Dear Australia,

Photo by Pamela Anderson

Photo by Pamela Anderson

I met Julian through Vivienne Westwood. We mixed up our dates - I ended up at the embassy on the wrong day but was able to meet with Julian privately. I asked him how he thought I could be more effective as an activist. We came up with TENURE to support relentless activism -Giving Activists tenure and cover basic needs so that they continue their great work while being able to provide for themselves and their families wherever they may be in the world.
Since then I feel a genuine closeness to Julian. I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex husbands and lovers combined.
Our intentions were not to become romantic, but to join forces.
The rumors are flattering. I think I might have what it takes to be an effective First Lady. If I had to chose a World Leader to stand beside and support whole heartedly it would be Julian Assange.

Australian's must not forget. They have a fellow citizen trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London who has not been able to go outside, feel the sunshine, hug his children or see his Mother for 4 1/2 years. He has been detained for 6 years.

I'm shocked that Prime Minister Turnbull hasn't stepped in. He is famously known for the Spycatcher case. Defending freedom of speech. American relations shouldn't come before protection of a country's own citizen. I see that as a very weak position. Unfitting of Mr Turnbull from what I have read.

The Julian Assange Case is incredibly complex
Australia has failed to exercise diplomatic protection over Julian, an Australian Citizen, refusing him the most basic assistance.
Australia is now seeking a seat on the UN Human Rights Council at a time when Julian, an Australian citizen, has been found to be arbitrarily detained by the UK and Sweden.
An unlawful status under international law- and Australia is doing nothing about it.
Australia's failure led to Ecuador's decision to grant Asylum to Julian.
The government of Ecuador found that "Mr Assange is without protection and assistance that should receive from the State of which he is a citizen" and recognize that Julian Is politically persecuted and risks cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment if he is extradited to the US.
Australia is well aware of the ongoing US criminal investigation of it's citizen.
A secret Grand Jury has been empaneled in Virginia since 2010; whether it has issued a sealed indictment is unknown.
For the past 6 years, the investigation has been conducted in secret, so Julian cannot challenge the merits or the legality of such an investigation under the First Amendment in court.
Numerous organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders , have condemned the US Government for making Wikileaks and Mr Assange, a publisher, the target of an unprecedented national security espionage case and for the chilling effect this investigation is having on the freedom of the press generally.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is acting contrary to its own policies on charging members of the media.
The United Nations found, after deliberating for 16 months that Julian is arbitrarily deprived of his liberty and that the UK and Sweden are in violation of their binding legal obligations under the International Covenant and Civil and Political rights.
Julian should be immediately released and compensated. The decision has so far been ignored..
Not a single person has come to harm from the Wikileaks release of US Diplomatic cables. People have been embarrassed and lost office as a result of Wikileaks publications and diplomats have lost postings, and governments have certainly found it more difficult to conduct certain operations that produce civilian causalities.

I have sat inches from Julian for hours at a time. Discussing hopes and dreams for the world we live in.
He is sincere
Clever, and an Asset to civilians everywhere.

His intentions are pure -
Of course some people fear him.
The Jig is up
As he says 'there is no war without lies, no peace without truth.'

Bruised egos seem to stop at nothing to discredit him.
Swedish False Allegations,
A lot of time and resources wasted - when violent crimes are being ignored.

I am a defender of human rights, refugees.
Julian is the most famous refugee of our generation. How the world treats him sets the stage for a future refugees.

Stay engaged...
Keep your eyes open.

Pamela Anderson


In reference to intro on radio show Kyle and Jackie O Australia

The only big brother appearances I have ever made were for charity and not ever as a contestant -
Only a few quick appearances in houses in a few countries that include Australia-
to give a vegan task - for instance.
Or talk about philanthropic subjects.

Dancing with the Stars was something I did to learn how to dance.
was offered Broadway soon after -

I'm not a reality television star

I have positioned myself in mainstream at times to spread a message-
Human and Animal rights,
Protecting the environment.

And for Donations
to good causes.

Pamela Anderson Gives Melania Trump a Custom Russian Faux-Fur Coat


Honorary PETA Director Pamela Anderson has sent Melania Trump a one-of-a-kind thank-you gift for the first lady’s fur-free look at the presidential inauguration: a faux “eco-fur” coat that Anderson custom-designed for her with Russian faux-fur manufacturer Only Me.

“Amid all the mania at the inauguration, you looked stunning in an outfit by Ralph Lauren—one of many fur-free designers,” Anderson wrote in a letter to Trump. “I am so happy that you chose not to wear fur! As first lady, you will help set style trends, and by remaining compassionate with your choices, you will warm the hearts of many.”

Anderson’s animal rights activism in Russia dates back to 2009, when she first wrote then–Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to thank him for banning the slaughter of baby harp seals. In 2011, she worked with PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear”—to persuade Russia, which had previously imported 90 percent of her native Canada’s baby-seal pelts, to ban these importations.

She is now working with Only Me to develop fake bearskin hats to replace the busbies worn by The Queen’s Guard in England, as one Canadian black bear is killed for each hat. The company will send two prototypes to London from Moscow next week.

Letter to Minister Sergey Donskoi

Dear Mr Donskoi,

As a council member of IFAW Russia. I was disheartened to hear that the proposal of snares is still being considered. I have read your article on the Kremlin site and I'm sorry, I profoundly disagree.

Snares should not be used to kill animals. It is cruel and unacceptable.

Opinions of valuable environmental organizations were not taken in consideration, with the exception of one (WWF).

You wrote, that the document was modified to reflect the comments of environmental organizations. It is good to know, that snares will not be allowed at the habitat of big cats, but that is not enough.

The use of snares should not be allowed at all.

As a Canadian I am even more devastated that Canada is boasting about it's cruel imposition of snares.

Please do not follow in the footsteps by adopting these backward international standards. Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

I have high hopes that Russia will set the new standard. I was sure at our last meeting we were in agreement that this would expose many different vulnerable animals to unimaginable suffering. The gory details, mothers chewing feet off etc. are difficult to imagine. Mr Ivanov seemed concerned about this issue as well.

We did talk with Mr. Ivanov at our last meeting in regards to snares and I felt we all agreed that they are unacceptable. Following our meeting in Kremlin -at the Press-conference at TASS the question of snares was raised by the journalists. Vladimir Pozner and I shared with them that it is absolutely unacceptable due to the level of pain and suffering of animals and as well due to the fact, that every kind of animal can be caught, even birds of prey.

You were dearly missed at the Kremlin, during my last visit. I hope you can reconsider this issue?

I am available to help in any way you need.

I am very fond of our friendship and hope to see you again soon, In regards to The Year of the Environment, You must be extremely busy.

Let me know if I can be of any help. I wish you much success. The world is watching.

As always, with heartfelt gratitude,

Pamela Anderson

IFAW Russia Council member

Germany ❤

Why did you want to be part of the Coco de Mer spot – what triggered you about the concept behind it?

Coco De Mer has always been my favorite store— I was so sad when it disappeared in LA- When Coco approached me about being a brand ambassador- I couldn’t resist— we have many ideas up our sleeve— this short film is setting the stage for everything coming— we are co designing a lingerie line for next year— and Rankin and I have shot another shoot already for the infamous ICON collection- little by little things will appear— we are sensually aligned— the playfulness, and empowerment of women- and to encourage beautiful sexual experiences are important to me- in a time where people seem a little desensitized and neglected—  I don’t want people to forget how to make love with respect, passion and fun. Loneliness is an epidemic- and so is porn addiction.

What do you personally think about Valentine’s Day – is it fun, needless, a great way to show your partner your love?

Always good to have a reminder to pay attention to the one you love— neglect is a form of abuse—

Valentine’s Day is usually focused around the love between two people. Do you think that concept is outdated?

I absolutely believe in monogamous relationships- I think having multiple partners is outdated— vulnerability and intimacy takes a lot of courage— I think people may have gotten lazy or in the pursuit of ‘being cool’ have lost the plot- the only way to great sex is through trust and love -  and time...

Is it a good idea to show your partner (or yourself) love after calendar? (Only because it’s Valentine’s Day?)

Every day is Valentine’s to me— I’m a romantic and treasure my romantic life— which is very personal…and private.

There’s a whole industry around this day. What was the most hilarious product you ever saw for it – and the most intriguing?

I don’t really pay attention..

Do you spend money for Valentine’s Day? The Germans usually spent between 20 and 25 Dollar – too much, too little, just right?

It’s up to the person— what you can afford— like I said- it’s important to some, disappointing to some, pressure- or a blissful day without expectation— a reminder— people want to be desired- that’s why we get married, to continue to be desired etc— sometimes that disappears in the day to day struggles of life-

Do you think women and men have a different take on Valentine’s day – and if so, in which way?

I only know as a women I love to spoil the people I love— and I’ve been very blessed.

What was the best gift you ever received for Valentine’s Day?

The true uninhibited love of another person…


Sotheby's Erotic, Passion Desire - London

Ahead of the Erotic: Passion & Desire sale in London on 16 February, actress and activist Pamela Anderson will be taking part in a panel discussion at New Bond Street on Sunday 12 February - Watch it live at 2.30pm on Sotheby's Facebook page. We caught up with her before Sunday’s event to find out about her passions and to hear why she believes we need a sensual revolution.

Do you have a favourite piece from the Sotheby¹s Erotic sale?

I love the roman sculpture of the 2 lovers in Marble. It is beautiful. Romantic and erotic. 

With all the current political upheaval, do you think erotica is more important than ever? 

I do think so because it is human, it is the essence of who we are. It's also a nice distraction. It's hard to believe that's the case. We are inundated with information. And we need to remember what makes us happy. Art does that. It reminds us... of the important things. It engages our minds, souls, hearts.

Tell us about your upcoming book The Sensual Revolution

I believe we need a revolution - a loving one. The sexual revolution gave us some good common sense freedoms but it also gave us some really bad sex in some cases. Detached, numb... less romantic. More robotic partners. In an erotic world I imagine a sensual decadence that brings people closer - joining people together. Not pulling apart. It is enticing, erotica doesn't take the place of sex. But teases, provokes and encourages healthy and exciting sex. It is time to allow one another to be vulnerable and open and safe. All of our decisions can be sensual. It is to have empathy.

Playboy recently removed full nudity from the magazine and as the person to have starred on the most number of Playboy covers (you've done 14!), you graced the cover of the final naked issue. Did it feel like the end of an era?

It is bittersweet. The lifestyle of Playboy was more than the photos. But the photos represented freedom and a girl-next-door sexiness. The art of the tease. At the mansion I learned a lot about sex, but also politics, art... intellectuals and romantic love. It is a balance. All systems fire.

You¹ve been working with animal rights organization PETA for many years now ­ including writing to Theresa May and Vladimir Putin ­ and have spoken of your interest in doing a Sea Shepherd conservation mission. How important to you is campaigning?

I have been an activist for animals since I was a young girl. I always knew if you were good to animals you were good to people. It is unnecessary and unhealthy to abuse animals for what we eat and wear or for entertainment. The world is full of life. Not just human life. We all have roles to play. We must be more conscious of our actions. There are repercussions good and bad. There are animal issues in every country. Whenever I travel I make it mean something to somebody vulnerable. This is how to live sensually - using all we have to make the world better. If it's one life that has been improved somehow someway. One animal. One person - I've had a good day.

You spoke at The Oxford Union about the damaging nature of pornography. What¹s the difference between porn and erotica?

De-sensitization destroys love. We have to decide this one for ourselves. If we are watching porn and not making love to our husband or wife something is wrong. Neglect is a form of abuse. And porn addicts need help.

You have moved seamlessly from the worlds of Playboy to high fashion via Hollywood and political activism ­ how do these worlds differ? 

I apply everything I learn to everything I do. Playboy was my university. I graduated with honors. 

You¹ve talked about your passion for architecture when designing and building your home; does this extend to art as well? 

I grew up around poets, mythology and fairy tales then moved to LA. The land of dreams and cinema. I have a lovely collection of art. I have dear friends who are artists. Ed Ruscha, Richard Prince, David LaChapelle. I've been surrounded by contemporary art and artists for 25 years in California. Now living part time in Europe - I am blessed to experience culture every day. I have always made a point to go to museums and art galleries regularly. I have taught myself. And, I have dragged my kids along with me - they can appreciate now at 19 and 20. It has given them something more than our little bubble. I can't imagine what their lives will look like, but they are fully loaded young gentlemen.

Pamela Anderson has been appointed as International Brand Ambassador for the luxury lingerie and erotica fashion house Coco de Mer. They are currently working together on the first of their joint projects - a new film by The Full Service and Rankin, empowering women to take back control of Valentine’s Day.

Refinery 29 - Coco de Mer... short film

I love the ending! Have you ever had a Valentine's Day like that?

Not exactly... but I think it might have been a good idea in some cases :)
What was your best Valentine's Day date ever?

I’ve been surrounded by romance my entire life—
My parents were such a great example of what true love looks like— my Dad and Grandfather were poets— they wrote such sweet letters — I have some of them-
I think
It’s a void I’ve tried to fill over and over—
The men in my life have always been extremely passionate and romantic—
It's hard to regret the good times-
Do you have any Valentine's Day rituals?

Every day is potentially Valentine's day—
It can be a lot of pressure -
I say make it every day. we never know what the future holds-
I love lingerie, candles, and my lair is a beautiful and inviting space, it's where ever I am.
that’s a daily ritual for me—  improving my life, my romantique world is precious to me..
What's your go-to sexy movie?

I love ‘Amelie’…
I live fantastically similar, I look for signs, synchronicity.  
The sexiest movies for me have not been written- they are the one’s I create in my imagination- they live inside me -

You're in lingerie for most of the film — how do you get such confidence?

I don’t know if it’s confidence- maybe it’s trust- That I’m in the place I’m meant to be.. and I’m free..
It's like playing a character for me.  
We must be brave to have fun… to get that thrill...

Do you feel different about appearing undressed now, as opposed to earlier in your career?

I’m fairly comfortable in my skin.. I love being a woman, soft, feminine, open.
I do the best I can ... I like to change the way I look.
I feel much more control these days.
I rely less on what others tell me -no matter what we look like,
sexy comes from within—

How did you learn body acceptance?

Nobody's perfect.
Imperfections are sexy.
Our vulnerabilities are what makes us attractive and unique. I feel the same fears, pangs, questions...
I just may have learned to enjoy those feelings.. If you don’t try, you never know- I think some boundaries have been placed on us by society, by other people- to enjoy life is to live as one’s true self- with out interference or judgements … as long as we are safe, respectful and loving.. we cannot make mistakes..

What was your favorite part of filming this?

I love Coco De Mer… we share the same humor, desire and esthetic..
I love the lingerie.I feel alive in lingerie..
I have been blessed with a wildly erotic and naughty mind-The idea of the film was so funny to me-
Funny is what made me want to do it.
What do you hope women take away from the film?

To remember to take time to enjoy our own bodies— self exploration, makes us better lovers— and, we cannot forget it takes work to make love better and better- fantasy is essential to happiness. to dream.. music, art.. books…
The lost art of making love, chivalry ...
Nothing can replace the dance, the romance-
to feel pleasure.. heart ache…
This film was meant to be cheeky—
It’s very Coco-
and me…