committed to ending fur farming by 2018.

PETA investigations have revealed that chinchillas and minks on fur farms — animals currently being raised and killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina — are often confined to filthy, cramped cages and may suffer from open, festering wounds before they're killed by means of electrocution or gassing. Fur farmers have already had nine long years to make the transition out of this cruel trade, and any further delays will tarnish our country's international reputation.

As an honorary director of PETA who has dedicated most of my life to helping animals suffering in the fur industry, I am proud of every country that decides to ban fur farming. I would be thrilled if Bosnia and Herzegovina joined Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, the U.K., and other nations in taking a stand against cruelty by abolishing all fur farms.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Pamela Anderson

Global Gift Gala - Philanthropist Award Speech

Thank you Eva Longoria-Baston ,
Thank you Maria Bravo and
Thank you Global Gift Gala
for giving so much -
to so many great activists
and movements.

Thank you for being part of what I like to call The Sensual Revolution.

Activism is Sexy.
Empathy is romantic,
and we could always use more romance.
Finding our purpose
is a romantic struggle.

I am a 'sexy' Activist full time.
And have lately been described 
As a 'Bizarre political poet' which I take as a compliment.
 I never intended for my writing to be poetic
but the causes I speak of, are.
I write from the
top of my head and rarely edit.
It is the way I write
It is a flow -
I ramble
Like warm water running
over me -
I feel the heat from the roots of my hair till my  
ribs ache.
-Then it comes

I don't think I could survive
if I didn't express myself this way-
I'd like to say this
Is Hot flashes?
But -
I've been having these intense
and physical reactions to them
since I was little.

Trying to communicate
my passions,
my concerns - for Animals initially,
that has bled into so many other concerns.

I never wanted to be an actress.
That was a fluke.

I wanted to do what I'm doing now.

That was just the way here.

All the shenanigans may have paid off.

I appreciate that I have a wild and diverse audience -
I have a voice that reaches people in funny places.

I like to make the best it

I've been known to give lengthy speeches
about maintaining the biodiversity of the ocean.
or the harm that
not being vegan does to the environment. Or how meat makes you impotent. (It does)

I've spoken at universities
about sexual abuse,
domestic abuse -
the importance of finding love
and happiness -
remaining human
and hopeful
despite the ugly unfairness
in the world.

It is a practice

We must engage in the world
to live a full
and blissful life.

What is our small yet
important role in the big picture.?

I really don't know where I'm going - every day is a mystery
I know I'm on the right track.

I started as an animal activist -
which led me to
understand the grave reality and dangers of man made climate change and war/
creating the refugee crisis we see today.
The possibility of Nuclear war Is real -and we must hold our governments responsible
and demand transparency -
We must not blame the messenger.
We should thank them -

I'm fortunate to have been
surrounded by artists and activists
like Vivienne Westwood
and Julian Assange -
are brilliant -
and care more about the world
than their own personal gains -
or comforts-

The goal is
To free the world by educating it.

They advise me, and teach me -

They tell me to keep going-
be brave -
to keep doing
what I do every day.

I write,
I visit refugee camps,
I volunteer at wildlife centers.
Animal shelters,
and sanctuaries.

Artists are the freedom
fighters of the world.

My foundation gives small
encouraging amounts
to people on the ground.
On the front lines - (nothing at PAF goes to administration)
I personally fund my foundations administrative needs.

The Chair of the Board of Directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  
I'm on the board of PETA ,
I'm on the Russian council of IFAW. (I speak at the Kremlin yearly) no that does not make me 'a hostile non state intelligence agency'.

I won't be bullied -

Or -

feel the need to play a role other than myself -
with all my flaws
and pre conceptions-

You could literally-
be a child victim of sexual abuse - transform that pain
and empower yourself
by something as silly as being a playboy
playmate -
marry a rockstar -
live out loud -
and still be a fantastic mom
 and activist.
unorthodox, but true.


I have an idea -
I have been thinking -
How do I create an army of 'me's
out there -
wanting to fuel the world
by transforming their pain
into loving actions.
How do I support even
more relentless, and creative me's -
more talented me's
with stronger skill sets-
I realize that I'm not only
in a position to help vulnerable people and animals-
I'm also dedicated to supporting tough and educated Trail Blazers
who are changing the world for good.
Risking their lives, and
liberty for all of us.

It is inspiring  
to see people set out on their cause and achieve great things-
but then it is disheartening to see that as time goes by -
and funds dwindle -
they remain passionate
but become exhausted -
and bit by bit -
I have seen some great activists leave the industry.
The industry of change.
The industry that is there to make our life, our world,
and our future
a better place.

so I would like to mention here the idea that I am currently putting into motion.
'Activist TENURE'
The idea of giving Activists tenure.
Sustaining them,
Enabling them in their activism
by taking away the pressures of simple survival.

Granting them tenure,
similar to what happens in academic tenure.

Giving 10 activists a year -
an annual salary for 10 years to remain relentless to their cause rather
then them wasting their time looking for funding
or working a menial job to feed their family-  

We have a diverse board that includes Julian Assange, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Watson and others. We would have to come to
100 percent agreement on nominations.

Investing in PEOPLE
in a way that creates the possibility for them to become career activists.

If we never back down.  

We can make the
world a better place-

A safer place for every one.
Not just the 'chosen' few.

Stay tuned.

There will be an auction later this evening .
My foundation will benefit from the opportunity to go on the global gift gala Sardinia trip - Global Gift graciously offered
50 % to PAF that I will give directly to Tenure. -
the seed money to birth a much needed movement.
Please give generously -

It is a positively radical movement that will be funded mostly by artists, or people that want to kick it up a notch.

We won't let you down.

*Let me add
how happy I am that
Chelsea Manning will be FREE tomorrow -
A true, and gentle hero.

Thank you



Buffalo Zine

I love the interview Re Centrepoint for homeless youth
That's most important -
I'd like to clarify the slightly misleading introduction; It's old news
But since you mentioned
the 'sex tape' It was not 'leaked'. It was a bunch of home movies that were stolen during construction on our house. (along with a huge safe). and then the dirty thieves spliced together any film of us partly naked to make a 'sex tape'. We never 'made' a 'sex tape' 
I have never been 'bankrupt' (But - did get a bit behind on my taxes years back. I was not happy about contributing to the funding of wars. 
Never the less-
It's since been resolved.

It's all behind me. 
My Trailer in Malibu was on a popular surf break and for the boys. 
It was our guest house
for friends and
family visiting. 
We no longer have it. 
My priorities
have evolved. 
I'm in no way down and out- 
Maybe you were trying to drum up false sympathy for me? 
A bit strange considering the seriousness of the subject matter. 
There are homeless youth that really need our help. 
This was the purpose of our collaboration. 
Next time just ask... Thanks

Samia Meah: What made you, a Hollywood icon, so interested in young people in London?

Pamela Anderson: As soon as I found out about Centrepoint through a friend I wanted to help. I have two boys who are young adults now - Dylan is 19, and Brandon is 20 - so I worry about young people, and it’s already challenging to make good choices even under the best circumstances. I left home very young, when I was 16, I was a waitress and I worked with my mum. My Dad wanted me to pay rent when I got my first job, so I left home. I look back now and see that it really taught me something, but it was hard. In the moment I was very hurt and angry, I felt abandoned and afraid, and I blamed my parents for everything that went wrong. We all do it at that age. But it made me responsible for my life early - I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t go through those challenging times. I have created my life on my own terms. I envisioned where I am today 20 years ago. And 20 years before that I knew I had to be brave to pave a new way, to do something different to everyone I knew. To be brave enough to take opportunities that i had never seen before. When I started doing this, my life changed - if I could teach young people in tough circumstance one thing it would be this. First you must believe in yourself, especially when you feel nobody else does. And, if you do happen to find yourself in a position to help others, you have to take on that responsibility. That is when you truly feel successful. We hear so much about struggling actresses trying to make their way, stories about being exploited on the casting couch and working dead-end jobs to put food in your stomach. I remember a time I couldn’t afford groceries - I worked as a waitress, so that saved me. Once I got to Los Angeles , I did pretty well. It was still a hustle, and hard work, but I got by. I had a lot of support by this time - I was 22 and ready for the world. I heard your ambitions are to become a photographer or filmmaker - what would be your ultimate career goal?

Samia: I’m a millennial and I don’t feel I have to choose just one. I’m passionate about social justice, mental health, women’s rights and equal opportunities. I am also a very creative person and a storyteller. Ideally I’d like to combine all my passions and create projects to raise awareness about these issues, or help the cause I care about by working creatively for relevant charities and organizations. There’s a lot of preconceived ideas about homelessness, that it’s just people sleeping on the street. You’ve gone from pin-up to political activist. How do you think we can change the image of homelessness?

Pamela: I understand, thankfully there are resources like Centrepoint and their counselors. At some point we look back at our lives and see the blessings, especially the ones in disguise. They make us stronger. We get to forgive, and those are the moments we are most human. It set us free. Do you have ideas about how we can change the public perception of homelessness?

Samia: We need to continue to talk about it openly on a public platform. It would help if more notable, successful people spoke about their personal experiences with homelessness. This helps remove the taboo and moves the conversation forward. As someone who’s spent her life in front of the camera, what advice would you give for someone starting out as a photographer or filmmaker?

Pamela: Art is subjective. It takes sacrifice. Art is born out of pain and passion. I believe I am an artist. I created this life from scratch, from nothing, so it can be done. Believe in yourself, but also be humble, and just keep creating. Did you ever find it difficult to believe in yourself when times were tough, and how did you counter those doubts?

Samia: Yes all the time. People often see me as high achiever, a go getter, a very social and talkative person. But what they don’t see is my internal monologue. Creating a positive life after experiencing homelessness is very difficult because you don’t have a support network. It’s a very far distance that you have to pull yourself up from and sometimes it’s difficult to carry the weight. Luckily, somehow, I’ve always had a dream of being strong, independent career woman and this picture in my head helps me move forward.

Tori Taiwo: Has there been a time in your life that you were scared to do something, Pamela? How did you overcome your fear and make it work in your favour?

Pamela: That’s a good question. Because every time I overcame an obstacle, it was like a spring board. It sent me further than I could ever dream. It takes faith and perseverance. You soon see that’s what we are all doing. Fear is just an obstacle, created by our imagination, our circumstances, our belief system - someone may have implanted a fear in you as a child, or a partner, a parent. It can be anyone. To break through and learn your healthy limits is key. Because sometimes we can feel comfortably uncomfortable. If it’s all we know. We need to learn a new way. I think that’s the hardest part. We manifest what we think - words are powerful. It’s a life-long practice. Or - we don’t know what hard is, and then when we see it, it takes its toll. We need to all learn the tools we need to get through difficult times. Life is not easy. I feel very blessed that I had a difficult beginning - I can get through a lot more, I can survive. I see so many “successful”,”wealthy” young people suffer - lonely, depressed, addicted. What advice would you offer a young person who has been forced to live on the streets?

Tori: I have not been in the situation personally of sleeping on the streets but to anyone forced to leave their home situation, I would say reach out to someone you can trust. That might not be a family member, as I know from experience your family may be the reason you have to leave. Reach out to a teacher, friends, parents - someone you trust and can confide in. If that is not an option, contact places like Centrepoint or even go to the police station. They have details of relevant safe emergency places you can contact. It can seem hopeless but there are places and people that will be willing to help you. What would you say to someone wanting to work in the entertainment industry?

Pamela: If it is your passion, then enjoy it. Enjoy the process and who knows where it will take you. Just make daily choices that head in that direction and you will get there. There will always be temptations, choices. Stay on track as much as you can. Unfortunately, we usually learn later in life that the straight and narrow is the quickest way. I’ve had times of living far from that, but maybe that was my path. I never knew what I wanted to be - I still don’t. I only knew that i wanted to be in a position to help people, and here I am. I see you’re interested in acting - what kind of films do you like? Whose career would you like to model yours on, and why?

Tori: I am actually a qualified drama tutor although my interest now do lie in photography. My favorite genre of film is romance, and if I were to pursue a career in acting and modeling, it would be that of someone like Viola Davis, because of the sheer brilliance and authenticity she brings to any role she has. She always plays highly respected or wise characters and does them with such strength and elegance. What are your top tips for someone trying to get into the industry of acting and modelling?

Pamela: Oh boy. It has to be calling. It takes confidence and some luck. I think it is tough to pursue, but if you want to be great actor you should study. Read, go to museums, fill your soul. Live as an artist. Every day. What does the word family mean to you? Is it your biological family you choose? Or even a bit of both?

Tori: Family to me are people you can trust and depend on, even when you think you don’t need them, they know you’re in need and will be there without hesitation. That can be biological or not. A lot of my family I have no relation to at all, and they couldn’t be any more my family than my actual mother and father. Family to me has little to do with biology and everything to do with heart and soul. What is your happiest memory?

Pamela: Being in love. My children have given me the happiest memories. They write me a letter at Christmas every year, and I cry every time. It’s impossible to be a ‘perfect’ parent - life is imperfect. It’s the toughest job in the world, the most challenging. So when your kids tell you that they love you, it means so much. Ilyasah, did you notice a difference in the way people treated you when you were homeless and now that you’ve got a steady job and greater prospects?How would you advise someone to treat homeless people in a dignified way?

Ilyasah Ricketts: I noticed a difference in the way people treated me from being homeless, or even knowing that I was homeless, to how I’m living now. I understand that people automatically judge when they first see homeless people, but I think we all should try not to judge, we don’t know what they might be going through, or their story. Instead of just assuming they put themselves in that situation somehow, we should be more aware that it can just be a hard time that someone is going through and generally, they need help. We read the story about a homeless fan living in your house, how did you rise above that and continue to support the cause?

Pamela: I think that was my fault - I had befriended some of the homeless people in my community, and would sit and talk with them, buy them coffee, and it became know that I would do that. I also lived on the beach. I never locked my doors, and things would go missing. Then one day I found a girl in my guest room wearing my Baywatch swimsuit. Lucky no one was hurt and she got the help she needed. How do you feel about London? If you had the opportunity to move somewhere else where would it be?

Ilyasah: I have a weird relationship with London, I love it because it’s my home but I hate the rain and cold! I wouldn’t move and live anywhere else permanently but I will be traveling around the world. You spend a lot of time in London, what makes it your second home?

Pamela: I love London. I rented my house out at the beach and have been traveling around Europe. I set my life up so it would look this way - I worked very hard to build my home, so that I could rent it out and live on that income. It allows me to work full time for the causes I believe in. That was my goal before I turned 50, and it has happened just this year. Right on schedule. My boys are both independently studying and working, and they come to Europe for work sometimes, so we see each other then. It’s painful to let go as a parent, but it’s also the best gift we can give our kids - freedom. There is no easy way to get out of the way and let their adult lives begin. I’ve just stayed extremely busy. It’s also heart breaking and can be misinterpreted - I miss my kids, but I know they are OK, and they are better off not being micro-managed by me. I’m really good at that, it’s the survivor in me. They will survive and thrive, and I wish every young person the same.

Fuck Authority- Be Human-

The Calais warehouse was buzzing for hours if not days after Zu and I visited.
I've received a sweet thank you note from the staff at refugee-kitchen
for coming out,
A morale booster that was well needed
as fatigue (after the camp burning down, and the hours the volunteers have been puting in)
had well and truly set in-
It was so nice to see all
smiles again.

The food we brought has all been used up.
The peppers went into a salad with some pears and hazelnuts,
and the eggplant they turned into a favorite curry Brinjal Bhaji.

If you've not tried it before
here's a recipe,
totally vegan,
and totally delicious:

I keep in touch with
Tom - the head chef.
He is there on the ground.

Don't let anyone tell you the situation is stable, or over-

The situation remains very up and down,
They are bracing themselves as the camp in Paris got shut down a few days ago,
they are expecting numbers to jump up again,
and with the weather warming up they will start to see an influx of people crossing
the Mediterranean sea
and heading their way.
They have an amazing dedicated team that will make sure the work gets done.
They are angels.
There are at least 200 unaccompanied minors sleeping in forests, parks and fields, in and around Calais.

There are spaces for only 65 children in the state-run children's centre in the area.

You only have to stop to talk with any one of these kids as they wait in line to collect a pair of fresh socks (there are no laundry facilities available and no Mum or Dad to wash their clothes) for a couple of minutes to grasp four things about them:
1. They truly are children and they are lost
2. They speak English - that's why they are braving such horrendous living conditions in the hope of coming to the UK. Many have family members in the UK and / or they learnt English at school
3. They want to study and live normal lives.
4. They have no faith in the French system due to being exposed to police violence and threats from fascist groups.

Volunteers from Help Refugees and their partner organisations do their best to ensure they have basic needs met which is to say clean, dry, warm clothes, dry bedding and food. But for the children this isn't enough. They need consistency, structure, daily support and love in a holistic but very real sense. In a practical sense they need legal advice and support, medical support, activities to keep their minds and bodies occupied and to a certain extent distracted from what is otherwise an incredibly hard existence. They also need schooling. They need mobile phones, phone credit, battery packs (no plugs available if you have no home!) and access to the internet so that they can keep in touch with their families and so that they are contactable in case of emergency or progress with legal cases. These children are as young as 12. And it's not just boys. There are at least 30 young women living in the area, equally in need of support and guidance and more vulnerable.

There are currently an estimated 95,000 unaccompanied refugee children living in Europe so in May 2016 Help Refugees worked with Lord Alf Dubs to pass the Dubs amendment to the immigration act in the UK. This amendment was supposed to protect the most vulnerable refugee children living not only in Calais but across Europe, bringing them to safety in the UK. At that time there were 1000 unaccompanied minors living in the camp in Calais. Until September 2016 not one single child had been brought to safety via the Dubs amendment which lead Help Refugees to take legal action against the home office who pledged to bring only 350 children to safety. They have since increased this number to 480. A very small number in the context of the 95,000. We can only hope that the Home Office will agree reopen this scheme, due to close in May and that they work to allow children with family members in the UK to be quickly reunited with them. We are talking about children who have fled war, persecution, loss of families and forced military conscription in dictatorships. They just want some education, normality and a warm bed to sleep in.

Here's what you can do right now to help.
Please donate funds to help the team providing support and services to unaccompanied children:
Physical donations. The most needed items are: Warm blankets, Sleeping bags, Size 41, 42, 43 trainers, Small and medium size tracksuit bottoms and jeans, small and medium sized sweaters. To find out how you can donate these items and for a list of all the items needed email:
If you're a UK resident write to your MP about reopening the Dubs amendment and about speeding up family reunification. Let them know you care about the fate of unaccompanied child refugees living precariously across Europe and that you believe that the UK should be doing more to help. Check out this site to find out how:

They hope to
have the mobile youth help center up and running soon. They need more donations.

Response to Vanity Fair Italy

Poor Carla Bardelli (she keeps trying to fix her mistakes in article)

She is confused.

So let me explain -

The Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps burnt down.
We went to help refugees that were displaced by the fire.

As for Julian-
I know you are curious. But best to
Follow his social media for updates -

UN has twice ruled his detention unlawful and he has never been charged -
He has already been found to be innocent and the matter was previously closed in 2010 only to be re opened in a highly politicized context.

I'm not here to discuss Julian.
But we both have similar feelings regarding his refugee status. He may be the most famous politicized refugee of our time. But many refugees need our help - closing doors is not the answer.

The funds raised this night will help to purchase a youth outreach vehicle - for refugee assistance -

I have been in Calais a few times.
This time I brought my Dog from LA.  
His name is Zu (zoubisoubisou)
He is a service dog full of love and brought smiles to many refugees.

I noticed many of the young men different shoes on each foot or no shoes at all and am hoping to join with an athletic brand to donate soccer balls and shoes on my next visit.