Notes and video from trip-
My Brother Gerry (filmmaker) and I learning a lot-
I fund-raise a lot for Haiti
This was my 2nd trip there.
This time focusing on environmental concerns-
Visited Agro forestry school-
With a few strategic and critical NGO’s -
(Those who can and are making a difference – CF, JPHRO, INGA)
Agriculture and reforestation are top issues.
With Inga Foundation’s Mike Hands- tropical ecologist from Cambridge -
Who- has had great success in Honduras (and did years of study in Costa Rica. Alternatives to slash and burn)
Inga can act As “nurse” to rainforest trees–And used in alley cropping.
Long term idea.
10 year programme
Haiti is in need of reforestation, which will help with ground integrity, planting in “rainforest environment” growing quickly- sturdy- creating canopy. Then prune for firewood. Discouraging farmers from slash and burn – it will be an essential part of what people need.
Inga is a great source for all these  issues -
We made a lot of stops over the few days.
I keep looking for surf spots. A surf contest/fundraiser would be a good idea. And -surfers are easy to house- will enjoy the adventure and the ability to help-
It was very nice to revisit JPHRO after I was there 2 years ago.
(I brought cold beer for the volunteers )
This time-
We felt more comfortable not filming tent camp area/families … I didn’t want to be intrusive- for more information please visit www.JPHRO.org to see all their great work.
We had a nice long tour and were amazed at how far they have come.
Great people – hard working – intelligent efforts.
Re housing most of the Tent camp families. Finding ways to rebuild and remove rubble in hardest hit areas.
They have cleared roads , built medical facilities, rebuilt schools,
I was so proud to see familiar faces. A lot of hugs in order.
I remember a much different place. I’m amazed how many young people- How many Haitians working hard for the organization and in the field -all focused. A common goal. They are succeeding. They have become the Model to follow.
Good to see.
We visited a vitiver factory
vitiver can be a popular export. Also the waste from vitiver is good for eco- briquettes-(a possibility)
I love the Amazing Haitian Mangoes, coffee, Beer…
Soul of Haiti is helping to teach good business practices, local farming. They say all Hatians are entrepreneurs- Selling produce is important and community building.
ORE was our last Agricultural visit.
Moussant and Allesant (agroforesters)
Have been at this issue for a long time –trying to reforest areas of national park. But having to deal with so many other issues- You can tell its been difficult. Uphill battle. People cutting into park for firewood. Survival–. (Inga will provide people firewood)
Great long meeting–Lots of smiles- everyone felt encouraged.
Mike and Moussant really hit it off. Inga will be very useful here.
-it all makes sense.

The trip was very successful.

Grace children’s hospital and Mother Theresa Orphanage are in  a transitionary phase.
But are managing.
Lets hope enough funds are raised to rebuild the Hospital -safely.

I have fallen in love with Haiti. Its an inspiring place.
We all may face
a time -where survival and instinct will be what defines us -Helping each other now. Teaches us that no matter what- There is always hope.