Acceptance speech for Vegan of the Year - Last Chances for Animals - Los Angeles - Oct 24th, 2015

Thank you Alexander

- fellow crusaders, pirates, and beloved friends of the animal kingdom...  I am thrilled and honored to be 'Vegan of the Year'..

Finally ...after .. the long road of trial and error.

Variations of veggie, and veganism...It IS a destination - a practice.

A religion maybe ? A sensual, and blissful place.

That place of relief, that lives between your eyes - in meditation...Inspiration...

Compassion IS sexy.

Eating compassionately - is not only sensual… it something we can do as individuals… control what goes into our mouths... A good first step-  in doing our humble part, to save the world.

I have to tell you- I just made the most incredible vegan 'loaf"? not a fan of word loaf? But-  I made it-  with farrow, lentils, grated sweet potato, grated leeks. Fresh parsley, mushrooms..I soaked some walnuts..  added them to sauteed tomatoes and a bit of agave. Blended -in my cuisinart. then combined together - and threw in the oven as I was prepping the ‘loaf’ I baked a whole pumpkin. (for an hour)- I get so excited about cooking now— sorry

But I made pumpkin pie.!!

My breakfast this morning was a beautiful combination of my veggie loaf, sliced avocados,  red pepper hummus. It was beautiful to look at- You eat with your eyes first. I love my little online show- The Sensual Vegan. I'm kind of obsessed.

I have been Vegan for years - but, I have never felt better.  

3 days till I'm cured if hep C (99%) -

I feel like I'm getting 20 years back of my life. I'm going to make the best of it. I wish I could show you my fridge. I'm so proud of my mason Jars filled with filtered water, rosemary, lavender, ginger, lemon. My beauty water experiments...

Vegan is beautiful.

It's creative, It looks beautiful in your fridge. On your plate - and- it's beautiful for the soul, and the planet--. and, To be honored - for honoring the lives of others - is exciting--

I am grateful for all that LCA and everyone here does -

Beyond food.

Chris DeRose was the first Animal Activist I knew of. My first year on Baywatch. My Christmas card was my dog Star - wearing my Baywatch watch - the card read "Every few minutes an animal is lost to experimentation" .  I donated 5,000 dollars in honor of Baywatch cast and crew for their Christmas gift. They weren't sure even what that was- well- except Alexander Paul. She was a great influence on all of us- an activist, for the environment... I cant remember if it was Alexander or Mario Van Peebles mom - who would tell me... 1 sheet of toilet paper for a pee? 2 for a…..poop?

And - I know it was Alexander who was on everyone. about not taking too many napkins - recycling— she’d hunt you down if she saw any littering or excessive use of napkins— She was a force on the set... and, it’s so nice to see her continue the fight… and so nice for me to be apart of it..  we were good kids… I don’t know what happened — but life takes twists and turns--

It’s been a wild ride.

Even getting to be Vegan -

Don't beat yourself up. It's a journey.

From my experience- a 'Canadian vegetarian' still ate fish?

And - even with all the knowledge I had about the cruelty in slaughterhouses and Dairy industry.. I still could not figure out how to cook without butter?

Thank goodness there are many - much better - alternatives. I wanted to learn how to cook more vegan dishes - build my repertoire. I called my brother to film my cooking lessons- and that's the show-- It is so fun, organic in every way— It feels so good.

I am a very enthusiastic student— always- and I felt the need to share- the little tricks— the alternatives-- Ask the questions everyone wants to ask. Delahna and I love to talk about all the sexy benefits -

I can't help myself.

The energy, the love.


All... is much better with a Vegan...

Who needs cialis.?

I don't trust people who don't like onions. and, Definitely don't date them. Onions are GREAT for blood flow. If you know what I mean.

Thank you again.

I love you all!!!!  

Thank you