Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

December 10, 2008
HRH Queen Beatrix
Noordeinde Palace
Postbus 30412
2500 GK Den Haag
The Netherlands

Your Majesty: I'm thrilled to be visiting Holland this week not only because of the country's charm but also because of its progressive outlook on two issues close to my heart: sex and animal rights. These topics overlap when it comes to fur: Nothing has less sex appeal than a fur coat. I was thrilled to learn from PETA and Bont voor Dieren that Holland has banned several kinds of fur farming, and I hope it will consider enacting a ban on all types of fur farming. The majority of Dutch citizens are opposed to wearing fur, and a ban on fur farming would be an enormous inspiration for other countries and animal lovers around the world. I hope my presence at the Millionaire Fair will encourage people to consider that they can have a look that kills without killing and that nobody should support gassing, strangling, or electrocuting animals—especially for a luxury item.
I hope that my next visit will be to celebrate a complete ban on fur farming in Holland.

Kind regards,

Pamela Anderson