Pamela Comment re Julian Assange latest


Ecuador confirmed they granted nationality to Julian.

What follows?

We do not know.

The Ecuadorian nationality is a sensitive matter under discussion by the involved parties and it is better to ask the parties directly about this - follow @julianassange

However, it is important to understand there is an active investigation in the US. The threat is more serious than ever and there is no chance of a fair trial there.

See the UN Decision

re- His ongoing arbitrary and illegal detention.

According to the UN, his detention is in violation of article 7 - That no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Thank you for supporting Julian -


Hans klok - The World's Fastest Magician

Hans klok House of Mystery with special guest Pamela Anderson

1/16/2018 Hamburg Mehr!Theater
1/17/2018 Hamburg Mehr!Theater
1/26/2018 Mannheim Rosengarten
2/8/2018 Berlin Tempodrom
2/9/2018 Berlin Tempodrom
2/16/2018 Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
2/24/2018 Cologne Palladium
2/25/2018 Cologne Palladium
3/3/2018 Bregenz Festspielhaus
3/8/2018 Bremen Musical Theater
3/17/2018 Salzburg Salzburgarena
3/18/2018 Wien Stadthalle 7
4/10/2018 München Deutsches Theater
4/11/2018 München Deutsches Theater

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The New York Times - Ad Warns Riders About Uber and Lyft, but Some Call It Alarmist


Pamela Anderson walks down a city street and uses her cellphone to book a ride. Along the way, she passes a newspaper and street signs that say, “Hollywood Sexual Harassment Scandal Reaches New Lows” and “U.S. Senator Accused of Groping.” When she gets into the car, she sees another sign that says, “Ride-Hail Drivers Suspected of Rape.” The car doors lock, and the driver turns around and suggestively asks, “Shall we?” Just then, “#MeToo” pops up on her phone’s screen.

“When you accept a ride from a ride-hail app, you also accept the risks that come with it,” Ms. Anderson says in a voice-over. “Many ride-hail companies consider their drivers third-party providers, so they don’t have to accept any responsibility or accountability for their actions. Always ride responsibly.”

The 60-second ad, to be released Monday, is the third in a campaign introduced in 2015 by the National Limousine Association to promote Ride Responsibly, an initiative that encourages riders to “think before you app.”

It is an attempt by the association to focus on allegations of attacks by drivers for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, which happen to be its competitors. In November, for instance, two women sued Uber, claiming their drivers raped them in separate cases in Florida and California. And last month an Uber driver in Beirut, Lebanon, was arrested in connection with the killing of Rebecca Dykes, a British diplomat.

In September, when Transport for London, the agency that oversees that city’s subways, buses and taxis, declined to renew Uber’s license to operate there, it said that “Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues.” They included, it said, how Uber deals with serious criminal offenses and conducts driver background checks.


Asked to comment on the Ride Responsibly campaign, a Lyft spokeswoman, Alexandra LaManna, said it “misleads consumers about the many benefits and safety features of Lyft.”

“All drivers must pass rigorous screenings, including criminal background and driving-record checks, before they’re able to drive for Lyft, and every ride is covered by a $1 million liability insurance policy,” she added. “Implying otherwise is simply not true.”

Brooke Anderson, a spokeswoman for Uber, acknowledged that “no means of transportation is 100 percent free of incidents and accidents,” but added, “Uber feels a responsibility to contribute to safety, help fight tough issues and mitigate any incidents.”

Among the measures that Uber uses to promote these efforts, she said, are logging the driver’s information and making it available to the rider to verify the right car; tracking every trip with GPS technology; screening drivers; and offering a feature that lets riders and drivers send details of their trips to others who can monitor them.

The first video by the campaign, in 2015, was animated and did not involve Ms. Anderson. Her first video for the campaign, in 2016, featured her playing “The Driving Game,” interviewing contestants to be her driver.

She helped create the campaign’s second and third videos, and said that although she felt the second video should be “fun” to get viewers’ attention, she wanted the latest one “to be a more serious message, a more serious approach, with so many sexual assaults in the climate today.”

For the latest effort, Ms. Anderson also enlisted Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment — an organization that works nationwide to prevent sexual assault and heal survivors. On Monday, P.A.V.E. is starting a letter-writing campaign asking elected officials in every state to require ride-hailing services to adhere to minimum safety standards; it will also introduce a related social media campaign and website,


Letter to Ben Weyts Minister for Mobility, Public Works, the Vlaamse Rand, Tourism and Animal Welfare

Dear Minister,

As a passionate animal-protection advocate, I was delighted to learn from my friends at PETA and GAIA that you've pledged to ban fur farming in the Flemish Region. I'm concerned, however, as it's now December, and—despite having previously announced that you'd bring forward legislation by the end of the year—still, no law prohibiting this cruel industry has been proposed.

Every day that such legislation is delayed is a day of misery for the more than 200,000 minks on fur farms in Flanders. These wild animals are kept in cramped wire cages that deny them any opportunity to carry out their natural behavior, such as running and swimming. This confinement causes them such intense psychological distress that many go insane and begin to mutilate themselves. After a lifetime of suffering, confinement, and frustration, they're killed for a frivolous fashion accessory that no one needs—and increasingly, no one wants.

Please, honor your commitment to ban fur factory farming in Flanders and propose this important piece of legislation without delay. In doing so, you'd be joining Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and closer to home, the Brussels-Capital and Walloon regions of Belgium, which have already banned fur farms, recognizing that this barbaric cruelty is unacceptable in a civilized, progressive country.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Pamela Anderson

Letter to The Honorable Peter Dutton MP - Minister for Immigration and Border Protection - Australia

Dear Minister Dutton,

As someone who is active in migrant aid operations in France, I’m writing to you with grave concerns about the treatment of refugees and their animal companions at the Australian government’s Manus Island detention centre.

The prolonged detainment of these people is appalling, but recent reporting from the camps indicates a new level of violence and suffering. I want to share with you information about a particular incident, drawn to my attention by my friends at PETA.

While refugee were being transferred between camps recently, a dog named Foxy, who was traveling with her refugee companion, was reportedly thrown from a moving bus by one of the guards.

Animal feel pain, stress, and fear just as we do, and such callous abuse is unacceptable and threatens everyone in your care on Manus. Psychology experts and law-enforcement officials agree that cruelty to animals is an important predictor of violence towards humans, and it appears regularly in the records of society’s most vicious criminals.

Just as we all love the cats and dogs who share our homes, members of the Manus Island refugee community care deeply for their animal companions and share with them the precious few resources that they have. Foxy’s primary caregiver is understandably distraught by the guard’s actions. Displaced people often form close bonds with animals, who provide unconditional love and hope. Of all the things that refugees endure, emotional trauma is often the hardest to bear.

May I hear from you soon that you’ll launch an investigation into this incident and give Foxy and her guardians the justice they deserve?


Pamela Anderson

Top 10 ways to survive Hollywood


How to make it in Hollywood and Survive it? (If being a woman...)

I guess one should meet all -

1. Look the part, right. To meet the current standards of beauty - be super skinny, like size zero, max size one. But also be super sexy at the same time. I personally do not fancy size zero skeletons. Not to mention that in majority of cases, this size is reached by some sort of eating disorder. Maybe having eating disorder is a criterion of success.

2. Be certain age. I guess under 35. Or at least look under 35 From what I read, to be a woman over 35 in Hollywood is a solution to "how to be invisible".  There is like handful of women who make it beyond this age, and do not play the queen or witch or similar. 

3. Be white. Similar to previous point, one can count successful people of colour on one hand. There is a limited scope for diversity in Hollywood and those roles are already assigned. And if you are one of those diversity people, make sure you know you represent your whole ethnic group worldwide. 

4. Dont win Oscar too early in the career. So here you can look at what roles one can take to make it. I heard of the Oscar curse too early in the career. Like the death by success. Or something like that.

5. Choose politics based on the current trend in Hollywood. Go only with the current mainstream politics. For example, now you must love Hillary Clinton and still grieve that she is not the President. Refrain from any criticism of the DNC. Certainly do not support anyone even remotely progressive. Remember what happened to Susan Sarandon and her support of Bernie Sanders. Basically have a sheep and crowd attitude to politics.

6. Choose some appropriate sobbing causes to support ~like starving children or saving some "developing" country. Or protect women as they are helpless (by definition). Supporting Wikileaks and any revolutionaries is a big no. If you support free speech, make sure you only support free speech of some people. Not free speech for all.

7. Do not have any opinion of your own. And if you do, make sure you apologise for it. See many people's experience re the current scandal with sexual harassment. There are other examples 

8. Do not have respect for yourself if you want to survive in Hollywood. You must be ready to derive respect from what others think of you. If they think you are need to start from picking the trash (trash films), just believe them... But pick trash smartly...right?

9. Get to know famous people or better date them to suck their following out of them. They are usually insecure and easy to catch. 

10. And we all know the famous casting couch is alive and well - except when it doesn't work and you don't get your way. Be careful. Those days are over. 


Feminism should be about strong women and strong men. Women (and men) who are confident, know themselves, know what they are and what they need (not just what they want in particular time) enjoy themselves and care about others and themselves. Women who are aware of their power and beauty (external and internal). Women who are smart and intellectually curious and seek knowledge and wisdom. Women who know how to be sexy-  get good sex and give it. 

It is not about women being like men but about equality in the society and in relationships. equality of sex. and the quality of it! ;)

Hefner seemed that he really understood it. He was quintessential second wave feminist and was really crucial in it. It is prudish opponents and censors who brought us the third wave and all this awful censorship of relationships and PC talk and other nonsense.  and these young women and men are really messed up with it.

I know I keep saying this - 

How- I think the sexual revolution gave us a lot of sex and a lot of bad sex. 

I think it is impossible to understand the current "feminism" without understanding of what has been happening since 1960s. 

We must help each other understand this- urgently