Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘

KELOWNA – June 13, 2016

Pamela Anderson has aligned with the hatch winery, to create her first vintage in the Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘ Brut Rose’. Details Design Inc. is thrilled to work as PR liaison in launching the series. 

“Inspired by, French cinemas,

the dangerous fall

The unlucky turn –

drama, glamour,

Art, love, fashion,

...Contempt –

I wanted these wines

to convey a feeling

A message,

a warning

something romantic,


with a “pink” edge –

The artist – Connor Tingley

and wine maker –

Jason Parkes

share that edge,

The fine line –

Contempt ends,

Where love begins –


Always a battle –

Wishing you



Pamela Anderson is a Canadian actress, author and activist. She founded The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations that fight for human, animal, and environmental rights ( Currently writing her next book, The Sensual Vegan, Pam is fearless and bold. Adored by people around the world, she has found the balance between sexy and self-aware, one contemptuous sip at a time.

the hatch Winery, located on Boucherie Road in West Kelowna, is what happens when life and art, creativity and chemistry, inspiration and flow all come together. Known for their legendary wines and mediocre service, The Hatch is fresh thinking and a place where many forms of creative expression come together and are celebrated - edgy, delicious, art. In a glass. Made from grapes. 

Pamela Anderson and The Hatch and DDI will be holding a Media launch at WEST OAK

4PM - Tuesday June 21st, 2016  - 1035 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC, Canada. 

For more information or media inquiries please contact Dena Barabash at RSVP attendance to


LAUSD School Board Speech

LAUSD School Board Speech-
LA Unified School District -A heartfelt plea for a healthy vegan choice at school lunches.

When My kids attended school in Malibu- I made all their lunches.
A lot of kids do not have that luxury.  Kids in LA need to be presented an option - (for now they must have a doctor note? to get plant based milk. It should be available to every child) - A Vegan option would save school money. It is less expensive than carcinogenic processed meats.
And teaches kids that may not have options at home- learn new healthy habits. Milk is terribly unhealthy. Even more so than when we were kids.
Dr Klapper was present to explain.  

Thank you Lila, ( a brave young activist - Keep up the great work.


Good evening. Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you.
As a mother, it was important to me to be here because we are presented with a unique opportunity to help this generation of young people become more compassionate, be kinder to the environment, and make healthier lifestyle choices.
Kids today are appalled to learn that animals killed for cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets live crowded by the thousands in dark, filthy sheds, are mutilated, and are slaughtered by having their throats slit while they are still conscious.
Violence and suffering is common in the meat industry. But offering kids the chance to choose meals that are free of cruelty encourages compassion.
12% of millennials call themselves “faithful vegetarians”—up from 4% of baby boomers! And another study showed that 45% of younger consumers regularly eat vegan food and are looking for more options.
Today’s generation is growing up with considerable knowledge about the environment and how individual decisions can impact it. The average Californian uses 1500 gallons of water per day. Nearly half of that can be attributed to meat and dairy products. It takes 477 gallons of water to produce a pound of eggs, 900 gallons to produce a pound of cheese, 1,000 gallons to produce a gallon of milk, and 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. Animal agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of U.S. water usage.
In addition, the United Nations says that raising animals for food is “one of the top three contributors to the most serious environmental problems.” Giving 600,000 students the ability to make Eco-friendly decisions every single day gives them the tools and the power to help reverse climate change, conserve water, prevent pollution, and fight obesity.
As a mother, I understand the challenge of trying to raise healthy kids when they are bombarded with appealing ads for junk foods. Putting great-tasting, nutritious foods in children and teenagers’ hands can set them up for a lifetime of positive choices.
Thank you.

IAPF Urgent Appeal

A rhino is dying #‎Every8 hours. The (IAPF) International Anti-Poaching Foundation need your voice. Damien Mander, ex sniper and special ops for Australia is running a successful anti rhino + elephant poaching mission in Africa and making a huge impact. Because of this, his rangers are now being targeted in their own homes. They now need your help more than ever. Check out the Video with Joaquin Phoenix and Damien Mander appealing for support:

Go Fund Me Campaign:
The IAPF would appreciate anything you can do. Simply sharing this video would be incredible.

Poaching of rhinoceros has intensified over the last several years, but in the areas where IAPF is operating, Mozambique has recently had significant success in suppressing poaching activity in this area, described as “the most critical piece of land on the planet for rhino conservation”.  With illegally traded rhino horn now reportedly selling for in excess of $75,000 per kilogram, pressure on the endangered animals from poachers remains extreme.

Founded in 2009 by former Royal Australian Navy and Special Forces operative Damien Mander, the IAPF has grown into a respected global conservation charity which brings military–derived tools, technologies and techniques to the front line of the poaching war. Applying the motto “Wildlife conservation through direct action”, the organisation shows that such experience and skills have a significant use beyond the human battlefield where they were conceived.

Under an agreement with Mozambique’s National Agency for Conservation Areas (ANAC), IAPF has brought much needed relief to the front lines of the poaching war on rhino along the South Africa - Mozambique border.  The border forms the boundary of Kruger National Park (KNP), home to up to 40% of the world’s remaining rhino. The majority of this population is in the southernmost quarter of the Park. In 2014 KNP accounted for more than two thirds of South Africa’s 1215 rhino fatalities. Sources within Kruger maintain that the vast majority of rhino poachers entering the park do so from Mozambique, utilising the poorly-protected areas of the Greater Lebombo Conservancy (GLC) as ready entry and exit routes. This area serves as the only buffer between the southern section of Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Mozambican communities closest to the park’s border.

New York Observer

This is the response my friend Pamela Anderson wrote on The New York Observer to my piece about zoos It's well-written and Pamela is a truly caring animal rights activist.

She is also a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people and we honored her with an award at our gala dinner last month.

Thank you Pamela.

My major problem with her piece is the seeming equation of animal and human life. Judaism insists on the ethical treatment of animals always. Indeed, a ban on cruelty to animals is one of the seven universal Noahide commandments.

But still, animals and humans are not equal. To equate animal life and human life is to undermine the sacredness of human life.

This has always been an issue I've had with PETA and I've met with them on several issues over the years. I appreciate their advocacy on the part of animals and my conversations with PETA representatives have been substantive, informative, and interesting, both on the air, on my radio show, and in private.

But elevating animal life to the level of human life is a step too far. I also think it's an unnecessary step. People will appreciate animal life, and will be very upset at Harambe's death even without equating a gorilla's life with a human child.

Pamela has written a strong and provocative piece. I appreciate her response. This issue is so important that I'll ask Pamela if she'll join me in a public discussion that can further illuminate.

God bless you all.



My response to

My Friend Shmuley -

I have had some wonderful talks with Rabbi Shmuley. We agree on many things. And, as good friends inspire, we have also learned a lot from each other. 

One of the kindest things he told me is that after one of our conversations. He considered being vegan? 

He pointed out that in the bible - God told Adam and Eve that they were only to eat the plants. 

After the flood - Animals were only to be eaten until the crops grew back. (And Kosher- was developed to cause the least amount of suffering) Animals were to be well taken care of and blessed during their sacrifice for human life in this short window. 

The crops have grown back!

I know specesism is a point of contention- Like Feminism?

It reminds me -

The middle east is riddled with inequality. 

I believe in equality for all life that includes all human life...

In a part of the world where some women cannot drive, vote or have a voice (Saudi Arabia) . 

Israel sets an example here- progressive and strong. This is also why Veganism is growing fast in Israel. I think that this a potential hot seat for a bigger and braver discussion -

I want to continue the debate -

To reach people who have feelings about this - social media/platforms are what it was built for. Open and tolerant discussion. . Technology has a valuable place in evolving our opinions and ways of life with more information. Sometimes it might be misinformation? But, at least we have information to weed through -giving us more wisdom, protecting freedoms of the vulnerable. All opinions are important and valuable. I will continue to speak up for the voiceless. I have looked into too many sad eyes. 

We all want to live. 

I am an honorary PETA board member. I understand their views are strong and pointed. Also heated enough to get attention. 

I know there has been issues in the past about confinement of animals being related to confinement or mass slaughter of people. 

I understand this makes 'people' angry - but, a vulnerable life is a vulnerable life. Man, woman, child or animal. We all have a heart beat, a family we want to care for, and an existence we respectfully deserve. 

Factory Farms are the leading cause of global warming. The best thing we can do for our 'human' children is remove meat from our diet to help ensure a healthy planet for our future precious generations. 

Living in peace is the goal for all of us. 

I am blessed as a western woman. I can speak my mind and improve mine and my children's futures. I have a choice. I am grateful for this opportunity. 

I want to work more in Israel. To protect the rights of all living beings. Rabbi Shmuley is a powerful voice. I respect him and know we will do much more together. 

Tackling issues together is enlightening, provocative and always a learning experience. 

Thank you Shmuley. 

Pamela Anderson

Chair of the board of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS)

Honorary Board member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

A member of the Russian Council of International Federation for Animal Welfare (IFAW) 

Founder of The Pamela Anderson Foundation - 

Respectfully contributing to the frontlines of freedom for the vulnerable. 

Introducing Damien Mander at Anti Poaching Rally

We speak on behalf of ALL animals, I thought I might mention our potential as individuals to see beyond the sexy animals that we connect to (dogs, cats, elephantsetc) Damien has become a great ambassador for breaking down those barriers and recognising that all suffering is of equal consequence.
Please help me in welcoming a true warrior for the Rhinos and all animals. A big, strong, vegan man whose organization I support whole heartedly.
I'd like to introduce a poachers worst night mare,
Damien Mander.

Sea Shepherd Announces Operation Jairo II

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 8, 2016:  Today, on World Oceans Day, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud to announce its latest campaign to defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

The campaign, Operation Jairo II, will span three countries including the United States, Honduras and Costa Rica to protect endangered sea turtles. The launch comes on the heels of Sea Shepherd’s announcement of its first full-length feature film, Why Just One?, chronicling the organization’s successful 2015 Operation Jairo campaign.

The crowd-funded documentary Why Just One? raised its goal of $18,000 in one day to complete the production and has a star-studded list of names supporting it. Like its predecessor, Operation Jairo II is named after Jairo Mora Sandoval, a Costa Rican turtle defender who was brutally murdered on May 31, 2013 while attempting to protect leatherback turtle nests.

There are seven species of sea turtles in the world. Four have been identified as "endangered" or "critically endangered,” and two are classed as "vulnerable,” by the IUCN Red List of Endangered species. Sea turtles are some of the oldest living creatures, one of the few who’ve watched dinosaurs evolve and become extinct. They are now facing the same fate as their predecessors.

“This species which has survived so much, may not survive us,” commented Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson. 

About Why Just One?

Why Just One? follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 2015 sea turtle defense campaign, Operation Jairo. It focuses specifically on the sea turtle defenders’ successes and struggles of the ground campaign in Costa Rica. There, locals turn to poaching eggs and killing turtles for meat as income, often to serve the black market. Why Just One? aims to increase international awareness of what is happening in Costa Rica and influence the government to take a more active role in protecting these creatures before it’s too late.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced last week that Hollywood supporters, Richard Dean Anderson and Holly Marie Combs came aboard as executive producers and associate producers, respectively, on the documentary. Anderson is best known for his roles on MacGyver and Stargate CG-1.  Combs is familiar to audiences for her work on Charmed and Pretty Little Liars.

Produced, directed and edited by Michael Colin, Why Just One? is scheduled for release in July, 2016. To support this film, please visit

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is requesting donations to fund Operation Jairo II by asking fans to become monthly donors. To donate, visit

PETA Hdq 'Prince Day' today

Prince said it best when he said Compassion is an action word that has no boundaries. Please honor Prince today by doing your best.  Go vegan? ,learn more about being good to animals and to each other.  Thank you Mayte. Thank you Prince. Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate Princes profoundly sexy life which included his love for all vulnerable beings-