Cambridge Opening Speech

by Pamela Anderson

Hellos, etc.-
You may not know me as an activist. But it is what I do with MOST of my time.

I’m very Excited to be here. It’s overwhelming, flattering. At very least I’m honored to be here with you today.

I’ll tell you a bit about my background. -
How all this started for me- .
I was the one -friends brought the sick dog to or the Bird with a broken wing- there’s usually one person in every neighborhood.
My Aunt and I always were putting food and water out for the feral cats in the neighborhood-I was fascinated.- I felt they spoke a secret language because she was deaf…
My father was a hunter. I grew up in Venison and Moose meat.
One day he told me – “Pamela Do Not Go in the Pump house”- so as any 5yr old tomboy would do I swiftly gathered all my girlfriends in ribbons and curls (added for dramatic effect) and marched straight to the pump house. We opened the door – and there hanging upside down was a dead dear with no head dripping -blood into a bucket. Screams – running. I think I blacked out. But do remember returning the favor- traumatizing my father and his friends learning incredible negotiating skills. Pulling out all the stops-
I convinced all of them to
never to Hunt again- I know my Dad never did anyway-
I learned at that age- speaking up does make a difference.
When I was on Baywatch I was getting a lot of attention worldwide. Press was new to me-I wrote to PETA.
I was bored of talking about boyfriends and boobs.
Dan Mathews and I became fast friends and have traveled around the world- crusading for animal rights attaching whatever issue in whatever country I was in for whatever reason- usually making an appearance – it has given meaning to what I do-
We were able to enact a animal protection law that didn’t exist in Austria. Just recently convinced Vladimir Putin to stop importing seal products from Canada. (Where I am from) The first part of the seal hunt this year – so far has been cancelled.

Dan speaks-

Me – water issue
Water is a global issue -
But where I reside at the moment. In the USA.
50 percent of water used is for the meat industry.
To water crops used to feed animals meant for slaughter
To give water to the animals living waiting for slaughter.
Rivers are diverted to water crops and animals
Once beautiful and pristine rivers are now ugly stinky sewers.
Billions of animals waste eventually seeps into water sources choking off marine life- killing off endangered species and messing with the biodiversity of our waterways and our Oceans- pools of sewage farmers sometimes have to suck up and spray so it evaporates into the air and carried by the wind into neighboring fields and up our noses.

Dan speaks of – UN report

Me-Speaking of transport.
The energy it takes -
Starting with
Clearing Rainforest.
Growing grain (mostly soybean- to protein enrich animals) (better to just eat soy no?)Transporting grain – shipped, trucked to refineries that have their own detrimental effects on the environment. The feed is then shipped (often overseas) – then animals are chopped into pieces. – “Prepared”- They are trucked, shipped overseas and are kept in environmentally unfriendly refrigerated warehouses- before finally bring shipped, trucked to grocery store- then there is the food waste element-
Takes up a lot of energy!

Which leads us to some other hopeful solutions- how to tackle reforestation – replace slash and burn agroforestry – replanting possibilities.
Vivienne Westwood made our introduction. We were in Honduras together and most Recently Haiti- returning a week ago.
I’d like to introduce you to founder of Inga foundation -Cambridge Alumni Mike Hands-

Show Glass Walls Video/Paul McCartney
Take Questions

I didn’t read off any paper/ this was what I wrote before going on-
a little intimidated -but kept close to speech–

–talk went 1/2 hr. over. (7-30-9-30)
- good questions.

More info: Study claims meat creates half of all greenhouse gases