My beautiful Sammy left this earth.

March 8th at 6:18pm
My beautiful Sammy left this earth.
But - life doesn't end.
I feel him next to me.   
And how fortunate we all are
his ideas will live on,  blossoming now,
Still yet to come -
For the animals, and plant kingdom-
Many seeds
he have been planted - that will improve our lives always continuously.
He communicated with laughter (the highest vibration) like a dolphin.
In his work...
He has touched so many. Made us a laugh and heal. A Genius.
He is
A hero, the toughest man I ever met.
A Bad Ass.
An angel, a true gentleman.
He never complained.
On his sickest days,
he walked me to my car.
Opened doors for me in the rain. Hugged and kissed me.
Told me that I was 'the most special creature on earth'  a man every woman can dream of. -
We all adored him.
Kate, Jen - my heart aches with yours.
He taught me about love.
I've never felt so loved.
I'll never settle for less.
You made me promise that..
And -
I'm eternally grateful.
I love you.
Sammy ... (S + P)