Bye Bye Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram. Nothing personal.

Not world news-
But -
I thought I'd explain my disappearance on social media- Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
I had to get off the crazy train.
I think there are some obvious positive aspects.
But- I think the bad .. out weigh the good.
I'm not a big fan of technology
I think it is consuming us.  
Controlling us.
Desensitizing us.
Destroying relationships.
The browsing alone takes precious time out of our day -
Time we could be taking to talk to our children, or make love, walk our dog... or make a physical difference In a sensual world.
I know - It helps to bring awareness to incredible things -
But - hard work does that even better.
I don't even understand most tweets. And - my personal life is my own.
Not meant for Instagram.
What was I thinking?  
How many Likes/followers do not define me... Or anyone.
And ... the bullying. ??  The retouched selfies.... And underage risque snapchats?
An obsession. -
It can't be a healthy platform for kids.
It's too much -
For me anyway -
I've taken all my accounts down.
I'm sure no one will miss me.
That's even better.
Reality is...
No one really cares.
Celebrities buy followers, pay tabloids.
Where is the mystery ?
Fans are fans with or without social media.
It's a set up.
I'm going to create a beautifully informative website -
about my foundation. And - all our hard work. So - I'm not giving up that. Just the daily insanity -
No more apps!!  
I think this is my best idea - so far.
Nothing personal.
I feel free.
I am -
Pamela Anderson