60th Taormina Film Festival

Thank you Tiziana / thank you Taormina- I am so pleased to accept an award on behalf of my own foundation.
I am honored that the work we've done to date merits such a flattering mention.
I have been an activist most my life. The entertainment industry has given me the opportunity to have a voice which I am truly grateful for.
The Pamela Anderson Foundation Embodies everything I am. So hope that leaves you smiling. I will work endlessly supporting those on the front lines - the hard workers,  the warriors - the angels -the goddesses/
Empowering the women of our time -
with Empathy
And love. I promise you-
I have unique ideas.
To reach in unsuspecting places.
To make a difference for the vulnerable.
Let's share our stories.- through personal conversations , through movies, and art.
Let's not be quick to judge each other. You never know where someone has been.
I have a wish- Maybe,
I will see you again.
Recognized as an Artist.- maybe an accomplished international Actress?
We can all dream big.
Thank you.
Ti amo Taormina.