Hannes Germann - President of the Council of States of Switzerland

The Pamela Anderson Foundation
September 25, 2014

Hannes Germann - President of the Council of States  - Services of Parliament
Parliament - CH 3003 Bern

Dear Mr. Germann,

As a proud Canadian, I was delighted to learn that the Swiss Council of States has approved a bill to ban seal-fur imports from my native country. I became active in marine-mammal issues well before my Baywatch days and have been working for years with PETA, the world's largest animal-protection organization, to help end Canada's commercial seal slaughter. The World Trade Organization's recent decision to uphold the EU's ban on seal products underscores the fact that the welfare of seals targeted by commercial hunts is a legitimate public moral concern. There were no exports of Canadian pelts reported for 2014, and the council's decision further shows that the world has moved on from seal products. Thank you for joining the EU, Russia, Taiwan, the U.S., and others that have banned seal fur and taken a stand for the tens of thousands of seals who die every year for a product that nobody needs or wants.

Pamela Anderson