You cannot save people, you can only love them. - Anaïs Nin

Pamela Anderson’s philanthropic work - stems from her need to share the attention she gets...with something meaningful — her love of animals and empathetic style - has drawn her naturally to organizations like PETA, Sea Shepherd— LCA, Mercy for Animals, IFAW and the rest. 

She has traveled the world Campaigning for the vulnerable.

Supporting those on the front lines. PETA and LCA were her first causes - and are near to her heart. 

She has had tremendous impact politically- but is most proud of her work in vulnerable areas and supporting first responders. 

Halting Rainforest deforestation with Cool Earth and replacing slash and burn agriculture, and planting trees with The Inga Foundation - “the lungs of the earth” - the rainforest is at stake. 

Halting poaching with IAPF and IFAW and doing everything she can to ensure wild animal populations remain safe,  protected and respected. 

She is on the Russian Council of IFAW,

She is Chair of the Sea Shepherd Society - running monthly meetings with Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd — helping to maintain the Biodiversity of our oceans — “if the oceans die, we die”.  Fighting against salmon farms to help repopulate chinook salmon in The Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island. She is committed to stopping the senseless capturing of Whales and dolphins for Aquariums. 

She has joined forces with Dame Vivienne Westwood, Climate Revolution- protecting the Arctic, defending human curiosity and environmental rights. 

She advocates for Julian Assange, and Leonard Peltier — freedom of information, Education and Justice for the vulnerable, for all living beings on the Planet - exposing the hardships of women and children in difficult surroundings.

Most of her work has not been published — it is a daily calling — to connect people that can make a difference.

Raising funds and attention for:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline 

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Sea Shepherd(defending our oceans and all it’s creatures)

Last Chance for Animals (aggressive approach to stopping animal testing)

California Wildlife Center (local volunteerism - cleaning cages, feeding injured baby hummingbirds and squirrels in her spare time)


Cool Earth (supplying rainforest communities with resources to defend the rainforest, and all it atrocities including wildlife suffering)

Waves for Water (delivering clean water filters to surf communities and Natural disaster response)

JP/HRO Haiti

Inga Foundation (scientific research - alternatives to slash and burn agriculture)

Pamela Anderson Foundation - is dedicated to continuing the fight — first hand - Her experience in the field…and powerful friendships have given her unique perspective — along with her love of art and culture..

Exposing human trafficking alongside Polaris

Helping young people internationally. (Love is respect). 

Education and Art

Artists are the freedom fighters of the world.

Pamela Denise Anderson was born to young newlyweds Barry and Carol Anderson in Ladysmith (Vancouver Island), BC, Canada - They are still together -Madly in love.
One younger brother Gerry, born 1971. (1 Niece Kylie Rose)
A modest beginning.
An acrobat and gymnast ages 7-12.
An athlete throughout school.
Regrettably only a high school education. (Her interests have always been art, English, philosophy, psychology, poetry, music, religion, languages).
Waitressed from 16-19
Moved to Vancouver at 19
Spotted at BC Lion’s football game by the Jumbo-tron camera man.
Quickly became known as “The Blue Zone girl” commercial campaign.
Playboy called (said no- too shy).
Phone rang at home during a fight with ex-fiance, she decided to spontaneously accept an offer to shoot a cover only- Asked mom… She agreed ...
The family agreed after speaking and eventually meeting with Mr. Hefner.
LA based since 23 yrs old -
14 American Playboy covers.
Worked with many esteemed photographers and artists worldwide.
Home Improvement (3 seasons).
Baywatch (5 seasons).
VIP (5 seasons).
Barb Wire, Borat.
Theater – Aladdin (Panto) (Wimbledon and Liverpool).
2 children (boys Brandon and Dylan) to Tommy Lee.
PETA supporter (lifelong animal rights advocate).
Founded the Pamela Anderson Foundation.
Activist for Animal and Human Rights, NDVH and Environmental Issues.
Chair of the board of directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


International Peoples Choice
Linda McCartney Award
Sam Simon Award
Spirit Award

Charity and Activism: