Letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, incoming EU Commission President, and Antti Juhani Rinne, President of the EU Council of Ministers



The world has been shocked to see distressing video and photos of terrified baby African elephants being rounded up and snatched from their families in the wild, to be shipped to zoos and circuses around the world.

This week, 46 governments attending the triennual Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in a landmark decision voted in committee to end the barbaric practice of capturing live wild-caught baby and juvenile elephants for this heartless trade. In doing so they voiced their overwhelming support for the 32 African nations who advocated for a ban on all such transports of live elephants, and restrict these transports exclusively to in situ conservation programmes or secure areas in the wild within the African elephant’s natural range. An open letter by 55 elephant experts this week agrees entirely with this position.

Shamefully, the European Union wants to overturn this historic victory. The CITES Parties will still need to take a final vote next week and the EU intends to vote against the ban. If it does so the EU’s vote will condemn wild-caught elephants to a lifetime in unnatural captivity just so that zoos and circuses in the EU and elsewhere can continue to have a steady flow of live elephants from the wild.

Elephants are social and emotional creatures who form strong family bonds and suffer tremendously in captivity. Captured elephants can face horrific abuse during the capture process. Footage of wild-caught baby elephants awaiting export from Zimbabwe shows calves being beaten and kicked during capture. Some elephants have died during transit or shortly after arrival. Elephants who survive the long journey have been observed living in dark, barren cells in the holding facilities and zoos, in stark and heartbreaking contrast to the vast wilderness in which they naturally roam with family groups and larger clans.

We call on all EU Environment ministers and the Finnish presidency, representing the EU as a 28 voting bloc at the CITES meeting, to reflect the position of the majority of African elephant range states, the great majority of EU citizens, and leading elephant experts and support the proposal to end the export of wild-caught elephants for captive use.

It would be obscene for the EU to endorse snatching wild baby elephants and condemning these beautiful leviathans to a life of captive misery.


Alan Carr, Alesha Dixon, Bella Lack, Bill Bailey, Bonnie Wright, Brigitte Bardot, Bryan Adams, Dan Richardson, Deborah Meaden, Dougie Poynter, Evanna Lynch, Gordon Buchanan, Jenny Seagrove, Joanna Lumley, John Challis, Judi Dench, Kate Humble, Lauren St John, Leona Lewis, Lily Travers, Brendan Courtney, Marc Abrahams, Mollie King, Nicky Campbell, Pamela Anderson, Paul O’Grady, Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais, Robert Lindsay, Rula Lenska, Simon Pegg, Susie Dent, Thandie Newton, Virginia McKenna

Self Portrait


Rambling of the day,

There are so many things in the world

that are inexcusable-

how do we chose what to do. 

People ask me

How I Prioritize — I see what appears to me

but on my mind now is my


but also friends, neighbors,


climate change.

Recycling in a new town,

living gently. 


Protect Innocent animals. 

Fight for 

Children being exploited

or trafficked - @Polaris_project 

No beauty contests ,

No pedophiles 

Every life matters


I feel overwhelmed.

Even scared sometimes.

We must live courageously

Even in a time

where all we do is monitored. 

Our cameras are

taped over -

Who we support is watched very closely.

We can never know ALL 

about a subject. 

A cause.

An article.

You can retweet something 

you may not know all about

and that might make you think - 

should I have done that?

Am I in trouble ?


maybe it’s not true, or

partly true. 

Or you have been tricked -

Who has written it?

For what reason ?

#Paranoia - #Propaganda

I find myself reading

and re reading 

and wanting to share.

But - 

even I think twice -



I turn to people I am confident 

know better than I





@Slavojiek Slavoj Zizek 











#JosephCampbell @jcf_org


the beat generation ,

McCormick’s (the road)





Local Scientists

@DavidSuzukiFDN to save the wild salmon 


We have to endure 

The biodiversity of the oceans 

I’ve traveled with

Mike Hands planting trees 

Looking for

solutions and alternatives 

to slash and burn @ingafoundation -#haiti, #Honduras #deforestation

I’m proud to be a part 


like all the volunteers on

@SeaShepherd boats


@LockyM  Lockhart Maclean 


#JulianAssange -

his voice is missed -

he has been silenced for a reason- he’d have an intelligent and unique take on all this garbage on the news.

and #whistleblowers 

would feel more comfortable

with Julian at the helm. 

There are more

Brave people out there -

@Snowden  Edward Snowden 

@Xychelsea Chelsea Manning 

I support


saving the rain forest


People who are in action -

Turning their passion into helping people 





We need more outspoken artists

@Rogerwaters ,


Kids -


Disciplined, courageous

and exciting young people 

@BrandonTLee - fearless, Raw, fun to watch

New artists

positive and sensitive 

With something to say in music



Sadness in the lyrics of






@bambini1982 Johnny Byrne 

Its hard to watch the news.

I can assure you if you only watch one channel like @CNN 

you should also watch @RT_com

I think

@RedactedTonight is a great show - 

he delivers very honest information with a sense of humor.


When you see narcissism in powerful positions

recognize it as a sickness, unfit to lead. 


Being afraid 

enables this - speak out.

I get hurt

because I want to believe. I want to

see the best in everyone.


there are bad people 

with bad intentions. 




I support

All #greenparties

world wide

All the


And friend


These are my teachers.

@FollowWestwood Vivienne Westwood 

#Andreas Kronthaler 

At the @UN


I like people that can see beauty in things that already exist 

@RachelAshwell #officialshabbychic

Small living - 

less consuming -

#socialism is not a bad word - 

it’s misunderstood / my dad says it’s when you know where your taxes are going -

#capitalism is destroying the world. #war #fossilfuel

Inspired by




My girlfriend from high school -

to give me a reality check and kind perspective




Lucky to meet / they both taught me so much about style, beauty and being a pioneer.

Living as an artist

Sex is art


are your influences ?

This was written quickly.





and my parents

shaped me -

taught me good and bad -

right and wrong

Boyfriends come and go but real commitments 

test you on every level.

I hope people still want to get married -

We are stronger in pairs. 

Don’t let them keep you dumb. Sick and alone. You’re easier to

Control this way. Watching TV all day or on pharmaceutical drugs. 

It’s more fun to be with a partner. 

And be happy - in a world that doesn’t want you to be happy or powerful. 

To be faithful.

And to only replace ourselves.

Not more than 2 kids.

Anything else seems selfish in these times when the

world is overpopulated


Rich people are out of touch.

Not wanting

#middleclass. This is obvious, brainwashing -

Beware - #read, go to #museums, #galleries- 

The good things in life are #free 

Raise kids the best you can. 

Give independence young.

If you need a nanny

don’t have kids!-

I’ll never forget what I learned from my funny family


My great Auntie Vie

had a unique zest for life

and men -

she was a beautiful hostess

with no money

but she knew how to have fun

being a woman.

And @alexisvmakeup Alexis Vogel

amazing women who taught me so much. I was lucky to know them.

Girls need women to show them the way. #continuumconcept #mothers 

Like boys

need men #robertbly #fathers

I’m just a small town girl 



#VancouverIsland #BC #Canada

I can reflect on my wild little life and honestly say.

I made it around the world and am blessed to make it back where I came from in one piece.

Happy that I can bring something home to 

Inject love and resources into my home town -

That feels good -

I think many can relate to this.

Realizing you don’t need more,

but less -

Success is finding your purpose - 

to not be a burden.

To help people, 

society -


that’s what life is about. 

It’s not about hoarding 

or leaving trust funds- 

I have enough faith in my kids to make their way. 

Trust fund kids are a bore and unattractive. 

It was fun to build careers along side

@LaChapelleLand David LaChapelle 


Work with so many great photographers 



My Friends

#richardprince @jeffkoons @edruscha

Inspiration #jeanlucgoddard #fellini #russmeyer #wernerherzog

My idols 








in the work force lowered wages 

and created a different family dynamic the world is still trying to adjust to -

We have to save #feminism 

from feminists

This is my 

“Rambling of the day”

Pamela xxx 

Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Dear Prime Minister,

I was proud to see Canada co-sponsoring the Global Conference for Media Freedom in London in early July.

While I’m a citizen of Canada, I'm also a citizen of the world, and it seems to me that media freedoms are under serious threat all over. Seeing Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland co-host that conference made me feel proud to be Canadian.

It was timely and important because since 2015 Canada has gone from eighth place on the World Press Freedom Index to number 18. 

So I hope you will reflect deeply on the ideas that were conveyed by the many experts you invited to speak at this conference. Journalists being hacked apart with saws in embassies, and publishers being forcibly dragged out of embassies to face 175 years in jail for publishing, cannot become the new normal. 

One of the most celebrated speakers on media freedom at the conference was barrister Amal Clooney, who said, “the indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has alarmed journalists at newspapers around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian because, as the editor of the Washington Post has put it, the indictment… ‘criminalises common practices in journalism that have long served the public interest’.

Accurate information is necessary for an informed citizenry. Accountable governments are necessary for democracy to survive. That basic fact is very widely recognised; it's in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

This is why I, as a Canadian citizen, support Julian Assange, an Australian publisher, currently in a British jail, facing extradition to the United States. 

With so many of the Five Eyes involved in this case, as part of your efforts to defend and extend the democratic freedom of the press and expression, I ask that you will use your good offices to call for this case to be immediately closed. The US Government must drop its extradition request, in order that the UK may let him return home. 

When my country is championing human rights, women's rights, multiculturalism, and a world free of landmines, of course I am proud. I need you to make us proud by responding to the urgent threats to media freedom: not just in convening a conference, but in standing up to those who pose such threats.

I look forward to any undertakings you are willing to make in defence of Julian Assange.


Pamela Anderson

Modern Day “Burgers and Games” by Pamela Anderson


I think it is

quite a challenge linking up

mental health,

gun control

and video games.


With all these public shootings in the US, pointing out these connections are important,

however controversial, divisive, and uncommon in other countries

with the same access

to virtual violence, sex and

brainless past times.


I have never played video games-

I’ve only sat

and reluctantly

watched my boyfriend play -

and only occasionally - it only convinced me more so -

how unattractive it is.

My time on planet Earth has always been too precious to me to waste it on achieving absolutely nothing in a non-existent world full of non-existing problems,

when our real world is so full of real problems that need real people courageous and strong and enough to solve them.

To me, video games are nothing but another drug,

just like alcohol,


and all this other addictive stuff

(including even political, military and financial power).

If we do not learn to give these things their proper place,

to use them responsibly and with the necessary caution,

moderation and accountability,

it will quickly become addictive and,

just like any other drug,

consume all our strength and dignity,

bind all our power and potential,

reduce us to slavish addicts and will not only keep us from achieving anything tangible and lovable in life



will even make us destroy ourselves

and our surroundings.

What we NEED today is grown-up men

and women taking responsibility

for global governance in the real world, and not cowardly people escaping from this real world,

which they cannot handle,

to a virtual reality where they are presented with a simplified world with simplified solutions for simplified problems.

Once addicted to this simplified world, they will at some point try to transpose it back to reality,

and what you get then is these horrendous rapes or massacres of innocent people

by deluded addicts who have lost any sense of reality.

But perhaps the powerful

even prefer that -

than having all these potentially powerful people growing up,

starting to take responsibility,

to ask uncomfortable questions,

to demand real solutions for real problems and to hold the powerful to account. Already in ancient Rome the "Games", where gladiators and animals were slaughtered for the entertainment of the masses,


were deliberately employed

as the "drug" of the people.

"Bread and Circus",

as it was called in politics,

were provided by the dictators to appease the masses and keep them unconscious of or,

at least,

complacent with their subdued status

and to prevent them from rising up and claiming participation

in political life

and the riches of the Empire.


it is no different


ever more often,

dozens or even hundreds of innocents have to pay with their blood,

their hopes

and their lives

for the sedation of the masses with modern

“burgers and games".

Viewing Pleasure


Viewing Pleasure

So much I love  -

Depending on my mood -


La Dolce Vita


(Those are the obvious ones )

But I can soundly recommend -

1. Hannah Arendt, by the German director Margarethe von Trotta, 2012,

the biopic about the philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt,

a courageous woman whose work on totalitarianism is again relevant today


2. "Farewell to Europe", by Maria Schrader, 2017, a beautiful film about the writer Stefan Zweig who fled from Nazism and took his life in Brazil - a relevant story for Europe and the world today, from Bolsonaro's Brazil to Trump's United States


3. Italian movie "Perfect strangers", from 2017, about a dinner party during which seven friends decide to play a dangerous game. All of them place their cellphones on the table and agree to make all texts and calls public in an attempt to prove that they have nothing to hide.


4. "Zabriskie Point" by Michelangelo Antonioni, from 1970, because of California and because of the movie's depiction of the events after the sexual revolution of 1968 - It was the only film Antonioni ever directed in the United States, mesmerizing ending scene:


5. Everyone has been watching the TV series Chernobyl, but better to watch "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky, from 1979, it's art, philosophy and science fiction at the same time

Here in the West, by Pamela Anderson


Here in the West, 
there has been a lot of finger-pointing at Russia in the past years, 
as if in a desperate attempt to revive the “good old times” of the Cold War, when all evil could be so conveniently projected on the Soviet Union. 
As if a forced re-animation of the old enemy could somehow absolve the West of the increasingly obvious need for critical self-introspection and democratic reform in the face of its own accelerating political decline.

Sure, we should be careful not to praise Russia too much. 
After all, they have caused a lot of unjustified suffering in Syria and Ukraine, crack down on human rights defenders and detain lots of political prisoners simply because of their dissent. 
While Russia clearly is not without blame, they certainly are not nearly as evil as they are being portrayed by the West and, in many respects, may even have a less violent and exploitative global track-record than the West.

As a citizen of the West, 
I feel that my primary responsibility is to expose Western dishonesty and double standards: 
This constant disgraceful whining about alleged Russian interference in US elections, simply because the losing camp still cannot find the strength of character to acknowledge that it was the exposure and revelation of their own corruption that caused their defeat – 
not at the hands of Russian hackers, 
but at the hands of the American people making their votes count. 
At the same time, the US are themselves interfering with just about any foreign political process and imposing sanctions and threatening or starting wars against just about any government that does not comply with US policy preferences. 
This irresponsible self-righteousness has already brutally, 
uselessly and unlawfully destroyed the hopes and lives of millions of innocent children, women and men in countries such as Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, 
and Afghanistan, 
just to name a few, 
and now it looks like we will soon have to witness the same inexcusable tragedy unfolding once again, 
in Iran.

When will this finally stop? 
When will we finally decide to hold our leaders to account? 
Where are the prosecutions of Western wars of aggression, 
their war crimes and their exploitative corruption? 
Where is Western leadership in democracy, human rights and environmental protection? 
What else does the West have to offer the world to today than unrestrained exploitation, 
political decadence, 
and moral bankruptcy? 
As a citizen of the West, 
and as a member of the human family, 
I am heartbroken and disgusted at what is being done in my name!