Wild Salmon

Press Conference Aboard
The RV Martin Sheen
False Creek, Vancouver BC

Thank you
I love coming home -
and I love as a fellow Canadian I am able to help shed some light on a local atrocity. That has solutions.
As The Chair of the board of directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
I'm pleased to be working with Dr Alexandra Morton on this very important local and international issue.
A common misconception -
is that purchasing farmed salmon might protect wild salmon populations.
That is far from the truth.
I began fighting for Salmon - when I started fighting for whales.- who need wild salmon to survive.
I'm appealing to the consumer.
To either not consume salmon at all. Or if you must-
please only consume Wild Salmon.

The bottom line is that the fish farms in the ocean are polluting the oceans. Spreading sea lice and killing the wild populations of Salmon and other sea life.- .
Please take this into your own hands and simply say no to farmed salmon.
You will be doing a great service to our oceans.
And will help Orca's feed their young.

Lets continue the fight in this seemingly upside down world right now. Do not lose hope.
Do not be distracted.
Do something every day to make the world a better place.

We must protect the biodiversity of the oceans.
If the Ocean's die we die.

I'd love introduce Dr Alex Morton
I want to thank David Suzuki for his support.
and thank you first nations.
You have the power.
We are here to help
support you.
Lets save the wild salmon

Thank you.


Please Sign the Petition: https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/salmon-farms-virus-pollution

In the Name of Tradition?

For hundreds of years the people of the Danish Faroe Islands have been herding migrating Pilot whales and other small cetaceans into shallow water and slaughtering them. This slaughter is called 'grindadráp' or 'grind'.

The Faroe Islands have been a self-governing country within the Danish Realm (or Kingdom of Denmark) since 1948. Areas that remain the responsibility of Denmark include military defense, police, justice, currency and foreign affairs.

Despite being a member of the European Union, subject to laws prohibiting the slaughter of cetaceans, Denmark continues to show its support and even collaboration with the Faroese whalers to kill small cetaceans.


Operation Virus Hunter

Sea Shepherd Chairman of the Board, actor/activist Pamela Anderson, cautions viewers about the dangers of eating farmed salmon.

Blood Spills on to the Shores of the Danish Faroe Islands in the First Pilot Whale Slaughter of the Year

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

The Slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroes is Happening Now!

The Barbarians of the Ferocious Islands are at this moment stalking and harassing a pod of 30 - 50 Pilot whales. They were spotted at Eiðinum near Svinoy and the boats were seen driving them South towards Hvannasund.

The killing on the beach has begun. It is happening now. The screams of dying Pilot whales are echoing across the water and a scarlet stain is spreading out into the cold water of the Fjord.

Sea Shepherd boats and crews have been barred from entry in the Faroe Islands as the Danish government exercises full support for an atrocity that is illegal in Danish waters.

Sea Shepherd's campaign this year is to pursue a legal complaint in the European Union Parliament and to promote the boycott of Faroese farm raised salmon and other fish products.

The Faroes have three large salmon farm companies - Hidden Fjord, Bakkanfrost and Marine Harvest. Two weeks ago I sent questions to all three companies asking if they will confirm reports that pilot whale and dolphin meat is being fed to farm raised salmon. I have not received a denial or a confirmation from many of the three although I have received many angry messages from some Faroese telling us to leave the companies alone because they provide jobs.

These companies raise salmon in the same waters that Pilot whales and dolphins are slaughtered and therefore we have called this years campaign Operation Bloody Fjords.

The Faroese dolphin butchers have the full weight of the Danish government, police and and Navy on their side and although physical ly prevented from intervention this summer, we can still strike out through legal and economic channels with the message that eating Faroese salmon means killing and eating the Pilot whales.

We need to tell the world that Faroese farmed raised salmon is associated with the killing of Pilot whales and dolphins. People who eat salmon should always ask in Sushi bars, restaurants and markets if the salmon comes from the Faroes and if so to not eat it and to advise the establishment not to serve it.


Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘

KELOWNA – June 13, 2016

Pamela Anderson has aligned with the hatch winery, to create her first vintage in the Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘ Brut Rose’. Details Design Inc. is thrilled to work as PR liaison in launching the series. 

“Inspired by, French cinemas,

the dangerous fall

The unlucky turn –

drama, glamour,

Art, love, fashion,

...Contempt –

I wanted these wines

to convey a feeling

A message,

a warning

something romantic,


with a “pink” edge –

The artist – Connor Tingley

and wine maker –

Jason Parkes

share that edge,

The fine line –

Contempt ends,

Where love begins –


Always a battle –

Wishing you



Pamela Anderson is a Canadian actress, author and activist. She founded The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations that fight for human, animal, and environmental rights (pamelaandersonfoundation.org). Currently writing her next book, The Sensual Vegan, Pam is fearless and bold. Adored by people around the world, she has found the balance between sexy and self-aware, one contemptuous sip at a time.

the hatch Winery, located on Boucherie Road in West Kelowna, is what happens when life and art, creativity and chemistry, inspiration and flow all come together. Known for their legendary wines and mediocre service, The Hatch is fresh thinking and a place where many forms of creative expression come together and are celebrated - edgy, delicious, art. In a glass. Made from grapes. 

Pamela Anderson and The Hatch and DDI will be holding a Media launch at WEST OAK

4PM - Tuesday June 21st, 2016  - 1035 Mainland Street, Vancouver BC, Canada. 

For more information or media inquiries please contact Dena Barabash at dena@detailsdesigninc.com RSVP attendance to info@detailsdesigninc.com


LAUSD School Board Speech

LAUSD School Board Speech-
LA Unified School District -A heartfelt plea for a healthy vegan choice at school lunches.

When My kids attended school in Malibu- I made all their lunches.
A lot of kids do not have that luxury.  Kids in LA need to be presented an option - (for now they must have a doctor note? to get plant based milk. It should be available to every child) - A Vegan option would save school money. It is less expensive than carcinogenic processed meats.
And teaches kids that may not have options at home- learn new healthy habits. Milk is terribly unhealthy. Even more so than when we were kids.
Dr Klapper was present to explain.  

Thank you Lila, (EarthPeaceFoundation.org) a brave young activist - Keep up the great work.


Good evening. Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you.
As a mother, it was important to me to be here because we are presented with a unique opportunity to help this generation of young people become more compassionate, be kinder to the environment, and make healthier lifestyle choices.
Kids today are appalled to learn that animals killed for cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets live crowded by the thousands in dark, filthy sheds, are mutilated, and are slaughtered by having their throats slit while they are still conscious.
Violence and suffering is common in the meat industry. But offering kids the chance to choose meals that are free of cruelty encourages compassion.
12% of millennials call themselves “faithful vegetarians”—up from 4% of baby boomers! And another study showed that 45% of younger consumers regularly eat vegan food and are looking for more options.
Today’s generation is growing up with considerable knowledge about the environment and how individual decisions can impact it. The average Californian uses 1500 gallons of water per day. Nearly half of that can be attributed to meat and dairy products. It takes 477 gallons of water to produce a pound of eggs, 900 gallons to produce a pound of cheese, 1,000 gallons to produce a gallon of milk, and 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. Animal agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of U.S. water usage.
In addition, the United Nations says that raising animals for food is “one of the top three contributors to the most serious environmental problems.” Giving 600,000 students the ability to make Eco-friendly decisions every single day gives them the tools and the power to help reverse climate change, conserve water, prevent pollution, and fight obesity.
As a mother, I understand the challenge of trying to raise healthy kids when they are bombarded with appealing ads for junk foods. Putting great-tasting, nutritious foods in children and teenagers’ hands can set them up for a lifetime of positive choices.
Thank you.

IAPF Urgent Appeal

A rhino is dying #‎Every8 hours. The (IAPF) International Anti-Poaching Foundation need your voice. Damien Mander, ex sniper and special ops for Australia is running a successful anti rhino + elephant poaching mission in Africa and making a huge impact. Because of this, his rangers are now being targeted in their own homes. They now need your help more than ever. Check out the Video with Joaquin Phoenix and Damien Mander appealing for support:

Go Fund Me Campaign: www.gofundme.com/iapfurgentappeal
The IAPF would appreciate anything you can do. Simply sharing this video would be incredible.

Poaching of rhinoceros has intensified over the last several years, but in the areas where IAPF is operating, Mozambique has recently had significant success in suppressing poaching activity in this area, described as “the most critical piece of land on the planet for rhino conservation”.  With illegally traded rhino horn now reportedly selling for in excess of $75,000 per kilogram, pressure on the endangered animals from poachers remains extreme.

Founded in 2009 by former Royal Australian Navy and Special Forces operative Damien Mander, the IAPF has grown into a respected global conservation charity which brings military–derived tools, technologies and techniques to the front line of the poaching war. Applying the motto “Wildlife conservation through direct action”, the organisation shows that such experience and skills have a significant use beyond the human battlefield where they were conceived.

Under an agreement with Mozambique’s National Agency for Conservation Areas (ANAC), IAPF has brought much needed relief to the front lines of the poaching war on rhino along the South Africa - Mozambique border.  The border forms the boundary of Kruger National Park (KNP), home to up to 40% of the world’s remaining rhino. The majority of this population is in the southernmost quarter of the Park. In 2014 KNP accounted for more than two thirds of South Africa’s 1215 rhino fatalities. Sources within Kruger maintain that the vast majority of rhino poachers entering the park do so from Mozambique, utilising the poorly-protected areas of the Greater Lebombo Conservancy (GLC) as ready entry and exit routes. This area serves as the only buffer between the southern section of Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Mozambican communities closest to the park’s border.