Moscow dinner for IFAW, Donors and sympathetic people, Activists wanting to join forces.


One of the things that Russians and Canadians have in common is that we are citizens of nations with vast territories of wilderness and with large populations of wild citizens of diverse species.

In wilderness there is a future. In wilderness there is hope. In wilderness there is freedom.

We should not be complacent about the natural treasures we are blessed with. Indeed it bestows on us an awesome responsibility to be custodians and to bequeath what we have to our children and their children’s children.

The Iroquois held the view that we must not make any decision until we take into consideration the consequences of our decisions on all future generations.

The lands of Russia like those of Canada are silent monuments of all that has come before and within the dark forests, from the tops of the mountains to the depths of million lakes a busy biodiversity of species maintains our life support systems. Our lands in all their richness straddle to top of the planet and we who are fortunate to live in these times must understand the importance of living harmoniously with all other species.

Russia like Canada is more than just a nation of people. We are nations of diversity of life and our survival and our happiness rests on maintaining that diversity.

This world is self sustaining but only if we as the dominant species participate in the process of renewal with the tools of conservation Kindness and Empathy.

I may be a little naive, and I certainly do not want to offend anyone -But- For the record. I must say- I do not believe in sexism, racism or speciesism. There is no one here more important than a dog or a cat or a whale or a chimpanzee... We must coexist. Harmoniously .. without war, With out guns, without bombs, maybe even without military, or borders. There is no superior religion or race.
The planet was not made for just humans- to devour,
and corrupt ...
It feels like a bad dream -
FeAr IS an illusion- it is used
to control people-
to feed into the fantacism -is propogandic mind tampering - ,
to be fighting and killing over,
what we all crave..
and deserve.
for ALL living things.  
The only REAL issue before us - is saving the planet.
Giving people the freedom they deserve- to love who they wish - to just be who they are -
love heals in all forms.
We must create more
Renewable energy options -not be toying, bartering with fossil feuls, we must protect the biodiversity of land and sea... Is our only hope.
There is a dangerous
chess game going on around us.
-maybe,  it's just to see - who might save the day.
At this point. desperately...
I believe it is President Putin -
He or ...
Sean Penn. ?
Who knows...
It's a toss up.
Enjoy your evening.
For all the Oceans
And, Lands creatures. We must focus on what's important.
Life ...
And ... Freedom for All -

Let me just put something out there. 2 remaining issues I need to get more specific about.
While I'm surrounded by generous and pro-active people.
I want to share with you what I am currently working on-

The introduction of Sea sanctuary Pens - to replace sea aquariums works wide.

Russia could pioneer the setting up of Sea Pens, places to hold and rehabilitate Orcas. There has been much talk about it but nothing established so far. I think if Russia initiated it, NGO’s could contribute to it. I think we could start such a program for around 12 million Euros and once started, enlist foundations and NGO’s to help fund the program. The most important thing is to secure a suitable location – an ice free bay or fjord that can be netted off at the entrance.

As for the Salmon Farms being discussed ;

Salmon farms are ecologically destructive for the following 10 reasons.

Introduction of an exotic invasive species into an ec0-system it does not belong. Many salmon will escape into the wild presenting competition and spreading disease to other wild salmon and other fish species.
40% of the fish caught in the wild is converted to fish meal to feed domestic animals and a very large percentage goes to create fish pellets to feed to domestic salmon. It is estimated that at least 70 fish must be caught in the wild to raise on farm raised salmon.
Salmon farms attack predators like seals, bears, eagles etc causing the salmon farmers to kill wildlife species.
Salmon farms drop a great deal of fecal material into the water that concentrates on the bottom and depletes oxygen for marine life.
Salmon farming is chemical intensive with chemicals used to keep growth off the nets.
Salmon farm used a great amount of antibiotics to counter the disease causes by over-crowding.
Diseases from domestic salmon have spread to wild salmon species.
Salmon farms also breed sea lice which transfer to wild salmon fingerlings with lethal consequences
Salmon raised on salmon farms have a dirty white flesh. The red in wild salmon comes from feeding on krill. To replace the loss of krill, reddish dye is mixed with the food to artificially colour the flesh.
Salmon farming utilizes growth hormones and genetically modified manipulation to create larger fish in half the time.

As for the Transit of endangered Whale Meat. it's quite simple-

If Russia refuses to issue a permit to Iceland for the transfer of whale meat through their waters, Iceland will not be able to transfer whale meat through Russian waters.
In addition to the permit, Russia provides ice breaking and pilotage assistance.

Or remove permits all together so conservationists like sea shepherd can follow them through the waters and make it more difficult to act illegally.

Thank you everyone.