Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico

October 20, 2004
The Honorable Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico
New Mexico State Capitol, 4th Fl.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Dear Governor Richardson:
I was amazed to hear that the cruel spectacle of cockfighting is still legal in New Mexico. Two
roosters are armed with razor-sharp knives and prompted to stab each other until one is dead or too badly injured to continue the “game.”
New Mexico offers an abundance of art, film, and other forms of entertainment that make it a
culturally rich place to live as well as to visit—but cockfighting is a turnoff. Considering that two thirds of voters want the state to ban cockfighting—which 48 other states have already done, most of them 100 years ago—I wonder why New Mexico’s legislators have not taken action. Please take a leadership position and guide the law through the legislature in 2005.
The whole country is watching, especially Hollywood, which your office actively courts for the
film business.

Pamela Anderson