Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival


An Evening with Pamela Anderson & Srecko Horvat

From climate to populism, and from the Berlin Wall to 'Baywatch' - an evening about the state of Europe with two charismatic activists.

Join CPH:DOX for an evening with actress and activist, Pamela Anderson, and philosopher and political activist, Srecko Horvat. Although an unexpected combination for those, who haven't followed their recent work, the two have plenty of opinions to share on the state of Europe, in spite of - or maybe because of - their different backgrounds: When the Berlin Wall fell, Horvat was a kid living in exile in Germany, while Anderson had just done her first Playboy cover. Today, both are proclaimed activists critical of the state of Europe and the world, from climate change to the rising populism and authoritarianism. Taking the stage for 90 minutes and including topical video and film clips as talking points, Anderson and Horvat will engage in a conversation circling around the current European crisis, but touching upon a wide range of topics spanning from the Yellow Wests in Paris to the children's climate protests across the world, and with threads directly from the Berlin Wall to Baywatch. Because, as Horvat says, there is no culture without popular culture.

Fri. 29/03 18:00 Bremen Theater

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Letter to Belgium Animal Welfare Minister Ben Weyts


Dear minister Weyts,

I am delighted to hear from my friends at PETA and GAIA that the flemish government has decided to ban fur farming as well as the cruel practice of force feeding for the production of foie gras. This is really excellent news for hundreds of thousands of defenseless animals that have been the victims of a ruthless industry for such a long time.

I salute your lasting efforts as well as the ethical considerations of the Flemish government.

In doing so Belgium will become a fur farming free country, an example for governments and a source of inspiration for countless animal rights advocates around the world dedicated to a cruelty free society.

On behalf of the animals, thank you Flanders, thank you Belgium.

Very best wishes,

Pamela Anderson

To Russia To whom it may concern


Dear Russia,

To whom it concerns,

You know that I love Russia very much. My great-great-grandmother was from this wonderful country.

You also know how much I love animals. And I want Russia to always be a leader in protecting animals. Russia has been a true leader in the conservation of such animals as Amur Tigers and Far Eastern Leopards.

But I am truly very worried about the situation with cetaceans, with orcas and belugas, in my beloved country of Russia. For several years now, I have been trying to help the Russian government take action on this issue. I have had meetings in the Kremlin, press conferences, and open appeals to Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

I have learned about how orcas and belugas are captured in Russia and why – for sale to foreign aquariums, especially in China and other parts of Asia. I have learned how cruel this trade in marine mammals can be. I have seen the terrifying conditions for dolphins in aquariums, and the effects that these aquariums have on their health.

Such unbelievably smart animals can’t be locked up in pens – their basic biological needs require them to swim and dive freely. It seems to me that this is so obvious and should be clear to everyone. But I understand, how difficult it is to change things that have always been done a certain way.

The critical situation with the whale jail in the Russian Far East, where orcas and belugas are suffering, is extraordinarily painful to see. But at the same time, this can be a starting point for recovery.

I ask you to please order the release of the 10 orcas and 87 belugas, before any more die. Do not wait, act now. I hope you will prepare a plan with the help of independent specialists who have experience with the rehabilitation and release of cetaceans.

And, please, stop the capture of these magnificent animals. This would be a great gift for the entire world.



You have been in Greece several times. Have you learn any Greek words?

Yes, well... “ OXI “

I hope I’m Pronouncing correctly ? I admire the Greek people who said OXI during the famous Greek referendum, defying the European Union. OXI ("No") goes back to the days when Fascist were occupying Greece, it was a symbol of Greek defiance against occupation -and it became famous again during the Europe's economic crisis, when in 2015 Greece held a historic European referendum where the majority (61%) of the population voted OXI / NO -- against an agreement with EU's institutions and banks, which would lead Greece into even bigger debt, and impose "structural adjustments" and austerity (privatizations of public assets). It was the most heroic event in recent Greece's history, thousands of people were on the streets, there was hope, for the first time people felt dignity, by simply saying NO.

But unfortunately, the Syriza (left party) government (with Alexis Tsipras as prime minister) decided to capitulate and the next day of the referendum finance minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned.

Today when you look at Greece, you will see that most of the airports are owned by German companies (Fraport), that the port of Piraeus (part of broader Athens) is owned by the Chinese, that people are even more indebted, there is poverty everywhere, that there is massive emigration of the young population....

so OXI still means something today. It is a symbol which shouldn't be forgotten.

What was the most touching incident that ever happened to you while on an activist action?

I was The International Chair Person of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for many years. Until I had to focus more on my own foundation living in Europe it was difficult to chair the weekly meetings time difference etc.

Sea Shepherd was eye opening - devastating. The brutal pilot whale slaughter in The Faroe Islands , the capture/slaughter of dolphins in Taji, the baby seal hunt in Canada make me so angry.

The unnecessary brutality and ignorance chocked up to tradition. It’s pure evil bullshit !

And of course extinction which is rapidly rising and we will soon face not only extinction but environmental breakdown. compassion or solidarity in "ordinary life" can also be a sort of activism.

And I’m happy that you can see it on the streets of Greece.

Who is the most important Greek celebrity living today ?

YANIS VAROUFAKIS - someone who said OXI when he was finance minister of Greece and who inspires people across Europe.

What do you think is the most burning issue in the planet right now, for someone to protest about?


I find the current children protests and school strikes, happening across Europe, from Sweden to Brussels, very inspiring. It is thousands of kids telling the adults they screwed up. They are saying OXI - and we should all join them.

Because climate change concerns all of us. I visited Greece several times and I know it had and still has a big refugee problem, but imagine hundreds of millions of refugees come to Europe because of rising sea levels in two or three decades from now?

Or take the extinction of species happening so rapidly. Or that we all already eat micro-plastics. This is why we need the children’s protests - and global change.