Acceptance Speech for Sam Simon Award - at Mercy For Animals Gala. Sept 12/14

Thank you Sam

Thank you Mercy For Animals. You guys are such gangster cool rebel- undercover sexy maniacs.You too Sam.I feel like there has been my life before meeting SAM and after Meeting Sam.Pre Sam just wasn't as fun...or meaning full - I definitely didn't know how special I was. Or --  how funny I was. It must be pretty easy to make Sam laugh. Or - maybe I'm as funny as Jennifer Tilly.Some how I doubt it. Still an undeniable connection--I just love being a part of your life Sam. It's an honor to be on this journey with you.Along side of you- in trying to help the helpless. You are an inspiration.

For more than the obvious reasons..You are inquisitive, fearless in your activism. You have had undeniable success - and your willingness to put your resources to good use. And - be an even bigger part of your own legacy is unique.  It's not bullshit. Its RAW. It's's exciting. Its a lesson to everyone-

You are living how we all should all the time-  

I'm very honored Sam chose me for this award. He and I are kindred spirits and I've learned a lot from him - not just about how to save animals, something I've been doing since I was a kid. but how to behave as an adult -a constructive citizen- on this planet-- with empathy- and a sense of humor-and how to be brave- in the face of Life's circumstances-speaking up- when no one agrees-  your family, your friends- may not agree- but you push through-- you pioneer a way through what YOU think is right- and follow your own heart-- we all have a purpose-- it's not just following the herd-- or to make others happy , or comfortable- we need unique thinkers = not afraid of following that inner voice--My first action was getting my dad to stop hunting - after I found a freshly killed deer hanging in our shed- with no head- dripping blood into a bucket. All his friends hunted-- it was their "culture" he was numb to it-- it's just what people did in those parts-- sounds familiar - I thought back to that conversation while recently in the Faroes-- they are numb to slaughtering whales senselessly too-

During Baywatch, I wrote PETA to ask how we could shift all the international press interest- from my boobs and the men I might be dating- to more worthy and wilder issues.

Since then, anywhere I travel, I get involved. Either on the front lines- or speaking to politicians-- who are usually quite thrown off- when I walk in the room to make a valid point-- having nothing to live up to has served me well-

We helped pass Europe's best animal law, in Austria, pushed other bills in Israel and Finland, I led protests in Australia, and posed in a lettuce leaf to promote vegan eating. what ever it takes-- I'd rather go Naked than wear fur-- but I think most people know- I'd rather go naked--

I'm proud to be known as Dan Mathew's 'Weapon of Mass Distraction.'

A lot of colorful characters in this group-- some people in the world just don't get the world outside themselves--self centeredness-- self induced issues-- bogus hardships?  I try to encourage living a sensual life-- A life with meaning-- and fun--A life that effects others in a positive way--In the past year especially-  I've been lucky enough to join forces with one of my favorite characters- Sam - we've been on many campaigns together-.I might be able to draw some of the attention but-  Sam seals the deal. Money talks-- but he doesn't just give money-- He shows up-- even, against Doctor's orders-- such a bad boy--I was there to watch him rescue a second set of bears from a roadside zoo this spring. and- Last winter we traveled together to Newfoundland where Sam offered the seal trade association a million dollars if they worked out a formal, permanent end to the slaughter with the Canadian government.

They didn't accept, and they heckled us in the streets. They offered me a million to stop acting-- they ran fast -when I said "I accept!"but - because of Sam's offer - We made news around the world, and got columnists across Canada writing about how foolish it is for the government to keep bailing out the seal trade.

I'm proud to have helped convince the biggest buyer of sealskin - Russia - to formally ban it - like Europe did.   

But-- it wasn't just me, it was activists like you - people everywhere who wrote Putin and wrote the EU and the World Trade Organization.

You don't have to be an actress- or- a Grand Dame or a Countess?  To make your voice count. - Yes- you heard it here first--- I may be the first playmate ever to be knighted-life keeps getting stranger---

We're all in this together. There are so many obstacles - but we have a lot to celebrate. So please, be an active part of Mercy For Animals , and remember, "Never be silent!" when you see animals in trouble.

Thank you,

and -- thank you Sam! I love you--

Thank you for your support-- and Love-- let's keep doing what were doing-- it's important work-

I love you too baby---my biggest doner-- my husband Rick-

Thank you