To the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau


Pamela Anderson & Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Pamela Anderson Foundation


To: Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Office of the Prime Minister - Parliament Buildings


December 3rd, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Your election as Prime Minister is like a warm return of Spring after a bitterly long winter. 

The harsh and cold rhetoric of the Harper years has melted away and a more compassionate sun now shines down upon Ottawa sending warm waves of reason, equality and fairness across the nation.

We are proud of our country’s representation at COP 21 in Paris and your leadership provides hope, not just for Canada, but also for the planet. 

On behalf of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society we want to express to you our joy, delight and relief for your election as leader of our nation.

Finally we have a government that cares about people, cares about our environment, understands the reality of climate change, seeks justice for our indigenous peoples and transparency and academic freedom for government scientists.

We are delighted with your choice of Catherine McKenna as the new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and we are happy that for the first time in a very long time we have a cabinet that truly reflects the rich diversity of our multicultural society. 

Mr. Prime Minister, we want you to know that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Pamela Anderson Foundation and our international support base of more than a million people applaud your new government and we would like to offer you as much support as we can in implementing policies and programs that protect biodiversity and eco-systems in the waters of our three oceans.

We would like to work with you to repair the damage to oceanic ecosystems, to recover diminished populations of cod in the Atlantic, to protect indigenous salmon in the Pacific and to restore vitally needed fisheries and environmental research.

There is now a need more than ever to protect endangered and threatened species in the Arctic and we want to work with you, to offer our ships and volunteers to help in anyway we can to protect the ecological heritage of the far north. 

Mr. Prime Minister as Canadians and as directors of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Pamela Anderson Foundation we would like to stand with you in addressing the threats to the environment, to our animals, plants and people as we move forward into a new era that will require cooperation, leadership, imagination and courage to find solutions to mitigate climate change and to find ways to cope with this threat to our survival both as a species and as a nation.

Canada has always been a pioneer in the tackling environmental challenges. Our nation is the birthplace of the Greenpeace Foundation, the Suzuki Foundation and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. 

Our former international chair, the late Farley Mowat, once told us that Canada was the cradle of the modern environmental movement and that the relationship that Canadians have with nature is deeply spiritual and reflects our true and inspirational values.

We are the nation of the beaver, the moose, the whale, the bear, the loon, the wolverine, the salmon, the cod and the ptarmigan. We are the nation of the Douglas fir, the silver birch, the cedar and the maple. And we are the nation of a people born out of the deep silence of the dark woods, the great rivers, the towering Rockies and a land so vast and wild that it will forever define us as a people at one with nature, wilderness, and the majesty of creation.

We are Canadians and you sir are the leader we have been waiting a very long time for, a leader that has the potential to make us great again as a compassionate, just and inspiring people.

Most Sincerely Yours

Captain Paul Watson

Founder (1977) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Pamela Anderson 

Chair – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

President – Pamela Anderson Foundation