The Better World Awards speech

Hello, I am honored to be here—
Congratulations to all the honorees and their great work—
I wish you strength and courage in your continued activism—
as, for the Animals and my relationship— there are many roads to go down-  I’ve been actively involved in the crusade for decades—
and have witnessed the positive results-
while speaking up for the vulnerable . It is my passion- the innocent…
to expose and speak against needless suffering-
while we offer a lot of comforting and encouragement,
My foundation finds resources to help those on the front lines—
basic needs for animals- and their heroes  - which sparked an idea- separate from my foundation-  a new program I have created-  "Activist Tenure- Driven by Artists"- the freedom fighters of the world-  dedicated to tenurize incomes for activists- the ones that are doing the hard work -to help sustain their families, while they face thankless jobs, and dangerous obstacles- — information and exposure are truth, the future— and it rings loud to our youth—
 it is a movement—stirring and real-Friends, Ai Weiwei, Assange, and Watson— are good examples- of what speaking up - and fighting for whats right, can get you-
there are many examples—unfortunately- and-that needs to change-
As for Formula 1 -there is a sweet connection, I wanted to share with you -
The greatest driver of all time, Michael Schumacher…
who ...we all send our love to... during his long recovery….
along, with his wife Corinna,Helped PETA rescue many dogs trapped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; They helped PETA replace horses pulling carts on Turkish garbage dumps with mini-vans;Michael rescued a beautiful dog he named Flo during a Sao Paulo Grand Prix.  He also helped PETA oppose experiments on monkeys in Germany. Michael Schumacher is not only a champion on the track, but a champion for animals and has been throughout his career., and has set a humanitarian tone- to the industry-

thank you, Michael- we are on your side, you are in our prayers...

and then- yet, another hefty connection-

I love the Ad-  Bernie Ecclestone's daughter, Tamara appeared in for PETA covered in a checkered flag.. bragging-  "Going fur-free is the winning formula.”

She is right! and we appreciate her and formula 1 for that-you won’t find any animal skin in a formula one car- making these hot machines- even sexier by being purely Vegan!

I feel very lucky to be me - an ambassador to compassionate people everywhere,  I’m proud to accept this award at such a prestigious and exciting event— to strengthen my voice for animal protectionism, the environment, the rights of those fighting for freedom - and ... for a better world...

Looking forward to seeing you at the track-

Thank you...