Press-conference “Pamela Anderson-Conservationist" in ITAR-TASS for Russian and Foreign media

Moscow Dec 7, 2015

The world today is a complicated place and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is good and what is bad. Many things are not what they seem and different media put different political spins on every story depending upon the political position of the various media corporate agendas.

A cynical public sees a corporate agenda behind every decision with decisions being made for the few at the expense of the many.

Because of this it is becoming very difficult to win the hearts and minds of the international public because the public is becoming increasingly skeptical about what is truth and what is not.

In a world filled with the shallowness of political leadership, people are desperate for leadership guided by imagination, courage and compassion.

A government that can provide inspiring leadership demonstrating these three virtues is a government that can win the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

I believe that Russia can lead with these three virtues. Russia has demonstrated both courage and imagination in decision-making already and because of this Russia has become more credible in the eyes of the international public than many other nations.

People want the truth and they want leaders with the courage to tell them the truth.

People also want hope. Hope for the future and especially hope for the future of their children.

People desperately need leadership that inspires hope and the best way to inspire hope is through the exercise of compassion and acts of kindness.

Compassion for people, compassion for animals, compassion for nature and compassion for those unborn whose future we today are determining.

It is the people of the future who will judge us. Will history condemn or absolve us?

Did we leave them a better world than we are ourselves received? Did we consider their lives and the kind of world they will live in?

What do the people of the future want? What do they need?

They need a world that has not been looted of its natural treasures, a world of elephants, rhinos, whales, dolphins, seals, leopards, lions and all the wonderful species that this planet has been blessed with.

They need a world that has learned to live in harmony with the wonderful biodiversity of life because diversity of species and the interdependence of species is the foundation of life.

They need a world where the forests have not been destroyed, the ocean has not been polluted with plastic, chemicals, radiation and noise.

The need an ocean that is given time to recover from over-exploitation with strict moratoriums on commercial fishing and effective anti-poaching controls.

I believe that Russia has the courage and the imagination to implement effective conservation strategies and that Russia as a nation can pioneer the evolution in humanity’s approach to a world that understands, values and appreciates the importance of both diversity and interdependence.

I would love to see a Russia that pioneers the end of captivity of dolphins, belugas and Orcas.

I would love to see a Russia that enforces wildlife conservation regulations and prohibits the transport of illegally exploited wildlife products through Russian waters.

I would love to see a Russia that takes a stronger and more effective stand against wildlife poaching.

This would be a Russia that the people of the world would admire for the exercise of a visionary and compassionate leadership.  

I would love to work with Russia to implement an agenda of compassionate vision for the future.

And towards this end I can offer my role as a media celebrity to promote compassionate leadership through appearances, talks, writings, video, social networks and interviews. 

I would like do all that I can do, and be all that I can be, to help protect and defend animals and nature.  It is my fervent wish that the government and people of Russia will work with me to make this a better world for all of humanity and a world where nature’s diverse species, on land and in the sea, can survive and help us to deliver a better world to all of our children.