I Like How You Resist Me

I may have some advice for Trump and May on special relationships-

based on my own special relationship with Julian Assange

Regarding Free Speech and Democracy. 

France can join in as a threesome.

A fast approaching UK election, 

heated up US threats, 

and the French - makes this the opportune time to discuss politics romantically. 

It is a romantic struggle 

Things that the USA and UK bring to the relationship are Bad secrecy laws. Keeping Julian illegally detained. Hating transparency and Bombing countries.

It is dysfunctional and unequal, this relationship to date. 

I wish to help them to improve it,

and make it work. 

And, bring sexy back.

Just as a dysfunctional lover-

The USA has been spying on UK(reading emails and listening to calls).

All this, that the USA does is as a freakish lover or stalker would. 

My recommendations are;

Keep things separate as in a good relationship: 

The UK should have an independent foreign policy not based on a special relationship-


the UK and USA relationship would be based on a fundamental reconfiguration of domestic politics, and their relationship with the rest of the world.

They then should disarm and withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and other overseas military engagements, and pursue a peaceful and cooperative diplomatic relationship with other countries.

Create a bilateral extradition treaty between them, it should at least appear as if it is between two equal westphalian state entities, rather than between a lord and vassal (or dominant and submissive partner).

It is completely disproportionate and has asymmetrical evidentiary standards.

If disarming and withdrawing from Afghanistan seems too 'out there'.

Another dynamic approach is to

encourage other countries to reduce their quantise of arms: "If you will, I will". 


Agree with other countries to stop arming and destabilising the Middle East. 

War is a racket. 

Subordinating safety and human rights to the profit motives of arms exporters is not strong, or sexy.

Other relationship issues to work on jointly: 

Openness and honesty are a must in any relationship. 

So, need to get rid of approaching everything with secrecy and cover up. 

Stop abusing espionage and secrecy laws. 

Can't stop? 

Then get rid of them -

and replace them with laws 

that can't be abused.

Stop shouting and punishing people who offer them help (as if a couple would turn against a relationship counsellor?) - Julian is trying to help. 

And, if their relationship is improved, they can expand it. Diplomatic relations with other countries should be in the spirit of mutual respect

Not haughty superiority. 

Such as we saw in the threats to invade the embassy in violation of the Vienna convention. Or the refusal to comply with the UN ruling.  A healthy relationship is reciprocal and has a single standard for behaviour.

Not a double standard, 

where Britain gets to call out other countries for defying UN findings- but blow them off when they are against the UK. 

I can't help but think romantically. 

That is where my compass lays. In love and compassion. 

To apply common sense relationship advice might be the key. 

We must not forget how to make love... 

But, war.

No more war! 

And no walls! (around countries or embassies).

I will stay relentlessly engaged.

Like it or not,


Polaris - National Human Trafficking Hotline

From sex trafficking within escort services to labor trafficking of farmworkers, the ways humans are exploited differ greatly. Each type has unique strategies for recruiting and controlling victims, and concealing the crime.

For years, we have been staring at an incomplete chess game, moving pieces without seeing hidden squares or fully understanding the power relationships between players. With The Typology of Modern Slavery, our blurry understanding of the scope of the crime is now coming into sharper focus.

Polaris analyzed more than 32,000 cases of human trafficking documented between December 2007 and December 2016 through its operation of the National Human Trafficking Hotline and BeFree Textline—the largest data set on human trafficking in the United States ever compiled and publically analyzed. Polaris’s research team analyzed the data and developed a classification system that identifies 25 types of human trafficking in the United States. Each has its own business model, trafficker profiles, recruitment strategies, victim profiles, and methods of control that facilitate human trafficking.
Download the report here

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888


Proud to support Polaris in their fight to eradicate modern slavery with $28K we raised at BGC Charity Day.
Thank you


Talking to Your Children About Domestic Violence

If your child is witnessing abuse in your home, what you’re experiencing is likely made even worse by the concern you feel for your child. Children who live in homes where abuse occurs – whether the abuse is emotional, verbal, physical or some other form – are very likely to be psychologically and emotionally affected by what they see and hear.

Children may respond differently to witnessing abuse. They may withdraw, or they might act out. They might pretend it’s no big deal, or they may quickly show signs of trauma, such as anxiety, sleep disruption or problems in school. Children can experience a range of emotions when living in abusive households including fear, anger, isolation and guilt. They may even feel conflicted about loving their abusive parent. These are very normal feelings, and it’s important that they be validated.

It’s normal for people who have been in a violent relationship to NOT want to talk to their kids about it. It might seem safer to pretend that the abuse didn’t happen, assume that the kids don’t know about it or hope they will just forget about it. But, denying or ignoring abuse can actually create more confusion and fear, so it’s important to talk to your children about what’s going on whenever possible.

What can you do?

  • Ask about how they’re feeling, and try to really listen and understand them
  • Allow them to share whatever types of feelings they have towards the abusive parent
  • Let them know you believe them if they share something
  • Let them know the abuse is not their fault or your own
  • Let them know you love them and want to keep them safe
  • Let them know the violence is not okay, but focus on the behaviors rather than on the character of the abusive person
  • Acknowledge that it might be hard or scary for them, and that it’s okay to feel angry, sad, scared, etc.
  • Accept that they may not be willing or able to talk about it right away
  • Help them learn healthy ways of dealing with anger, fear and other emotions
  • Help them get involved in things that boost their self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves
  • Always act in a way that is non-threatening and non-violent with your kids
  • Consider taking them to counseling or therapy if possible
  • Maintain as much structure and routine with them as you can
  • Create a safety plan with them and explain actions taken in direct relation to unsafe and unhealthy behaviors

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

24/7 Phone Support

Trained advocates are available to take your calls through our toll free, 24/7 hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Live Chat Services

Live chat is another option for getting real-time, one-on-one support. Available every day from 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. Central time (En Espanol: 10 a.m. a 10 p.m. Hora Central).



Proud to support National Domestic Violence Hotline in their work to help empower parents and children impacted by domestic violence with $28K we raised at BGC Charity Day.

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Le JDD - exclusive (English)

Photo by Rankin for Coco de Mer

Photo by Rankin for Coco de Mer

Hello, first of all. What do you make at the moment in Saint-Tropez? 

I’m here on an artist retreat- 

I have been drawing and painting- and writing my book The Sensual Revolution due out this fall- 

I always knew I’d end up in the South of France… Dreams come true … 

St Tropez is one of the places I’m spending time these days- I’m also in Paris and London quite a lot. 

Less and Less in America- Especially now that I’ve brought my Dog to France - My kids are grown and very independent.  they love that I’m finally in France and that they can come visit me here.  I see them more now than I did when we were all in LA - they are so busy traveling the world to- and make it a point to stop by and see mom- I love it-.

What relation do you maintain with France? What pleases you and displeases you in this country? 

I have done many photoshoots in the South of France— I remember my favorite shooting for Playboy was in St Tropez- and I’ve always wanted to come back— so here I am- 

I am starting a production company here- and an association within France that my foundation can align with that protects vulnerable people (like refugees) and vulnerable animals of France— 

I know it’s not popular of me but - I hope that cruel Foie Gras will be a thing of the past— If you knew how they tortured geese to make this- no-one could eat it with a good conscience.

What do you appreciate the French culture? What books? What records ? What movies of bedhead?

I love French Culture— I love Paris, I love french movies— Goddard is my favorite director— and, so many beautiful women and men in french cinema— they are all my idols—  Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Angelique (Michelle Mercier), Catherine Deneuve…

I love listening to Yves Montagne— I love his accent - this is how I’m trying to learn french-  I did learn french going to school in Canada… but, am just starting to not be so shy to speak it - 

On Sunday, while France will go to vote for its presidential elections, you wish to question to his candidates about the throwers of alert. What do you want to tell them?

I’ve been following the French election closely - as you know I support Julian Assange - some candidates have said they will grant he and Snowden citizenship - Mélenchon and Le Pen, Mélenchon has even mentioned The Legion of Honor for exposing the US interference in French election’s of the past - 

Mélenchon is vegetarian— he is a lover of animals and the environment— he is a breath of fresh air—

I’m curious of the positions of the other candidates Fillon and Macron in regards to Julian—  I want more than anything for Julian to reunite with his young family in France—

Why does it seem to you so important ? When the French throwers of alert, Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet, who’re at the origin of the revelations on the scandal of tax evasion which stook the Luxembourg at the beginning of 2015, were brought to justice, some people blamed the French President François Hollande for not having taken stand in their favor. What do you think about it ? Which status, legal protection would it be necessary to offer to the thrower's of alert ?

Do you mean whistle blowers? If so this is a vital part of community— We need to know the truth- to make best decisions- and these people risk everything to share the truth- It is more important now than ever- 

How and where did you meet with Julian Assange?

I met Julian through our mutual friend Vivienne Westwood - I visited him at the Ecuadorian Embassy years ago- and have consistently visited him ever since… He is a great teacher.. our relationship is extraordinary - very difficult and personal to explain properly … 

Newspapers lend you a love affair. Do you confirm us ? What seduced you with him ? His qualities ? His defects ? What do you think of rumors to him of rape in Sweden ? Is it in your opinion an operation of destabilization? Since you are with him, how your life changed? Is it dangerous to live with the founder of WikiLeaks?

First of all there was no rape in Sweden - it was a preliminary investigation, no charges- yet highly politicized.. anyone that mentions the word rape next to his name is committing defamation- We are innocent till proven guilty -It was a case of a condom possibly breaking- that’s it- It is a ploy to extradite him to Sweden then to America- Where the grand jury is building a “secret” case against him— As you can see from the latest CIA/Pompeo meltdown about Wikileaks- He’s in unfair and great danger if extradited to the US.. He has exposed very powerful people who will stop at nothing to discredit him- or worse—  The UN has ruled 2x now that Julian is Illegally detained, he should be set free and compensated— he also will need protection— I think France is the best place for him - 

To return to the elections in France, you follow them a lot? If you had to vote today, which candidate you would choose? (You posted Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s video on the site of your foundation) 

Of course I would vote for Mélenchon … He is forward thinking and is a voice for concerned people - 

Anyone who cares about the environment or animals- or refugees.. that includes Julian (who has a young son in France who deserves a father)

You also called back the commitment of Marine Le Pen to grant the French citizenship to Julian Assange - if she was elected. Brigitte Bardot, whom you admire, supports her. And you? What do you think of this woman? She is fair, as you. Is it your only common point? 

I’m not a fan of Le Pen.. but, I am of Bardot— I know Bridgitte also supports Mélenchon and has said some kind things about him—  I do want Ms. Le Pen to reaffirm her position regarding Julian - It’s been awhile since she stated she would grant him citizenship- at very least I’d hope she’d keep her word on this issue- if elected.

One of last times when we saw you in France, it was in the hémicyle of the National Assembly about the animal cause (in particular the force-feeding of the gooses). Do we do better to hear when we are called Pamela Anderson? Is it necessary to have played in Alert in Malibu either to be fair with a sexy body so that the politicians listen to you?

I think you must use everything you are- to be successful-  

My priority has always been my children and I never paid close attention to the ‘image’ that was being created along next to my rock’n roll lifestyle- and career— I know Baywatch was quite popular all over the world- and it gave me the platform to discuss issues I care deeply about- I learned quickly that politics plays a big part in animal welfare— and this lesson taught me how to get things done - I’m sure people don’t necessarily want to hear from me- (or their perception of me) but- I have been quite successful campaigning for and creating animal welfare laws where there were none— I support many organizations that defend vulnerable women and men- I’ve dedicated my life to the causes I believe in and one of those causes are freeing Julian Assange who is trying to free the world by educating it— it is a romantic struggle and I love him for this-

I have spent many years working with Cool Earth and the Inga foundation in Latin America trying to save the rainforest and planting trees with my children— looking for alternatives to slash and burn agriculture etc—  

Julian mentioned to me- That Nuclear War would not be good for the environment— 

That put things into perspective quickly for me-  We need Wikileaks more than ever - Nuclear war is a real threat- Governments must be transparent and honest- in a war economy- 

We need to change to a green economy— 

Do you know what passed since?

Nothing that I know of— it’s a delicate subject— I hear even that young school children go on field trips to Foie Gras factories? My God- I’m already writing letters about this— how horrifying-

You also defended the cause of the migrants in Calais. Was François Hollande a good President? 

I’ve spent time in Calais and Dunkirk— it was life changing to see such innocent and polite children in such distress— I know people are afraid - but can you imagine yourself in their shoes- coming so far across land and sea— losing loved ones-  just to be ignored- or detained-  it’s inhuman— We must take a chance on human life— there are many reasons for the migrant crisis- part climate change part politics- and the US is responsible for much of it-

I am going to Calais next week to see for myself the damage of the fire— and bringing lots of fruits and vegetables— I’m meeting with the camp cook- 

Your fairness, is it a weapon?

I’m known for listening to opposing views - I think I am fair- I understand all sides- I see the fear , the questions,- but we must educate ourselves best we can- with true information- this is why Wikileaks is invaluable- the media has lost the plot it seems- 

I try to encourage people to eat less meat for instance—  

I understand it’s not for everyone to make such a bold choice to be vegan (as good for them as it would be)— It’s a process of better choices— to be happier and healthier— 

I apply everything i learn to everything I do- that’s the best I can do— or expect anyone else to do.

What scandalizes you in France? In the world? Last facts of current events? What you would want to denounce ?

I think this election is very important- I think people were caught off guard by Brexit and Trump - France doesn’t need to fall down the same mysterious hole-

 You can make a difference by voting for the future - France doesn’t seem to be such a puppet of America- it is very individual and strong— it would send a valuable message to the world- 

15) Are you in touch with politicians (dialogue, exchange, correspondence)?

No I’m not- but I think Melenchon is aware of my support— He has the support of all of my animal friends too

What looked like Pamela Anderson when she was a child girl?

I was a mischievous, creative child who loved animals- always plotting and scheming to save them — nothing has changed.

What were your models, your influences? What did you play?

My Grandfather was Finnish— I spoke with him in Finnish (as well as English) till he passed away when I was 11— 

He taught me about fairy tales, mythology — the importance of reading and writing— 

We also played a lot of poker-

According to your note Wikipedia, you knew a painful childhood, in particular several rapes. Was there anybody towards whom to turn you, a thrower of alert to break the silence?

I went through some difficult times as a child— I was molested by my female babysitter— It was confusing— as I got older I didn’t know what to say about it- because it was a woman— I think it made me hyper sexual- and it put me in dangerous places as a young girl which led an older man to take advantage of me— 

I became painfully shy.. I was approached by Playboy when I was 23 years old - and ,that helped empower me- in the places where I felt most vulnerable— I took my power back this way— 

Hefner changed my life—Playboy gave me confidence- I always say Playboy was my university— I met such fantastic artists, musicians— philanthropists— This is where I realized that I could help people and animals in some way— by bringing awareness- sharing the attention I was getting with something meaningful-

just to be brave and do it— 

How, did these traumas of childhood build your personality? 

I think it must have— but what it gave me was Nerve— If I’m going to be alive and on this planet- I’m going to be effective— and not whine about my circumstances— people have had it much worse than me- 

This body, which had been violenté, is your instrument of communication. What relation do you maintain with him? What looks like Pamela Anderson in his internal world? Your readings? Your thoughts? Your dreams? Your musics?

I write every day— I keep a journal— I’m a note taker—  I am constantly learning— and I surround myself with interesting people - people who are smarter and more talented than I - this is what keeps me alive and young-

Had you in the childhood a pet? And if yes, which one and how he was named? And today?

I had many childhood rescues— lots of cats, dogs, birds—  Today I have a big beautiful blonde dog name Zoubisoubisou 

And if you were an animal, which it would be?

I’d be some kind of exotic cat— People like to call me Puma- I’ve actually been a cat in my dreams-

What are your models today in the civil society ?  

Vivienne Westwood has an extreme influence on me and Julian Assange will not be forgotten in History— Leonard Peltier, Activists, Artists,— I am starting a foundation called TENURE- which will support Activist and their families over time— and this will most likely be purely funded by artists— Artists are not entrenched in the system they can support who they like without repercussion. 

On your Instagram are several Jean-Paul Belmondo’s photos. What do you admire at his man? About what man would you have dreamed to be? 

I would not want to be a man- I enjoy being everything female— though I insist on chivalry and the man making the first move—  

I love Jean Paul Belmondo- He looks a lot like my son Dylan - I’m sure Dylan will look like him as he gets older- so he’s a favorite of mine- always has been in the movie Breathless with Jean Seberg— when I cut my hair short- it was inspired by her— but, I’m glad my hair has grown back- that was an emotional experience— 

I think all women go through this-

What makes that we are a man, the truth, in 2017?

A man isn’t one surfing Tinder- that’s for sure- it’s awful - I would never date anyone who uses these apps- 

It is too easy and boring- We do need a sensual revolution- it is an awkward time— The sexual revolution gave us many freedoms- but also gave us empty, robotic- and unimaginative sex— addiction to porn etc— We must look at ourselves and our bad habits— I’m hoping it’s a phase and we can return to the times you might brush against someone on the bus- lock eyes- and know that that person is the one you are meant to be with— and stay with them forever, grow old together— sadly there is an epidemic of loneliness-

In 2017, you go to celebrate your 50 years. Are you close to the woman that you want to be? 

I’m where I expected to be- I’ve finished building my home in Malibu that took my 10 yrs to complete—

 I rent it out now so that I can dedicate all my time to the causes I believe in- and travel- 

it was my plan- and it took perseverance and faith- no-one believed I could do it- but me.

What anybody would you have dreamed to be (Marilyn Monroe or Simone de Beauvoir)? 

No- I think I’ve created my own dream

What looks like the life today of Pamela Anderson? Your days? Your definition of the pleasure and the luxury? Who are your friends (Paul Watson? Brigitte Bardot?) 

Paul Watson, Julian Assange, Vivienne Westwood, Ed Ruscha, Richard Prince, David LaChapelle — 

I’m surrounded by artists and Activist- and my boys Brandon who is an actor and Dylan, a musician- 

and luxury for me is that I don’t need anything—

 If I never buy another handbag or pair of shoes I’d be fine— I have so much— 

I just shop and reshop in my own closet/storage—

if you buy only a few good pieces a year- they never go out of style and at 50 you end up having a lot- too much-

As mother, as tell your children so that they are better? 

To respect women- To allow yourself to fall in love even if it means heartbreak- not to be lazy— work hard every day to get one step closer to your dreams- and to count your blessings— typical mom stuff- 

You are Countesse by Giglio for your commitment with the marine animal cause in Montenegro. 

What it offers as advantages to be a countess?

I’m flattered - I was honored for my work defending marine life in the Mediterranean.- 

What image would you want that we keep of you? The sentence which would define you best? 


That I was a good girl :)

Paris Match (English)

Why do you feel concerned about french elections ?

I spend most of my time in France now-

I love this country. 

France has a compassionate and courageous population and I believe on election day it will express it's romantic nature.

You declared in recent TV show that you will be « a good first lady » and if you would choose a global leader it would be Julian Assange… What do you appreciate in his personality and ideas

He has a distinct and rare courage. 

He has sacrificed everything-

We must remember the powerful feathers he has ruffled - some have even recently vowed to 'end' him - in an act of obvious desperation -

It's Alarming. 

Julian is kind, funny and his mission is to free the world by educating it. I will do all I can to support him because I believe in his message. 

The UN has found 2x now that he is being illegally detained. 

He should be set free. 

And compensated. 

I hope whoever wins the French election will show the strength of Mélenchon (for Julian). 

But, for the Animals, the environment and all else-

I believe Mélenchon is by far the best and only forward thinking candidate- 

You’re involved in animal causes, Trump allows hunting for bears and wolves in Alaska, how do you react ? 

This is terrible. 

Trump is a sad leader for animals and the environment. 

To allow defenseless bears in hibernation to be killed is weak, disgraceful and cowardly.

It is as wrong as the seal hunt in canada. 

It's difficult to understand people with such little remorse or regard for the vulnerable- while existing in an ivory tower.  

It's nauseating

To think its most likely to comfort some of the republican  'hunter types' base. 

His approval ratings are lower than any president 

-so he's flexing his power, creating fear- at the expense of vulnerable animal and human life. 

He drops a bomb - the media in America get excited?

and his poll numbers go up?

It is heartless and cruel. 

It's confusing. 

This is why I want to learn all I can from honest sources. 

I want the world to be a better place for my children.

Julian has children. I think it's one of his driving forces. 

There is going to be push back when governments are exposed. 

We need to support publications like Wikileaks who are the only ones brave enough to stand up to entities that aren't used to this type of confrontation. 

Wikileaks will not be silenced. 

The public must demand it.

You can demand justice by voting sensibly. 

Not just for who you think might win. 

But, for who you honestly believe in. 

The US got in trouble by voting for Clinton in the primaries - everyone thought she could beat Trump. 

It was not an honest vote. 

A majority of democrats wanted Bernie Sanders. - 

and voted against their better instincts. 

Big Mistake 

I hope France will do better. 

Earth Day 2017 Speech - Save the Arctic, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd

It is a great pleasure to be in Vancouver for Earth Day 2017.

As a British Columbian I am immensely proud that this is the city where the modern environmental movement began. The city where Greenpeace was born in 1969, where Sea Shepherd was launched in 1977, the place that is the home base for the David Suzuki Foundation, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee  and many other activists groups.

This city was the birthplace in the early Seventies of the Modern Environmental Movement

Today the challenges that face us are more grave than ever. We have a Climate Change Denying President in the United States and a Prime Minister that has said that Climate Change is a priority that must be addressed as long as it is not himself or the Liberal Party addressing it.

When it comes to climate change, to the slaughter of wildlife, to protecting our fish and our forests, this Trudeau government is no better than the previous government. Justin’s pretty face is simply a mask for the same powers that have been raping and plundering this nation for decades.

This past March a Sea Shepherd crew traveled to the ice floes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to discover that the ice was not there and despite the tragedy of tens of thousands of seals dying on broken, rotten ice patches, the government set a kill quota of 400,000 and lowered the age of allowable seal kills to four weeks, yet they still maintain they don’t kill baby seals.

The government is pushing the lie that the seals are killed because it is a traditional way of life for Northern communities, yet not a single Inuit person kills seals on the East coast of Canada and no one has ever interfered with the Northern aboriginal hunt of some 10,000 seals.

This government wants the world to believe that opposition to commercial sealing is opposition to Inuit seal hunting and that is blatantly false.

This same government is supporting the Norwegian salmon farm industry that is jeopardizing the survival of our wild Pacific salmon populations. This industry is spreading viruses and parasites to native fish and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans refuses t investigate and refuses to stop the destruction.

At the same time they falsely claim that the East Coast seal hunt is a traditional way they are damaging the very foundation of West Coast First Nation culture by aiding and abetting the decline of wild salmon.

Friends, our planet is in trouble. Biodiversity in our ocean and on the land is being dangerously diminished. Scientists acknowledge that we are living in what they call the Sixth Extinction. We are losing and we will lose more species of plants and animals between the year 2000 and the year 2065 than we have lost over the last 65 million years.

The rainforests of Amazonia are being destroyed. 

This province is a patchwork of clear cuts and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is dying.

The question is what the hell are we going to do about it.

It seems that the issues are overwhelming and the solutions are impossible yet we need to find impossible solutions for impossible problems -

I believe that

People, especially young people can change the world for the better by building on their passions, using their imaginations and backing up their imaginations with the courage to speak up and to take action.

When we find something that we are passionate about, we discover that we have the courage to fight for it.

Right now, there are about 160 volunteers around the world crewing on Sea Shepherd ships. They are in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez confiscating illegal nets and chasing poachers to save the endangered Vaquita. They are off the West Coast of Africa intercepting illegal fishing operations and shutting them down, they have just returned from pursuing the Japanese whale poachers in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica and many more campaigns where species and habitats are being threatened and this summer they will return to British Columbia to once again oppose the destructive salmon farms.

Last year I was able to speak directly to the Russian government about many issues and as a result Russia no longer permits whale meat to be transported through their waters from Iceland to Japan and just a month ago Russia banned travelling dolphin shows. They listened.

We simply must have the courage to follow our passion and use our imaginations and our skills and abilities to change the world for the better.

Each of us can do this.

If we are serious about addressing climate change we need to change our diet to vegetarian or better yet to veganism.

If we are serious about stopping plastic pollution in the Ocean, we must willfully stop using throw away plastic products.

If we are serious about making this a better world for tomorrow we need to get actively  involved.

It is hard to imagine an empty Ocean but unless we make significant changes in our life style and with our economic and political behavior we will have an empty ocean and diminishment of life in the sea means diminishment of the quality of life for humanity.

The Ocean is the life support system of our planet and we are killing off the crew that maintains this life support system and if that system collapses so do we.

We have had a 40% diminishment of phytoplankton populations in the sea since 1950 and phytoplankton provides up to 80% of the oxygen we breathe. We need phytoplankton to survive and phytoplankton needs whales to survive because the whales provide the essential nutrients of iron and nitrogen to the phytoplankton.

Destroy the whales, we destroy the phytoplankton and if we destroy the phytoplankton we destroy ourselves.

We are a part of this great global biosphere. We are not dominant over it.

I am the international chair of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It is an international movement of passionate and courageous women and men, all volunteers, out on the waters every single day of the year, defending whales, protecting sea turtles, shepherding seals, shutting down poachers and saving lives and contributing to the survival of biodiversity in the sea.

It is a movement that started here in Vancouver -

and on this very day we have two ships, the SAM SIMON and the FARELY MOWAT in the Sea of Cortez confiscating illegal nets to save the world’s smallest and most endangered species.

We have our ship the BOB BARKER off the West coast of Africa, intercepting and shutting down foreign poachers invading the waters of Gabon, Liberia and Sao Tome.

We have our ship the JOHN PAUL DEJORIA protecting sharks on the West coast of Latin America.

We have our ship the BRIGITTE BARDOT in the Mediterranean protecting the marine reserves around Sicily from poachers.

Our two ships the STEVE IRWIN and the OCEAN WARRIOR have just returned from a four month campaign of pursuing the illegal operations of the Japanese whaling fleet.

Our research ship the MARTIN SHEEN is right now doing research on the impact of micro-plastic on marine life off the West coast of Mexico and will be coming this summer to B.C. to continue the campaign to investigate the damages cause to native salmon from the ecologically destructive salmon farming industry.

In addition to these ships, Sea Shepherd sponsors hundreds of beach clean up operations around the world and we are engaged in an international campaign to shut down the trade in shark fins. Sea Shepherd also delivers the message of marine conservation through television shows and documentary films.

And to sum up our actions and why everyone needs to be involved. 

If the Ocean dies, we all die!

Assange, Melenchon and the animals.


Of interest -

review the

Wikileaks French publications (including espionage against French political parties to steal their election plans and to spy on the candidates) 

search wikileaks.org

And -

Be aware that the CIA/Pompeo has desperately vowed to "end" Wikileaks "now".

I feel the French especially understand how important it is to seek the truth.

and know 

that the people they are voting for are honest and held accountable. 

And not fall down the well of a surprise Brexit or Trump scenerio. 

Le Pen and Melenchon both have been spied upon by the US -

and both have agreed to grant Julian Assange asylum/citizenship. 

There has even been mention of the Legion of Honor by Melenchon 

a fellow animal crusader, 

climate change champion and believer in Justice for all.

How wonderful it would be to reunite Julian and his young family in France.

Mr Melenchon for President!

S'il vous plait

Head of CIA Meltdown (about Assange)

The way that he describes CIA makes it sound like a lesser version of Wikileaks – CIA director says his mandate is to collect info and find the truth for us people –
now pissed off because Wikileaks got there first.

-also –  
in a speech in which he criticizes democratic free speech,
Pompeo says that “wikileaks should focus it's fire on autocratic regimes”
From Wikileaks-
Thanks, will do-
We'll send you the link to next Vault 7 disclosure!

Sounds like
USexceptionalism- defends right to steal secrets from any foreign adversary to protect US national interests –
but this very type of exceptionalism and myopia is preventing US from being part of peaceful international community.

Now, as for
The legal investigation -
His statement that Wikileaks directed Manning to given specific secret documents is an abuse of his position to influence on ongoing US investigation –
investigation can no longer proceed impartially and should be shut down.

I'm surprised
that he used his first public address focusing in attacking Snowden and Assange -
A skewered priority by focusing in attacking democratic criticism rather than ISIS attacks on democracy?

Is the CIA protecting US people and ideals, or themselves?

Former directors spoke of apolitical nature of job.

CIA Officers signed up for life of discretion and secrecy =
BUT there should be no secrecy for crimes or corruption,
false narratives and fictions.

"We steal secrets from our foreign adversaries (who is that?) and, we are damn proud of it – "
shows completely skewered approach of CIA -
Is the UN/foreign presidents their adversaries?
There is no right for a government to steal privacy – citizens elsewhere in the world have the same right to privacy as US citizens –
CIA cries foul regarding the idea of anyone knowing what they do
while protesting their right to do the same to everyone and anyone as long as they are not American?

There is a problem with how they define national interest?
How do they define foreign?

Where do they draw their line on spying and collecting info on US citizens (i.e. guardian Luke Harding article)

They are an organization dedicated to getting the truth and getting it right (just like Wikileaks)

CIA collecting info about people are threats to the US - Snowden & Assange seek to make a name for themselves and care nothing for lives (what about Wikileaks redactions? ) (but Snowden and Wikileaks publishes info re -threats to people around world)

"Wikileaks directed Manning to give specific secret info"?
that’s commenting on an on going US investigation –
There is no way Julian can have a fair trial in US-

What is a "non-state hostile”?

A CIA report  
That says RT actively collaborated with Wikileaks–
well then so did NY times.

Pompeo exhibits the worst traits of US exceptionalism and myopia.

Claims Wikileaks doesn’t care because doesn’t focus on autocratic regimes which seek to stifle free speech-
well if Pompeo on his pulpit is looking exactly like that-
And by the same token he should stop using his pulpit to stifle the work of a publisher rather than real threats to America- ISIS -
by focusing on Assange rather than ISIS–
does this mean that Pompeo is a stooge for ISIS? Clearly (lets hope) not-  
this is the same false logic he uses for Assange

Damage done to free world is tangible –
but Pompeo does not cite to one.

Defines ‘true whistleblowers “ –
He misunderstands the notion =
if no internal mechanisms available –
need to whistleblow externally.

"Assange has a dedicated following, with US enemies" –
is this how Pompeo views the millions of US citizens who follow Wikileaks?
Who agree with need for transparency re electoral parties?

Al-Qaeda statement?
Maybe a better way to fight is a way to fight through transparency rather than through physical attacks?

Assange a coward behind a screen –
NO -
He is arbitrarily detained due to illegal unconstitutional US investigation which Pompeo has now placed undue influence on.

"We can't allow Assange to use free speech values against us” – hmmm he is really sounding like the very undemocratic autocrat he encouraged Wikileaks to focus on.

We now need Wikileaks more than ever -
The new head of CIA is desperate and needs to save face.
Melting down in front of the world is not a good start.


"The world has to stop the men of war"
Pope Francis