Journal Entry March


On my way to a beautiful place Gut Aiderbichl
Feeling like a little girl.
To support farm animal rescue
Je parle française beaucoup maintenant - it’s coming 🇫🇷 merci ...
on my mind
indépendance I understand.- 
and it’s a naive concept -
the world is so small ...
Do you think a world without borders is even possible?
No more war -
cyber currency ?
world owned by the world -
We rent space here -
to give back to the planet -
and the people -
but in a more socialized way - worldwide.
less consumerism for survival and sharing of wealth -
Political positions/leaders would be volunteers/acts of passion and empathy -
I’m starting to feel like John Lennon and may start preaching this ... but after the book I wrote #hatchettebooks on love and feminism. ( Lust for Love ) comes out end of April in USA (hoping to translate into French, German and Russian)
I believe in self regulated population control which would help with immigration issues -
in every country. Everyone is a climate refugee climate revolution
I believe in
less prisons -
I love Deanna Van Buren's Ted Talks on this.
To replace with more résolution centres-
And they could all be vegan.
The film I produced ( The Game Changers ) with James Cameron about vegan men is getting a nice response.
In the mean while (in the ‘reliable’ press) I’m dead and FBI is ´probing ´ me ?...
not sure if you have seen my response.
My son gave his father a well deserved bop on the nose in self defense .
- another
wake up call -
life keeps moving.
How do we appeal to the terrible people in the world.
the greed .., through art, expression - philosophy and exposing the truth through
loving activism. Angela Richter Julian Assange
marriage, family, renewable energy
I’m In Madrid. next week at Global Gift Foundation event in response to refugee crisis. Poverty  hunger human rights Help Refugees uk will be there with me.
but I also want to expand my focus.
A receptive audience.
open minds -
and my new book will help throw me into mainstream TV
and give me good opportunities to discuss the root of what we all desire.
Uncensored -
Just a girl in the world ...
Learning all I can -
trying to help, shed light and work hard-

Wishing everyone well 🙏

Any ideas ?

Ride Responsibly Speech - LCT International Show Las Vegas

For more than two years now, I have worked with the National Limousine Association, advocating for stricter safety regulations for ride-hail apps to ensure that the millions of men and women that use them each day can remain out of harm’s way. Despite numerous victims, these companies have done absolutely nothing to better themselves and protect their customers. There have been thousands of documented instances of violence plastered across the headlines, and very few lawmakers have taken any meaningful action. The majority of you in this room go through painstaking effort and spares no expense to keep both passengers and drivers safe, and it seems that these companies, with much bigger wallets, feel no responsibility to do the same. My latest PSA with the National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly campaign, “Terms & Conditions,” calls attention to the fact that these companies are fully aware of how dangerous their services are. Their terms and conditions seek to absolve themselves from any responsibility, and basically wishes their customers “good luck” when they accept a ride.

In addition to the exploitation of their riders, Uber & Lyft are actively exploiting their drivers on a global scale by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees. While there are certainly thousands of wrongdoers among them, many of their drivers are hardworking Americans trying to make ends meet. Yet, they are denied healthcare, workman’s compensation that the law guarantees them, which is something that I’m working close with the National Limousine Association to change as well. We have the opportunity to make our streets a safer place for all of us. Thank you for your continued support, and with your help, this is a battle that I know we can win.

Pamela Anderson Continues Support of National Domestic Violence Hotline

  Pamela Anderson speaks with advocates during her 2015 visit to The Hotline.

Pamela Anderson speaks with advocates during her 2015 visit to The Hotline.

This gift by Pamela Anderson Foundation, a major benefactor of The Hotline, will contribute to emotional support, safety planning and local resources for family members in abusive relationships.

Austin, Texas / Los Angeles, Calif. - March 13, 2018 - Actress, author and philanthropist Pamela Anderson announced, today, the donation of $30,000 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) on behalf of the Pamela Anderson Foundation. This marks the fourth year of the Pamela Anderson Foundation’s generous support of The Hotline. Anderson, who now spends most of her time raising funds for non-profit organizations worldwide, visited The Hotline’s headquarters in 2015 to present a $60,000 donation and hear firsthand how advocates are making a difference in the lives of those affected by abuse.

Anderson’s donation will support The Hotline’s work in educating and providing resources to family members affected by abusive relationships in the home, by providing emotional support, safety planning and local resources, such as legal advice and counseling.

Advocates from The Hotline often hear from victims and survivors whose abusive partners exploit their children as a tactic for control in the relationship. They work with victims and survivors to assess tactics that are used when there are young people in the home and provide safety-planning tips. They also coach families on how to communicate when alcohol and drug abuse are a factor.  

Every day, advocates at The Hotline receive nearly 1,300 calls, chats and texts from victims, survivors and their friends and family seeking information about domestic violence. With one in four women, one in seven men and one in three teens experiencing physical, emotional or verbal abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime, the need to provide resources and support for victims is critical.

“It’s a privilege to continue to support the important work of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, whose advocates I’ve had an opportunity to meet and hear from directly,” said Pamela Anderson, founder of The Pamela Anderson Foundation. “As a mother of two, I am particularly delighted to know that our donation will help ensure that families in need of both compassion and information will continue to find a 24/7, trusted resource in The Hotline.” 

“Our everyday work is made possible by supporters like Pamela Anderson, and we are tremendously grateful for her partnership and generous contributions over the past four years,” said Katie Ray-Jones, chief executive officer of The Hotline. “The Foundation’s support significantly and positively impacts our ability to offer services and provide resources for parents who are experiencing abuse, which is critical to our mission.”

About the Pamela Anderson Foundation (PAF): The Pamela Anderson Foundation supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines in the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights. By funding the efforts of those who inform and defend the planet and all who live within it, the Pamela Anderson Foundation is an agent of change, love and an advocate for justice. For more information, please visit

Connect with Pamela

About the National Domestic Violence Hotline: The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a non-profit organization established in 1996 as a component of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Operating around the clock, confidential and free of cost, The Hotline provides victims and survivors with life-saving tools and immediate support. Callers to The Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) can expect highly trained advocates to offer compassionate support, crisis intervention information and referral services in more than 200 languages. Visitors to can chat live with advocates and they can find information about domestic violence, safety planning, local resources, and ways to support the organization.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline relies on the generous support of individuals, private gifts from corporations and foundations and federal grants.  It is funded in part by Grant Number 90EV0426 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)/Administration for Children and Families. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Administration for Children and Families or the U.S. Department of HHS.

Supporting Resources

  • Become a fan of The Hotline on Facebook 
  • Follow The Hotline on Twitter 
  • Engage with The Hotline on Instagram
  • Press Contacts: Kyrsten Aspegren, Edelman for The Hotline / (512) 770-8036

Alcoholism is the Devil


For the record.
I have made NO comment anywhere to anyone before this -

Beware of tabloid gossip.
This is a matter of life and death.
I am surreally calm
- I feel justice is at work.
I am not frantic or ‘as reported’ -
devastated. I am hopeful -
This is not new to us -

I am staying in France for the moment.

I have complete faith in Brandon and his team to resolve this unfortunate and sad situation regarding his father.
I pray Tommy gets the help he needs.
His actions are desperate and humiliating -
He is a disaster spinning out of control.
and he is not acting like a father.
But this is nothing new.
My sons have made every attempt to help him in recent months -
staying with him to make sure he’s ok.
Just by being present with him they were hoping he’d feel loved
and act differently.
I feared things might escalate.
knew this might be what it took to heal old wounds.
Him blaming his son or us for anything is delusional.
We have all tried to
protect him and help him for too long.
Hoping he’d look after himself better.
I do not like to comment about this.
But feel like it’s necessary because of Tommy’s ‘Trump style’ no thought out rampage on twitter and IG?
This matter is ideally between just a father and a son -
And rehab if the stars align.
I will never talk to Tommy again before he is sober and in his right mind.
Though he’s made attempts to contact me. I have blocked him.
It is impossible to reason with crazy.
I’m sure the world can see the truth.
I stand beside my son who acted out of self defense and was scared for his life.
Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family.
Consistently the centre of sadness,
drama and confusion.
Jealous of his sons talent and beauty from the day they were born.
He is sick. The definition of narcissist/sociopath-
His fiancé keeps him drunk - this is what he wants - someone to behave badly with.
It’s terrible
and unfortunately he has made this private matter very public.
I have always tried only to set record straight.
Trying to paint him as not a bad guy.
Just one who is human and made mistakes -
He still cannot handle the guilt about his abusive behavior and has never taken responsibility for what he has done.
Let’s hope this will be his saving grace.
I can only pray for him.
And protect my sons
Who also fiercely protect me.

Brandon has asked me to stay in France and not come home right now.
He is happy and content that I am safe and loved where I am at -
He has invaluable support and has everything under control.
His heart amazes me.
He still does not want to see his dad in Jail
He just wants him to get sober. He was puting together an Intervention (along with friends and people Tommy works with and admired). So that whatever is left of his life can be healthy and peaceful and maybe he will be a healthy part of their lives one day.
Maybe a positive part of our future grandkids life.
Brandon has risked everything to save his father.
He takes his career very seriously.
He does not touch alcohol or drugs - (he understands his genetics) and is an example to many.
He is a tremendous talent that will show the world-
But he has put all on hold for dealing with this.
his family - his brother and our family is his priority.
Believe me
He punched him in the nose for all of us who he has hurt -
Tommy feels humiliated - and is attempting to destroy his own son.
This is the Devil - This is the disease of alcoholism.


Choose Love

Help Refugees is not simply another aid organisation. We’re a group of everyday people, taking joint action to improve lives of refugees. In less than two years, we’ve become the biggest facilitator of grassroots aid on the continent, with more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East.

Terms and Conditions

You don't always know exactly what you've signed up for when you order that ride. Pamela Anderson finds out that it may be a lot less comforting than you think in our newest PSA, created in conjuction with PAVE ( - Terms and Conditions.

Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship

An unlikely pair of voices-the world's most recognizable beauty icon and "America's rabbi"-comes together to diagnose how meaningful, passionate sex is on the decline in Western culture, and what is necessary to save it.

Sex is dying in America. Inundated with sex and starved for it, obsessed with it yet clueless about it, we are slowly forgetting how to make love. The crisis of modern sexuality is seen in high divorce rates, in the degradation of sexuality through pornography, and tasteless displays of empty, counterfeit erotica. Most of all, it's seen in sexless marriages and platonic relationships where cybersex has become more addictive than the real thing. Sex has become so trivialized, coarsened, and vulgarized that couples no longer feel its pull. The once powerful and irresistible magnetism of sex is being diluted and drained.

The authors propose replacing the 1960s' sexual revolution with a new sensual revolution, a rediscovery of intimacy that encourages and ennobles human relationships, elevates healthy lust, and gets us from looking up from the glowing screens of our smartphones to the people around us, most especially the people we love the most.

LUST FOR LOVE embraces the idea that what our most important relationships need most is lust. It is necessary to rediscover what's sexy again, how to bring back romance, and to understand that in addition to love, we need lust to repair our unfulfilling sex lives and broken relationships. LUST FOR LOVE proposes a return to what lovemaking was always meant to be: a desire to know and experience another person in the deepest possible way.

"Opposites attract but they don't always agree as much as these provocative authors and their passionate call for sensuality and sex in marriage."―Mehmet Oz, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Columbia University

"The unlikely pairing of Pamela Anderson and Shmuley Boteach provides surprising power and insight. Any sense that one is there only to provide beauty and the other only wisdom quickly evaporates as together the authors not only explain but demonstrate how listening and respecting those unlike oneself is actually the sexiest thing around. I don't know that I'll ever see Ms. Anderson in tefillin and I know I don't need to see Rabbi Shmuley in the bright red one piece that got me through many dark times. But this book is more than stunt casting -- it's full of actionable advice."―Ken Kurson, former Editor-in-Chief, New York Observer

"Pam Anderson's Baywatch beauty is much more than skin deep with her reflections on Anäis Nin and Freud in this intriguing collaboration with the world's favorite Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, with his wide-ranging wisdom from the Bible to Kosher Sex. Their unique partnership has come up with this engaging exploration in the 'Lust for Love' where readers will greatly enjoy following how their 'pillars of eroticism' can lead to fulfilling the desire for intimacy."―Dr. Judy Kuriansky, international psychologist, United Nations NGO representative, faculty of Columbia University Teachers College, and author of The Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship

"My dear friend Rabbi Shmuley and Pamela Anderson have written an electrifying book about how to bring lust and passion back into relationship and marriage. Passion is the electricity and the energy that we absorb from the universe making us feel fully alive and connected. However, it's secrets have largely remained hidden. It takes wisdom and insight to unearth them. Shmuley and Pamela have done an excellent job at revealing some of these profound mysteries that will transform your life and your relationships."―Uri Geller

About the Authors

PAMELA ANDERSON is an activist, author, mother, actress, and model. A sexual icon since her youth, she is a frequent critic of contemporary cultural attitudes toward sex. A devoted vegan, Anderson has spent her life campaigning and advocating for human and animal rights and for environmental justice.

RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH, whom The Washington Post and Newsweek call "the most famous Rabbi in America," stands among the world's most recognizable and passionate voices on values, spirituality, and relationships. He is the international bestselling author of over thirty books, including Kosher Sex. The Winner of the London Times Preacher of the Year Competition, the National Fatherhood Award, and with thirty years' experience in relationships counseling.

The book will be released on April 24 2018, pre-order now click here

Letter to New South Wales Corrections Minister Peter Severin

Dear Mr. Severin,

I read about your plan to rehabilitate female inmates through mindfulness exercises and yoga and wanted to make a suggestion that could further help them embrace nonviolence: switching to nutritious vegan meals in your correctional facilities. Not only would providing vegan food honour one of the driving principles of yoga — ahimsa, doing no harm — by sparing animals’ lives, it could also help improve the health of the women in your facilities while decreasing long-term healthcare costs. Numerous top studies have shown that a plant-based diet significantly reduces the risk of obesity and cancer and can even reverse heart disease and diabetes. What’s more, a well-planned vegan diet provides all the nutrients that a person needs at a fraction of the cost of meats and cheeses.

There would also be reductions in freezer costs and food waste, since most vegan ingredients can be shipped and stored without refrigeration. Maricopa County Jail in Arizona switched to all-vegetarian food for its 8,000 inmates and reported a saving of US$273,000.  In 2015, I went there with representatives of PETA U.S. to serve lunch to the prisoners, who were impressed by the freshness and quality of the food.

I hope you use this suggestion as one way to reform the female correctional system in New South Wales.

PETA and I would be happy to work with your team to create a low-cost meal plan for your facilities.

Respectfully yours,

Pamela Anderson