Grand Dame of Montenegro acceptance speech

On Monday, October 20th, 2014 Pamela Anderson was awarded The Dame of Grand Cross of the most prestigious knighthood title of Constantine Order of Saint George by Prince Cernetic, the hereditary Prince of Montenegro for her courageous contribution to the protection of marine life and the conservation of the wildlife.


Your Majesty,

I am truly honoured and gratefully humbled by this recognition by the
Imperial House of Montenegro, and by your Majesty¹s graciousness in
bestowing this prestigious title of Grand Dame of Montenegro to me, in
recognition of my activism in defense of animals and especially of marine
life in our Ocean

Your recognition of the need to protect and conserve biodiversity in the
seas and to oppose the brutal exploitation of whales and dolphins and  all
incredible diversity of life in the seas and upon the land of this
beautiful planet is  graciously appreciated.

The Ocean is the life support system for our planet.  Marine wildlife
populations are collapsing under the pressure of poaching, over-fishing,
pollution, acidification and climate change. There is simply no other
issue as serious as this because if our Ocean dies, we die!

We cannot live on a planet with a dead ocean.

My recent involvement with the Sea Shepherd crew in the Faroe Islands
helped to focus international attention on the horrific slaughter of pilot
whales and dolphins.  I was able to stand on the front lines with
international volunteers who achieved what governments have failed to do ­
to stop the killing.

In the summer of 2013 over 1300 pilot whales and dolphins were slaughtered
on the beaches of the Faroe Islands. This recent summer the Faroese
managed to kill just 35.

Speaking from the Faroe Islands on behalf of these incredibly intelligent,
socially complex, self aware sentient beings ­ the whales and dolphins,
was something that I had to do, for none of us can stand idly by in the
face of such horrendous cruelty and senseless ecological destruction.

As a compassionate person, I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to
use my voice to benefit those who cannot speak in their own defense.

This honour that you are presenting to me gives strength to a movement
that I am proud to be a part of - the movement of people everywhere who
care about values like kindness, conservation, and the need to protect
life on both the land and the sea.

On behalf of compassionate people everywhere I intend to use this honour
to enhance my voice for the voiceless, to protect the future of life in
out oceans and upon the land, and to oppose cruelty and destruction
wherever and whenever it arises.

For the Oceans, for life, for diversity and for the future  - thank-you.

photos by Emma Dunlavey