Letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny of Ireland


Dear Mr. Kenny,
I’m looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and was excited to learn from my friends at PETA that a bill has been put forward to ban wild-animal circuses in Ireland. As a longtime animal advocate, I give the bill my full support—and I hope it has yours, too.

Animals in circuses never benefit from “the luck of the Irish.” Instead, they’re denied everything that is natural and important to them. They spend their lonely lives constantly on the move, transported in cramped conditions, and shackled or caged for hours on end. And they don't perform tricks such as jumping through rings of fire or dancing on their hind legs for fun—but out of fear of punishment.

Today, most decent people see animal circuses for what they are: cruelty. Consequently—as I was pleased to hear—towns and cities across Ireland are overwhelmingly passing motions to ban them from public land. I truly hope Ireland seizes this opportunity to implement a national ban and joins the ever-growing list of countries that have banished this archaic form of so-called entertainment. I would love nothing more than to raise a glass of Guinness (I hear it’s vegan now!) with you when that day arrives.

Sincerely yours,
Pamela Anderson



Equador, Assange and I

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Anaïs Nin

Mr Assange and I, have become
very dear friends over time.
That's all I'm really comfortable saying...
Of course this is not an ideal situation -
It's not indicative of any rational relationship.
I wouldn't know what that is anyway.
Faith has been lost in modern romance.
That's what the book I'm writing now is about. -
A tome, to
 'the lost art of making love' -
The Sensual Revolution - re-engaging the erotic mind. (Out in Fall/2017)

As for Julian,
I just want to know
What can be done for him?
UN said release and compensate him twice now.
No one is listening.
He is a
Political prisoner of the west
No country likes to admit they have political prisoners.
the US certainly does.

Vivienne Westwood introduced Julian and I knowing both he and I quite intimately (maybe me, more than he) -
It is a match made in heaven -and hell-
depending on the vantage point.

I'm also not shocked that this may be interpreted,
and 'reduced' to just a 'sexual relationship'.
That is the easiest perception. And appeals to the tabloids.
Takes into account my image.
It may be hard to imagine for some-
that I have other assets -
of equal or greater value.

I fight for animals in captivity
all the time-
It dawned on me-
while addressing an audience in The South of France last week at a fundraiser for my foundation PAF (pamelaandersonfoundation.org)
as I was speaking -
it hit me quite emotionally.
I realized ,
that as I'm speaking about whales in the cruel captivity of Marine land.
That I might also be talking about Julian held captive in a tiny embassy/room in London.
 'They are denied everything that is natural and important to them, and many do not make it past half their natural life span because of the stress and loneliness caused by their living conditions'

I'm extremely concerned for Julian's well being.
If you knew him as I do, you would be too-
He has not felt the sunlight for almost 5 yrs.
He has tried uv lamps that have damaged his skin.
There is no substitute for natural light.
It is impossible to thrive if you cannot be in fresh air at least part of the time.
As tough as he is.
He will deteriorate this way.
And that is shameful.
He is the most important living Hero we have -

There are doctors willing to speak about the determent of this kind of existence.
it is unhealthy,
demeaning and cruel.

I'm known for being an effective bridge between radical views and contemporary complacency.
For example-
When it comes to going vegan -some activists won't talk to people who eat meat.
They draw a hard line.
I think those are admirable views, but, I also want to engage people to eat less meat
and feel good about that-
We apply what we learn to our lives, sometimes gently and gradually replacing old habits with new ones. That is very positive.

I am an ambassador for Animals , the environment and vulnerable people.  

I am an ambassador
for Julian Assange.

Though curious,
I have strong, even radical core beliefs - I respond to the truth and not politics.
I'm always interested in the views of others.
I may not agree with
But, I wish to understand -
I have a reputation of listening to opposing views -

There are rules/laws to protect publishers (2015) that were/are not being upheld in response to Julian.
The Obama administration and Loretta Lynch did nothing.
They really let him down.
As eloquent as Obama is.
He does not have a great track record when it comes to protecting people -
I'm hoping the new administration will -
I would love to meet with President Trump and talk about it.
He has benefited a great deal from Wikileaks.
I think Mr Trump will see the injustice. Go out on a limb-
Not cave to the establishment egos.
(Who may have been embarrassed by their own incompetence).
the election results
is where I see most people unhappy and confused.
wanting to blame Julian.
Is it Wikileak's fault that true information was revealed about Hillary Clinton ?
and because of that true information people responded accordingly -
to the truth?

The leaks are not the issue.
The content of the leaks are.
Everything else is a distraction.
To place blame on Julian or Russia is an alternate 'go to' universe most people are sick of.

The truth speaks for itself. That must be the focus.

As for UK's 'interest'
Everyone passes the buck
They say
They have nothing to do with Julian's 'decision' to seek asylum and protection at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. But,
if he walks out the door he will be arrested and shipped off to Sweden potentially.
Then extradited to US-
As for Sweden
Sweden says the Swedish government had nothing todo with Julian being arbitrarily detained.
They say It's the prosecutor Margaret Ny's decision.
(waiting for transcripts to be translated still??? Detaining some one for 6 years without charge is unforgivable. )
US says his detention has nothing to do with them.
But, we know there is a massive case being built against him.
And, he would not receive a fair trial under the circumstances.

It's extremely frustrating.
I don't see an easy out for
The Swedish prosecutor-
(while the world watches).
I'm sure she is trying to find a way to look good.
I don't see how.
It is a mess.
That's why there is such a delay.
Conveniently waiting for Ecuador's election?.
We aren't stupid -
it's obvious to people watching closely.
I hope she just does the right thing.
And deals graciously
with any potential fallout.
I think she would warm hearts to drop the investigation-
historically she doesn't make those kinds
of decisions.
There is an undercurrent of heavy US involvement.
It's palpable.

After the Ecuadorian election -
I may go to Ecuador-
And meet with government officials.
Firstly for Julian,
but, also for the Amazon
I have been following closely and want to bring attention to the texaco/chevron oil disaster- which has still not been settled. It's a travesty -
They have destroyed rainforest communities sadly and have bullied helpless indigenous Ecuadorian people, ruined lives of vulnerable people and animals - while leaving a tragic imprint on the environment. And then decided not to pay for it!!!!
Too powerful? -
And left Ecuador with the bill ? (thedirtyhand.com)

It's important to keep mentioning that the United Nations said twice now that Julian is illegally detained.
They have ordered his release-
Everyone is waiting it out.
They hope that the new Ecuadorian president will kick Julian out and they won't have to deal with him anymore.
I hope Ecuador hangs in there with Julian and not give up to pressure by the US
If he leaves embassy. (Even to find refuge in another)- The
Uk will arrest, extradite to Sweden,
then extradite to US.
(It wont be that easy though).

Julian amazes me -
He's doing such great work under
extremely difficult circumstances.

I take every opportunity I can
to talk about his dire situation- (maybe reaching audiences that might not otherwise know him) I combine my messages from all my passionate projects, film promotion-  
silly talk shows-
What ever it takes.

I must mention It's pathetic that
Obama did not grant Leonard Peltier clemency (because FBI most likely) - it is heartbreaking.
A cruel stain on his legacy.

Julian is SO pissed off that Putin is getting the credit for his work.
Stealing the credit he deserves.

Wikileaks is the same brilliant organization as it was at inception -
Or better
They have accomplished a lot in the last 6 yrs.
I'm amazed and impressed that someone can achieve so much in such an incredibly difficult position.
It's very moving
His dedication, strength and stamina.
Though extremely vulnerable?.
(as capable and brave as he is)
He is up against the biggest super powers of the world.
It is dangerous.
I'm sure if he were roaming free in a place like Nigeria possibly ?somewhere right now - he might be assassinated by a US drone attack.
I'm happy he is safe at least in the Embassy.
that the world is interested, watching and participating.
That he has growing public support - that is important.
that awareness-
will keep him safer.
when he is finally Free
He will need additional protection.

Romantically -
I want to say we are in an
Ethically romantic period ,
It is tragic and heartfelt.

Julian Assange is attempting to
Free the world by educating it.

It is a romantic struggle.
That's attractive to me.
Philosophically romantic in every way.

Under these frightening and debilitating circumstances.
I can only hug him goodbye, and do my best to help present his message to the world-

He wants to protect me.
I want to get him the fuck out of there -
to carry on with his work safely and full strength.
Live the life he deserves amongst family,
and loved ones of his choosing.

People ask me if I'm afraid of any repercussions -
What can they do to me?
I'm retired.
I have set my life up in a way where I depend on no one. I planned well.
I am free to work for the causes I believe in full time now from anywhere in the world.
It took hard work to get here.
I plan on making the most of it.

I do not wish to be a distraction-

I am relentless

And, I will continue to do all I can to help this incredible man pursue his vision of a free world.


Malibu Colony

I designed my life, to be where I am at right now. 

I planned pretty well. 

It took incredible perseverance and faith. 

My career allowed me to Invest in my children's education as a priority - 

And then in property that I knew would remain valuable. 

Renting my Malibu property when it was complete, (it took me 10 years) was always my plan. 

To sustain myself financially while working full time for the causes I believe in. .

And also to develop my Canadian childhood waterfront property in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island and turn what I purchased from my Grandmother 15 yrs ago into a business - 

I keep a tiny art studio and cabin there, for the boys and I, and am renovating my late Grandparents home on the same piece of land- for my parents to live in now - that takes into consideration their health and mobility. 

Knowing that my children are independent and on track and that my parents are taken care of- enables me to devote my time and energy to other worthwhile endeavors. -
I am the chair of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  I am on the board of directors of PETA. I am on the Russian Council of IFAW. 

I am founder of The Pamela Anderson Foundation fundraising consistently for NGO's that are on the front lines, protecting vulnerable people and animals - Exposing injustice around the world. 

I am co founder of TENURE

A budding organization which supports activists - who need life line support over time - to support their families while doing great work. 

I travel a lot - And, finally feel at home - (without a home)

And, remain mostly where I wanted to end up, In the South of France. 

I'm a bit of a gypsy - not needing much. 

I feel free- While most around me are a slave to their lifestyles or worse.

This was how I envisioned this time of my life. It was very hard work to get here. 

Everyone told me It wasn't possible - that I was in over my head. (I definitely am). 

My goal has never been money- 

The work I am most proud of has been my artistic collaborations. 

All my work with Artists and as an Activist has been for free - taking up most of my time. 

Sometimes I wonder how it all happened like a sexy blur of achievements I'm proud of - and not so proud of. 

I never chose to be an actress but have always lived as an artist. 

I wanted to be a mother, a wife- a lover - and live a romantic life. 

Engaged in the world. Surrounded by Art, Artists, culture...  

I continue to enjoy a life surrounded by bold and interesting people.. 

Drawing and writing consistently- spending time with my family -

I am blessed. 

Dreams do come true. 

My house is finally available .. for lease. 

Please contact-

Chris Cortazzo, Malibu, California. 

Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime


Merci Beaucoup

Je ve apprendre le francais. I have a long way to go. 

I'm very happy to be here tonight. 

I have been coming to the South of France over the last 20 years for photo shoots, and vowed when my kids were grown I'd live here at least part time. Well that time has come and I'm excited to be sharing the summer with you this year. A dream come true. 

Now, I'm sure you are expecting this. 

I must use this moment to share some of the issues my foundation, we as animal lovers - 

And, lovers of France face today. . 


France has so many things to be proud of – but the fact that it is home to Marineland, Europe’s largest marine park, is not one of them.  This abusement park confines orcas to tiny barren concrete tanks and forces them to perform meaningless tricks for food. They are denied everything that is natural and important to them, and many do not make it past half their natural life span because of the stress and loneliness caused by their living conditions. When flash floods hit the South of France in October 2015, Marineland left the orcas swimming in mud for days- killing Valentin- one of their whales. Orcas are highly intelligent and social creatures who suffer immensely both physically and mentally when held in captivity. We are calling on Marineland to free these animals and immediately transfer them to coastal sanctuaries –  

In the meantime, 

we can all do our part by refusing to visit these animal prisons because we can easily entertain ourselves in ways that do not harm or exploit animals.


I was so shocked and saddened to find out that some people are still clinging to the tradition of stabbing bulls to death in bullfighting arenas in the south of France. I had no idea France still allows this archaic, violent spectacle in which the bulls always lose.  Each bull used in fights is speared, stabbed and weakened, until finally, the exhausted animal's spine is severed with a dagger. Sometimes, the bull drowns in his own blood – other times, he's still alive as his broken, bleeding body is dragged out of the arena.  For many tourists, seeing this horrible spectacle just once is enough to make them swear off attending another bullfight. 

Unfortunately, every ticket purchased – whether by a naive visitor or an uncaring resident – provides bullfight promoters with the funds to torment and abuse more animals.

Tormenting and butchering bulls for entertainment belongs in the Dark Ages – not in 21st century France. We can all do our part to prevent these animals from suffering by refusing to attend bullfights and telling everyone we know to do the same.

Foie Gras:

Last year I spoke at the French Assembly calling for a ban on foie gras production since France is one of the only countries in Europe which has not done away with the barbaric practice. Foie gras is made by ramming metal tubes down gentle birds' throats in order to force-feed them until their livers swell to up to 10 times the normal size, pressing against their lungs and making it hard for them to breathe. The scientific consensus on force-feeding is crystal clear: it's cruel and should be banned. Every animal-protection organizations in the world condemns the production of foie gras. The EU Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare has catalogued a long list of ways in which foie gras production is inherently abusive. Foie gras isn’t tradition – it’s torture, and it’s time France joins the long list of countries which have banned its production. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to turn to speak out against it, because if restaurateurs and retailers understand the despicable cruelty, most make the compassionate decision to take off the menu. 

There is a Popular French Charity Funding Horrific Animal Experiments :

My friends at PETA recently obtained eyewitness video footage shot inside France’s Alfort National Veterinary School, where dogs are deliberately bred to develop crippling and painful muscular dystrophy (MD). As the disease ravages their bodies, they struggle to walk, swallow, and even breathe. A laboratory worker admits that some puppies become completely crippled before they’re six months old and half of them endure agonizing deaths before the age of ten months. Far from addressing the suffering of people afflicted with crippling Muscular Dystrophy, these cruel experiments add to the amount of pain and misery in the world. This laboratory deliberately breeds golden retrievers, beagles, and other dogs so they develop the debilitating muscular disease – yet decades of experiments on these animals have not resulted in treatments that cure or even reverse muscular dystrophy. The experiments at the veterinary school are funded by the well-known French charity AFM-Téléthon. PETA and I are calling on Téléthon to stop funding cruel experiments on animals and to fund only modern, non-animal, human-relevant research projects. I hope you’ll join us.

Thank you. 


Je T'aime. 

My Julian

Julian Assange is the most intelligent, interesting, and informed man in existence.
Yes- I think he's quite sexy.
He has tremendous strength and stamina- though vulnerable.
Hard to imagine him that way - as capable as he is.
But, he is up against the biggest super powers in the world.
I've spent enough time with
him, to be absolutely
sure of his intentions-
They are good ones.
He is on the side of every civilian. And,
he is exposing corruption
in governments we elect.
People need to understand that.
And, sift through the propaganda - on TV -
I give up on watching the news-
The truth is-
Julian has ruffled a few very powerful feathers-
who will stop at nothing to discredit him,  
or worse-
Any time anyone maliciously,
or frivolously mentions 'rape' next to his name -
they need to understand it is defamation.
We are all innocent until proven guilty.
There is no rape -
it is a case of condom or not.
It is ridiculous.
This has been recklessly politicized.
And, it is embarrassing for all involved.
Sweden is a wonderful country. Stockholm is one of my favorite places on earth to visit.
It is silly to continue this.
I'm sure they want this behind them, as much as anyone.
It is complex -
and there are powerful people trying to control the outcome. .
The only way to deal with the big bully on the playground -
Is for someone brave to stand up to them.
Make them realize
they are just like everyone else, no matter how big they think they are,
where they live,
or economic status -
and, show them
that their usual controlling and abusive scare tactics don't work.
The more we know,
the safer we are...
There are no secrets anymore.
some people don't like that.
The truth is a powerful and wonderful thing.
As humiliating as it might be for those being exposed.
I am forever grateful to all whistle-blowers.
(Who risk everything for us.)
The world is a safer place because of you.
Thank you to my hero's at
and of course -
I will always stand by
Julian ...



Dear Australia,

Photo by Pamela Anderson

Photo by Pamela Anderson

I met Julian through Vivienne Westwood. We mixed up our dates - I ended up at the embassy on the wrong day but was able to meet with Julian privately. I asked him how he thought I could be more effective as an activist. We came up with TENURE to support relentless activism -Giving Activists tenure and cover basic needs so that they continue their great work while being able to provide for themselves and their families wherever they may be in the world.
Since then I feel a genuine closeness to Julian. I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex husbands and lovers combined.
Our intentions were not to become romantic, but to join forces.
The rumors are flattering. I think I might have what it takes to be an effective First Lady. If I had to chose a World Leader to stand beside and support whole heartedly it would be Julian Assange.

Australian's must not forget. They have a fellow citizen trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London who has not been able to go outside, feel the sunshine, hug his children or see his Mother for 4 1/2 years. He has been detained for 6 years.

I'm shocked that Prime Minister Turnbull hasn't stepped in. He is famously known for the Spycatcher case. Defending freedom of speech. American relations shouldn't come before protection of a country's own citizen. I see that as a very weak position. Unfitting of Mr Turnbull from what I have read.

The Julian Assange Case is incredibly complex
Australia has failed to exercise diplomatic protection over Julian, an Australian Citizen, refusing him the most basic assistance.
Australia is now seeking a seat on the UN Human Rights Council at a time when Julian, an Australian citizen, has been found to be arbitrarily detained by the UK and Sweden.
An unlawful status under international law- and Australia is doing nothing about it.
Australia's failure led to Ecuador's decision to grant Asylum to Julian.
The government of Ecuador found that "Mr Assange is without protection and assistance that should receive from the State of which he is a citizen" and recognize that Julian Is politically persecuted and risks cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment if he is extradited to the US.
Australia is well aware of the ongoing US criminal investigation of it's citizen.
A secret Grand Jury has been empaneled in Virginia since 2010; whether it has issued a sealed indictment is unknown.
For the past 6 years, the investigation has been conducted in secret, so Julian cannot challenge the merits or the legality of such an investigation under the First Amendment in court.
Numerous organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders , have condemned the US Government for making Wikileaks and Mr Assange, a publisher, the target of an unprecedented national security espionage case and for the chilling effect this investigation is having on the freedom of the press generally.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is acting contrary to its own policies on charging members of the media.
The United Nations found, after deliberating for 16 months that Julian is arbitrarily deprived of his liberty and that the UK and Sweden are in violation of their binding legal obligations under the International Covenant and Civil and Political rights.
Julian should be immediately released and compensated. The decision has so far been ignored..
Not a single person has come to harm from the Wikileaks release of US Diplomatic cables. People have been embarrassed and lost office as a result of Wikileaks publications and diplomats have lost postings, and governments have certainly found it more difficult to conduct certain operations that produce civilian causalities.

I have sat inches from Julian for hours at a time. Discussing hopes and dreams for the world we live in.
He is sincere
Clever, and an Asset to civilians everywhere.

His intentions are pure -
Of course some people fear him.
The Jig is up
As he says 'there is no war without lies, no peace without truth.'

Bruised egos seem to stop at nothing to discredit him.
Swedish False Allegations,
A lot of time and resources wasted - when violent crimes are being ignored.

I am a defender of human rights, refugees.
Julian is the most famous refugee of our generation. How the world treats him sets the stage for a future refugees.

Stay engaged...
Keep your eyes open.

Pamela Anderson