As of May, the saddest show on earth for wild animals will end.  Ringling is closing!  36 years of PETA protests, of documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return.  All other animal circuses, roadside zoos, and wild animal exhibitors , including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, must take note: society has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them.  Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey that continues.  Thank you to everyone who has picked up a protest sign, passed out leaflets, written letters, shared videos, called legislators, spoken to family, and been part of this relentless pursuit of freedom for animals. This would not have happened without you.

With happiness and gratitude,

We thank you,


Request for pardons


  The Pamela Anderson Foundation


Jan 3/2017

Dear Mr. President,


I must request with urgency, humility, and as a lover of all beings -

as I advocate for many important issues around the world - I see human rights are being violated in demeaning political ways that are not helpful to anyone... 

I'm asking you to remember the beginning of your political career. 

When you had a dream, an idea, a cause worth the fight. 

When you had obstacles and fairness was not always in your favor. 

I request that you consider pardoning Julian Assange in your last days in office. 

It would be a bold and exciting move for the time we live in- the information age generation. 

Please stop the grand jury investigation, and the bullying that is turning the world off America. 

We must stop making Julian (or Russia) the scapegoat- Kids are smarter than this, and it is very divisive and tearing generations apart.  It simply must end - and is doable by the stroke of your pen. 

It may not be popular at first - but nothing worth anything is. There will be a dawning and utter gratitude - as people wake up. 

I understand Julian has been painted a bad guy - but he is not - He is a genius worth protection. 

the contents of the what he has published through Wikileaks 

are pure and uncensored. 

They are just the truth - 

the distraction tactics are seen through - it creates mistrust. 

We need less of that in today's world - Too much effort is being put into hurting smart people instead of befriending or building valuable bridges.

Julian and Wikileaks are essential -

especially in this political climate. 

We need truth tellers more than ever... 

I also kindly request you pardon Leonard Peltier. 

Doing these things will warm the hearts of many. Especially those whose hearts and minds desperately need warming. 

Our hearts and your legacy are at stake -

I know this- and

I appreciate that it is difficult as Presidents become  'institutionalized' ...

it is just what happens 

But now- 

You can go back to the fresh days of your beginnings and leave your signature mark of hope. 

while some of us still have 'hope' - please consider these simple requests. 

I know that in the beginning of your presidency you had such hope. 

And, I voted for you. 

My mother worships you (and Elvis) - 

She actually had a heart attack when you were being treated unfairly in your last election. -though she is Canadian...the world really adores you. 

You have done many great things as President. 

We all know your hands were increasingly tied. 

Do this for us. 

For activists who care and dedicate their lives like you. 

It's a strong message to send especially to our youth who are bombarded with information and 'Fake news'. We need some cyber heros. 

Right now. 

I feel that these last 8 yrs were incredibly hard on you and your family. 

And what we are facing now. 

Is very frightening. You must be as concerned, or I'm sure more concerned, as many of us are for the future -

It would give me tremendous hope to see Leonard spend the few years he has left surrounded by family on his land. 

And for Julian to be able to travel freely. See his children and his mother. 

He is protecting and informing us all. He has no agenda but to help end corruption of governments and empower people - 

It is a quality 'nuisance' I know. 

The timing may have been rough. But, you must admit. 

It is more difficult for corruption to take place. 

If you know the world can and will always find out. 

If I can help you in anyway. 

Please do not hesitate to ask. I'm sure you will be even more effective now as a free-er citizen. 

This is what I ask for my friends Leonard and Julian. 

I wish you and your family a blessed new year ...

Thank you for your service to all of us and America. 

All my love,


Pamela Anderson

Israel/Palestine ...

Mr Kerry's comments and proposal are reasonable and the only way forward to an equitable future for both nations. Palestinian violence must stop, but Israel needs to recognise that it possesses overwhelming power and strength and the future is in their hands. What kind of future do they want? 

For all the ills of Occupation, Israel's human rights record is better than almost any other country in the region - minorities and Palestinians are treated better than women in Saudi, Christians in Iraq, Shia in Bahrain, Kurds in Turkey, Sunni in Iran, or everyone in Syria. However, there can be absolutely no justification for collective punishment or the building of settlements on Palestinian land - anywhere else we'd call it colonialism and we must in the West Bank too. Settlement expansion must cease immediately, as a first step and show of good faith. 

Secretary Kerry's comments come from a place of love. The United States and the American people have been Israel's loyal friend for many decades. But friendship sometimes means telling hard truths - precisely because we care. Instead of lashing out at President Obama's administration, the Israeli government needs to think about what future it wants for its people. 

Most countries of the world already accepts Palestine as an independent nation state, It is time for Israel and its allies to do so too - just as Palestine must recognise Israel's right to exist. 

There will be difficult decisions ahead - on settlements and land swaps, on Jerusalem, on securing borders, on sharing natural resources. But progress must be made. The alternative, as Secretary Kerry warns, is Israel as an apartheid state and the end of its hard fought democracy. I truly believe this is not the kind of Israel most Israelis and their many friends wish for. 

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has been named PETA's 2016 Person of the year!

Pamela Anderson has made an art of channelling the media’s interest in her in order to draw attention to important issues affecting animals. That’s why she’s PETA’s 2016 Person of the Year.

From being a poster girl for vegan eating and calling for a ban on cruelly produced foie gras to speaking out against circuses that use animals, she’s been a tour de force in the animal-protection movement. Speaking about Pamela’s achievements this year, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said the following:

Her advocacy for animals helps open eyes, hearts, and minds. Animals who are in dire need of assistance have a beautiful friend in her, and we are grateful that she takes every opportunity to explain why, as our motto states, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way”.

Recently, Pamela helped urge Mauritius to implement a spay/neuter programme to tackle its homeless-animal crisis by hand-delivering a 180,000-signature petition to the country’s High Commission. In October, she took to the streets of London with a bevy of “animal” mascots to encourage everyone to see animals as friends, not food, saying, “Eating animals is so yesterday”. She also encouraged Prime Minister Theresa May to pass legislation banning wild-animal circuses. “Brexit is complicated, but kissing circus animal acts goodbye is easy as pie”, she wrote.

And that’s not all. Earlier this year, she called on the French Assembly to introduce a ban on foie gras, asked the Canadian government to help her save seals, offered to cook vegan meals for prisoners in Louisiana, urged women to reject real fur, and added new designs to her vegan shoe collection, proving that compassion and fashion go hand in hand.

"The Infamous Malibu Colony 'A Starlet's Beach House'" An intimate look at Pamela Anderson's California Christmas at home …


Merry Christmas!

In America it's 'Happy Holidays' or no celebratory greeting at all. you are meant to be so politically correct these days

My family says Merry Christmas... and , we believe in Santa Claus. 

At Christmas time - the boys and I are always together. 

We love to decorate- and spoil each other. 

We love having 2 trees...

The ornaments we've collected since Brandon and Dylan were babies fill one tree. 

It's always their favorite to stare at and share with friends.  

Lots of memories. 

Now that Dylan is 18 making music (and going to Music production school) . And Brandon is 20 in Acting classes - (studying for over a year now). Both are very serious about their crafts and careers. Both are quite ambitious and Independent. 

I was never that calculated. I had no idea - or mentors early on. 

I've been more free style when it comes to my career, and my passion has turned into helping make the world a better place? 

It just happened spontaneously. As I learn things, I apply to my life - and mission. 

I love architecture and design. 

I agreed to photograph my Malibu home this year- because it's taken me 8 years to build!! 

It's finally done. It's an amazing relief. 

It feels like a metaphor for my life-

I knew that when it was complete, so would I be - 

I knew I'd be content, my kids would be also -and, that I'd be madly in love some how. 

I have complex taste - as my home shows. I'm not sure if I'm modern or old fashioned. Rebellious or chic?

I think I must be everything. 

I built my home with Lautner and Ando in mind- my 2 favorite architects, this is why the sustainable teak, glass and poured concrete - we had wood forms etc. a little retro modern. I also have a love of Vintage pieces, mixed with contemporary art - I have friends who are artists. I love and am blessed to be able to collect small pieces -Ed Ruscha, David Lachapelle, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince - and a Brazilian artist Thais , 

I've been given beautiful Marilyn photos - as gifts - 

I keep in my bedroom. 

You wont see pictures of me in my homes. (Except some tiny candids with the boys) - 

I have always been conscious of the environment. 

I purchased solar panels for my home years ago- before they were cool. I am still the only one on my street with them. (which is shocking)

I have 2 homes. 

This Malibu Colony Cottage and 

A beach shack with some property in Ladysmith near my parents on Vancouver Island. 

I'm looking for a little Apartment in London or Paris?. 

I do some good writing there (and must finish my book- The Sensual Revolution) and have more friends than in LA-

I'd like to end up somewhere in Europe - dancing on checkered tables. Or on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean - I will do a Sea Shepherd mission. 

That would solve that. . 

It's hard to believe my Colony home is worth so much ?(estimated at 20 million US dollars) That's Malibu. Crazy. - (main house 5,000 sq feet, guest house 2,000 sq feet) 

Now that boys are grown and settled. 

I may consider renting it out while I travel and work. 

I get offers in my mailbox to sell all the time. I'm just not ready to do that-  My entire career is in this house. 

Almost every dime I've made. 

It is a big accomplishment for me. 

It took perseverance, multiple contractors and faith. 

It was the best investment I could have made. Clearly - and believe me- it was not smooth sailing. I was way over my head.  

And over budget. 

I'm starting to feel restless. 

I've never been to Africa. I want to help Elephants, Rhinos. 

I could see myself there for awhile. 

Or - Russia? 

Maybe, I'll do a film in Russia - One is in the works in Paris. 

I also feel drawn to places where people and animals are suffering. War torn places. I want to help somehow. 

This part of my life - is unresolved. 

I'm fortunate to have set up my life where my properties can work for me now... after tremendous work and perseverance. It's starting to pay off. Good choices. 

I'm also building a place to care for my parents- who are still together and madly in love after 50 years. 

I'm building a compound on my waterfront property in Ladysmith - on Vancouver Island -

Where at any age you can have 24 hr care - A simple butler service. 

Beautiful storage units -

Somewhere that's inspiring and healthy. 

I'm renovating the existing buildings. 

An Artist community - 

Welcoming lots of rescued pets I hope. More of a boutique green residence. This was my Grandmother's property (that I purchased 15 years ago) I was born at- my parents were married on it. 

I'd like to share it somehow. 

I will rescue a dairy cow and her baby - and keep elderly Horses there possibly. A pretty barn -

I'm working on my photography A hobby that's turned into fashion editorials with interviews-  men that inspire me- politically, physically. Activists are sexy. 

I'm having fun with it. I just shot my son Dylan for ODDA magazine. 

My recycled vegan boots and ballerinas have finally launched it's new season. 

Snow to Surf -

It's an imperfect- labour or love project. 

I can only make as many as I can afford. It's not making me any money.

Come on malibu mom's. 

No more ugg boots. 

As for Soc media- 

I have toyed with the thought of completely ignoring it. But I found a way to make it interesting and about culture, activism and glamour and not so much self promotion . 

My instagram is really reflective of me. It's all hints of where I am at. It's my way of telling my cryptic story. It's a creative way without being too invasive and leaves some mystery- every photo has a story -even if it's not of me. I get so sick of myself. So thought I'd try something different. 

As for new year's resolutions. 

I'm trying to convince everyone to switch to green energy as a New Year's Resolution. It's one of the most powerful choices we can make as individuals. I've given up on waiting for Governments (esp in America now) to take Climate Change seriously. 

Most of Photographs by Emma Dunlavey

Flowers by Sue Balmforth. 

Original designer Josh Chrisant

Architect Philip Vertoch

Completed by Kevin Babineau 

Just FYI-

I'm preparing for a new role- and - am trying to find some comfort with smoking- 

I don't think it suits me personally- but- 

I love the smell of smoke - always have -

It's a little naughty .. 

Maybe I'm a little bored... 

I'm at a crossroads ... 

I still have big dreams. 

May you have a blessed and Meaningful New Year 



"I'm fucking crazy, but I'm free..." LDR 

A Guide to Environmental Action, Donation & Support


Courtesy of Jordan Wolfson Studio


  1. Tips on Donating
  2. An Environmental NPO Directory
  3. Anti-Environmental Groups with Misleading Names
  4. Offset your CO2 Footprint by Purchasing Carbon Offsets
  5. Individual Action
  6. Collective Action
  7. Green Gifts
  8. On Making Taxable Donations
  9. Switching Utilities to Green Sources


Tips On Donating


1. All donations to nonprofits are tax deductible. 

2. Not all charities are equal. Check to make sure that money you give to the nonprofit organization (NPO) is going toward their causes and not administrative costs. Charity Navigator offers an excellent free tool for checking this.

3. Avoid scam charities/fakes. Some organizations use names similar to well-known groups in order to leech off their donations. At the end of this directory is a list of such organizations to avoid.

4. Bundle your donation money toward a couple charities that you want to support the most. Charities hire people to follow up with donors & often use mailings to remind donors to donate again at a later date, all of which may eat up their budget. Therefore, a more substantial donation to a smaller number of organizations means that more money is going toward the organizations cause, & not on postage/paper/administrative staffing.

5. When you make your donation, include a kind request for the organization to not mail you solicitations for future donations or to include you on any mailing lists. You may even wish to assure the organizations that you will donate annually, so these reminders wont be needed. This will help offset the carbon footprint of your gift & will save paper/resources!


An Environmental NPO Directory


Lobbyists + Legal Action



Motto: Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.A group of experienced lawyers that pursue environmentally-protecting cases that focus on “high-impact, precedent-setting battles” against polluters & large corporations. Currently representing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in its lawsuit against the Dakota Access Pipeline case.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Fights to create a clean energy future, protect endangered species & habitats, & revive the world’s oceans. Organizes its 1.4 million members to protect wild places, & employs a team of over 350 lawyers to pursue environmental protection cases—NRDC helped pass the Clean Air Act & the Clean Water Act.

Southern Environmental Law Center

Works in the courtroom to protect the environment in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina,South Carolina, Tennessee, & Virginia. Has marshaled opposition to offshore drilling;compelled Duke Energy to clean up its toxic coal ash sites; has an initiative to remove legislative/tax roadblocks to new solar energy programs; permanently safeguarded 700,000+ acres of forest from logging, roadbuilding, or any other destruction; has successfully challenged dozens of road/highway building projects; currently defending the only population of red wolves still living in the wild.


Conservation/Activist Groups Concerning…

Climate Action

International campaign dedicated to fighting climate change. Organizes protests & direct action in 188 countries & serves as a mouthpiece for the climate movement writ large.

Union of Concerned Scientists (USC)

A national network of scientists who focus on clean energy solutions, combatting climate change, & issues related to large-scale food production. Key witnesses in several pieces of important U.S. green legislation.


…Wildlife/Habitat Preservation


American Cetacean Society

This organization protects whales, dolphins, porpoises, & their habitats by educating the public about the problems these animals face.

Cool Earth

Works with indigenous groups worldwide who live on the front lines of rainforest deforestation. Its mission is to economically empower these peoples as rainforest stewards, so as to discourage future deforestation.

Defenders of Wildlife

Known primarily for work defending endangered species & their habitats. Helped convince the UN to ban large scale driftnet fishing to save dolphins & other species.

Environmental Defense

Originally the Environmental Defense Fund, this group has 4,000,000 members & leads a variety of environmental campaigns.

Global Coral Reef Alliance

This group focuses on coral reef restoration, marine diseases, & other issues caused by climate change & pollution.


Famous for ant-whaling efforts worldwide, also works to preserve deep sea life & protect oceans from pollution & oil spills.

Humane Society

Largest animal advocacy + protection group in the United States. Operates animal rescues/sanctuaries/shelters/care centers.

Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

A grassroots group of Indigenous American peoples who advocate environmental protection & economic justice issues, developing mechanisms to protect sacred sites, l&, water, & natural resources.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A group of direct-action protestors who protect marine life. They operate nine sea vessels & sabotage whale & seal hunting missions, scuttle whaling vessels, & destroy nets at sea. The Japanese government has referred to them as “eco-terrorists” for their actions against Japanese whale hunters.

Sierra Club

The oldest & largest environmental group in America. Has an ambitious marine wing that protects ocean habitats & wildlife as well as its main conservation organization.

Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society

This group works for the conservation & welfare of whales, dolphins & porpoises.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Seeks to save animals & wild spaces. Runs a Marine Conservation Program that provides information related to the maintenance, conservation, & recovery of marine wildlife populations.

World Wildlife Federation (WWF)

Internationally known & very highly rated organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity in forests, oceans, & fresh water.


…Food + Agriculture


Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Publishes consumer guides & spreads awareness about toxins in foods, cosmetics,cleaning products, & more. EWG also promotes sustainable agricultural practices. Publishes an annual “Dirty Dozen” list revealing the highest pesticide concentrations in conventionally-grown produce.

Rainforest Alliance

Provides independent certification of common rainforest food products such as chocolate, coffee, bananas, & tea; producers must meet strict sustainability standards to gain their certification.


…Renewable Energy


The Solutions Project

An organization committed to shifting our society to 100% renewable energy sources, which they define as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, & wave/tidal power. Offers a “50 States 50 Plans” initiative that offers each U.S. state a specific plan of action it could take to be 100% renewable energy-powered.


…Environmental Research


Coastal Ocean Institute

This organization promotes scientific research into coastal waters & ecosystems.Monitored the red tidein the Northeast.

Marine Conservation Biology Institute

This group functions as an ocean think tank, bringing scientists together to examine marine conservation issues & sign public letters & statements. It also does policy research to "frame the marine conservation agenda" & produces publications to educate scientists, the public, & decision-makers.

Pew Institute for Ocean Science

The institute & its fellows conduct, sponsor, & promote scientific research aimed at protecting the world's oceans & the species that inhabit them.


Anti-Environmental Groups with

Misleading Names: Avoid!


The Institute of Cetacean Research

A Japanese government-funded front for whale hunting that parades as science.

International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources

A group that works to loosen environmental regulation & increase corporate profitability at the expense of habitats/wildlife.

Sustainable Use Parliamentarians Union

This organization proclaims support for any fishing interest, including whaling. Its officials claim that the international moratorium on whaling is a violation of human rights.

U.S. House Committee on Resources

The nexus of anti-conservation forces in the U.S. government, this group purports itself as a watchdog for energy, fish, wildlife, forests, & water. In reality, it grants developers & logging companies access to national forests, supports off-shore oil drilling, & wants tomodernizethe Endangered Species Act.


Offset your CO2 Footprint by

Purchasing Carbon Offsets


Terra Pass

Use Terra Pass to calculate the size of your carbon footprint, & to purchase the matching amount of R.E.C(Renewable Energy Credits) to offset it. Businesses & individuals can purchase REC’s to offset flights, weddings, or other events; or you can partner Terrapass with your company in order to offset all of your business activities/manufacturing. These purchases are funneled into wind, solar, biomass, & other renewable energy sources, so each Terrapass purchase affects positive change in our energy grid—the very same day!

Similar to Terra Pass, Carbon Fund allows individuals and businesses to purchase carbon offsets to mitigate their CO2 footprint. We like the streamlined design of their carbon purchases, allowing an individual to buy an annual offset, or choose from a list of offsets for Vehicles, Homes, Flights, and even Gifts. Businesses can do the same and buy the appropriate number of offsets for per their business size! Your purchase goes toward third-party validated renewable energy production, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.


Individual Action

Some strategies to reduce your carbon footprint. You may see health benefits & save money as a result!

Easy Lifestyle Changes

1. Eat less meat. Switching to a diet light on (or free of) industrially-produced meat is good for your health & the environment. Livestock produce more methane than all the worlds cars, & methane warms the climate more than CO2. Having trouble switching your diet over? Try implementing a Meatless Monday with your family & friends, then slowly raise the number of meals per week that you eat meat-free.

2. Recycle at home. Learn about your areas recycling capabilities & always use them. Create a compost bin to turn your food scraps into fertilizer for your garden.

3. Choose products with less packaging at the store. Packaging requires more energy to produce; furthermore, increased package size means fewer packages can fit in each truck, putting more trucks on the road. Buy in bulk from the store & bring your own reusable bag.

4. Do NOT drink bottled water. If you dont like the way your tap water tastes, invest in a water filter. If you must purchase bottled water, buy the largest containers available to cut down on waste.

5. Thrift shop for furniture, home goods, and clothes. Other good places to check for unique used items are craigslist and ebay. (And make use of ebays Local Pickup instead of shipping whenever possible.)

Saving Energy at Home

Remember: Less electricity used = less pollution.

1. Switch off/unplug appliances when not in use.

2. Use energy efficient lighting. LED, CFL, & halogen incandescent lightbulbs use up to 80% less energy & last as much as 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lightbulbs.

3. Buy energy efficient appliances whenever possible.

4. Insulate, install efficient windows & doors, & plug air leaks. Proper insulation, air sealing, & double/triple paned windows save you money & energy output. If your house is still chilly or you cant make structural changes, bundle up!

5. Installing a programmable thermostat can keep you from wasting energy while youre at work or sleeping.

6. Put a UV coating on your windows. A thin coating of UV filter can be applied to your windows, which traps heat in the winter & helps deflect heat in the summer. Its a cheaper alternative than upgrading your windows to double or triple paned glass.

7. Make your landscaping agree with the climate you live in. Go Localwith your landscaping & use native species of flora instead of water-hungry imported Bermuda Grass. Not only will you save water, youll be providing habitat for local species of fauna & pollinators. For Los Angeles dwellers, look into planting cacti & rock gardens!

Climate-friendly Commuting

1. Walk or ride your bike, scooter, rollerblade, or skateboard. Youll see health benefits as opposed to driving, & reduce CO2 emissions at the same time!

2. Public Transit. Sometimes its too far to walk or bike. In these instances, take the train, ferry, subway, light rail, or bus! Is your area lacking in public transit options or safe bike lanes/bike racks? Draft a petition & pressure local legislators to make it a reality!

3. When you need to drive, carpool. Double up drives with coworkers or friends. If you must take a taxi, consider more eco-friendly features like Uber Pool.

4. Avoid flying. Aviation is the worst offender when it comes to commuting-related pollution. Always try to drive or take a bus instead. If you do drive, use a car share service such as or craigslist shared rides (it will also save you money on gas & tolls!)

5. If you must own a car, consider an electric vehicle. They pollute less, & constant technology breakthroughs are making them more affordable/efficient all the time. Plus, your investment in this industry helps fund future breakthroughs.


Collective Action


Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL)

A nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization that focuses on national policies to address climate change. Click here to join the national organization, & then join your local CCL chapter!

Sierra Club

You can join the Sierra Club as a citizen lobbyist whether as a paid staff member or volunteer. Dem & change for environmental causes, call & email senators, participate in lobby meetings, write letters to editors of newspapers, etc.Check with your states Sierra Club Chapter for more information.

Mentioned earlier as a nonprofit, this group offers many opportunities both locally & nationally to agitate for climate change awareness & action. It provides a platform to join local climate groups in your area, or even start one of your own!

…or start your own! Make your voice heard by meeting with other

activists about climate action, educate your friends & the public on key climate issues, or agitate for better public transit options in your area!


Green Gifts


American Forests

Plant a tree in someone’s name.

National Research Defense Council

You can make donations to be an “Elephant Hero”, “Bee a Hero”, “Ocean Protector”,“Kitten Keeper” (to protect bobcats); or plant trees in Costa Rica. A donation is made in the name of the person you want to give the gift to, & you can be mailed or e-mailed a card explaining the good your donation does.


Offers a $10 Christmas card that can be mailed to you or whoever you choose. Each donation goes to replacing kerosene lamps in Africa with solar panels. Kerosene lamp pollution is a huge polluter; each card averts 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions.

Trees for the Future

Buy a tree in someones name! And you can name the amount of your donation.

World Wildlife Federation

Offers species adoption kits for $55 that includes a plush animal, certificate, & gift bag;“Frontline Hero” dolls; clothing, home goods, calendars, etc.


…On Making Taxable Donations


1. Verify that your donation is tax-deductible. To qualify, the org must be 501(c)(3).

Common types of valid organizations are public charities, colleges, & religious groups. The IRS has a searchable database to easily check this here.

2. You can donate money, stocks, & appreciated properties, such as securities,real estate, art, jewelry, or antiques. If you have owned the property for more than one year, you can deduct its full fair market value & escape income tax on its appreciation. For items over $500, you need to fill out Form 8283 along with your return, & you may need an appraisal to verify the worth of the item.

3. Make sure you get (& save) your receipt, cancelled check, or letter from the organization to verify your donation amount if you wish to write it off. For example,putting cash in the Salvation Army bucket is not tax deductible!

4. You can donate up to 50% of your adjusted gross income to charities & nonprofit organizations. Sometimes your donations can drop you into a lower tax bracket,which may offer you substantial savings come tax time.

5. The out-of-pocket expenses you incur while doing Volunteer Service are also tax deductible.

Such expenses may include what you pay for materials, supplies,uniforms, stationery, stamps, parking, & tolls. You can also deduct 14 cents per mile of driving to & from volunteer work, as well as public transit fares you spent to arrive there. However, the value of the services you provide as a volunteer are not tax deductible. For instance, a lawyer volunteering his/her professional services could not deduct for the usual value of such services.


Switching Utilities to Green Sources



Con Edison to set up service, call 1-888-320-8991

Offers Green Energy alternatives that are delivered using their regular service

all you need to do is sign up. There is no switching fee & no penalty for


National Grid

Offers a GreenUp program that allows you to choose to have all or part of your

electricity generated from renewable resources, while keeping National Grid as

your supplier.

Choosing an ESCO

If you want to get more involved with your energy choice, you can choose the

ESCO (ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY) that supplies your energy

to National Grid or Con Edison. Your choice of an ESCO only affects the

supplyportion of your electricity bill, but not the deliveryportion (because

the deliverer will still be Con Ed or National Grid.)

There are at least 83 ESCOs in the NYS area, so its useful to do your

research about which you prefer to use. Some resources to get started:

1. Con Eds Choose Energy site lets you compare electricity & natural

gas costs by zip code.

2. New York States website on comparing ESCOs

3. Con Eds Power Your Way site lists all the Green Power Providers

(ESCOs) in New York State.

Los Angeles

Green Power Program through LADWP

Allows citizens in the Los Angeles area to switch their power over to green

energy through the LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.)

You pay a small monthly fee atop your bill to use clean-generated energy.

Call (213) 367-4854 to get started


Press Conference notes Moscow Dec 16, 2016


All wars are heartbreaking
And now
Yemen is the mirror image of Syria.

War is never humane.
Innocent people, childrenand animals suffer and die -
For what outcome?

I have visited Refugee camps in Berlin and am going to Calais in a few weeks ... to bring treats and coloring books.
I hope every country can besensitive - during this difficult time.

More wars are inevitable if we do not consider climate change and there will be climate refugees
if there is less inhabitable land, less clean water to drink,
and an empty ocean.
You can count on bloodshed.

We must switch to green energy, eat less meat, use less plastic, walk more places.
If you have the choice - chose ecologically.
If we can change our own daily behaviors we are changing together.
That is powerful.
We do not need to wear animal Fur. It is old fashioned.
There is lovely eco fur out there that is just as warm and beautiful and causes no harm to animals.
It's much more chic
The new glamour is being thoughtful -
An activist is not reckless and
Having empathy is sexy.

Moscow, Russia - Kremlin Dec 16, 2016

It is wonderful to be back in Russia. I always enjoy Moscow.  I was able to visit the Pushkin Museum yesterday. It was lovely and I am so happy to be here at the Kremlin again and so happy to have the opportunity to speak with you once more about these very important issues.
Setting aside politics and advocacy...
I would like to focus on what I consider to be the absolute most important threat to human survival, and that is the fate of our Ocean.
For the entire history of humanity, we have always taken the Ocean for granted.
It occupies more space than the land we walk upon -
and we have believed for centuries that there are more fish in the sea than we could ever take out of it.
That is no longer true.
We are looking at the prospect of an empty Ocean.
We have removed 90% of the large fishes from the sea.
We have driven many species such a sharks, blue fin tuna, wild salmon and hundreds of other fishes to the brink of extinction -
and most alarmingly of all -
We have seen a 40% diminishment of phytoplankton in the sea since 1950.
-It is phytoplankton that provides over 70% of the oxygen that this planet requires to sustain life.
We may well see the worldwide collapse of commercial fisheries within the next three decades.
When that occurs -
there will be severe economic, social -and ecological consequences.
And- If phytoplankton disappears, so do we.
Why is this happening?
During the 20th Century- we have severely reduced whale populations -
and, it is the whales- that supply the essential nutrients - for phytoplankton.
It’s called the whale pump. Bringing nutrients -
from the feces of whales
-from the depths to the surface to fertilize the plankton blooms.

One Blue whale alone -
produces three tons of iron and nitrogen rich fecal material each day -
and during the last hundred years we have removed 300,000 Blue whales alone
and severely reduced the populations of the other cetacean species.
I like to think of Earth as a spaceship -
We are on a voyage around this immense, Milky Way galaxy,
so immense, that we have only circumnavigated the Galaxy twenty times during the history of the planet- and the last time our planet was where it is now - (in coralation to the galaxy)
was some 250 million years ago -the time of the great Permian extinction -
Now we are faced with another threat of mass extinction.
and the cause of this is human activity.
-Extensive over-fishing, chemical,
radioactive pollution,
climate change,
destruction of rain-forests, diminishment of essential species of plants and animals -
As well as the escalating release of methane from permafrost
and from increased bacterial activity in soils -
All of this is happening now
as we orbit this wondrous Galaxy.
A spaceship requires two things for the occupants to survive. The first is a life support system -and our life support system is the biosphere,
And the Ocean, the forests and the soil provide the oxygen we breathe,
the food we eat,
recycles and stores carbon dioxide-
and regulates climate.
The second requirement for our survival -
is a crew to run this life support system.
 We humans are not crew-members.
We are passengers -
having a great time, entertaining ourselves and gorging at the buffet.
But - we are also committing a horrendous crime. We are killing the essential crew-members that run the system.
The phytoplankton and rainforests that produce our oxygen-

The whales that fertilize and nurture the phytoplankton,

the bees,
other insects
and birds that pollinate our crops,
And the bacteria that breakdown and recycle waste,

interdependence of all species that provide the essential services required to keep us all alive.
There is a general arrogance among humanity to simply ignore the importance of other species.

There also tends to be a denial that our species is threatened by climate change
and diminishment of biodiversity.
Many people reject that there are laws that are more important than human laws - and these laws if ignored solicit grave consequences.
There are three important ecological laws:
The law of diversity
meaning that the health of an eco-system
is determined
by the diversity of species within it.
The law of interdependence meaning that all of these species are inter-dependent.
And the law of finite resources meaning there is a limit to growth and a limit to carrying capacity.
Denying climate change is like denying gravity.

The evidence is rock solid and the reality can be denied -
but in the long term it can’t be ignored.
What impresses me about Russia,
is that these things are viewed objectively -
and the threats appreciated.

In some other places -
denial is bought by vested interests-
that profit in the short term from avoiding responsibility-

Russia has tremendous influence - as American's gossip -
let us be considering the ecological crisis brewing in places like North America and elsewhere,
some ecological influence
is surely needed -
and what is sure about Russia -
is it's willingness to act -
I very much appreciate that my concerns for whales, polar bears, tigers and many other species are taken seriously in this country-

I implore Russia to continue to take the leadership role in championing these species.
Polar bears are seriously threatened by the reality of global warming yet Canada allows some 800 polar bears to be killed every year- simply for sport.

-There is no necessity of slaughtering hundreds of thousands of seals every year.

--7 million sharks are slaughtered every year,

Seals, whales and sharks serve an important function in helping to stabilize marine eco-systems.
As a Canadian-
I would welcome Russia’s help in convincing the Canadian government to end commercial sealing and polar bear hunting.

As someone who cares very much for our Ocean,
I would welcome Russia’s help in protecting sharks and bringing an end to the killing of whales and dolphins.

I would also welcome Russia’s help in putting an end to the capture and exhibit of Orcas and dolphins in marine aquariums.
And help find a solution to Illegal captures and criminal sales to China.
It's a lucrative business I understand.
*7 mill for orca
^1 mill for beluga
*250,000 Taiji dolphins.
It must stop -
these animals are much more valuable left in there natural habitats.

Thank you Mr Ivanov for supporting the southern ocean sanctuary.

And I am so pleased that Mr Ivanov is in charge of the environment and transit policies of Russia
So that no permits will be issued to transport endangered species by land, sea or air which includes whales of course-
It is my desire to work with effective NGO’s like IFAW, and with interested nations- to protect our biodiversity-
-and to promote an understanding of how important it is that we develop a greater empathy for non-human life -
In turn - building sustainable communities-empowering people through education and a greener world industry and economy.
If I can help Russia in anyway to promote this empathy-
I am available to assist in any way I can.
I understand that Russia will be promoting
next year.
As 'the year of the Environment'.
Thank you for that -
It truley is, and must be.

I am very grateful and humbled by the opportunity to speak with the very caring, influencial and powerful people at this table-

Thank you for your ever evolving commitment to these important issues.

Bolshoi Spaceba