John I. Bitove, Chair and CEO Priszm Canadian Income Fund

May 4, 2005
John I. Bitove Chair and CEO Priszm Canadian Income Fund

Dear Mr. Bitove,
Your attempt to spin your company’s involvement in the crippling and drugging of millions of animals each year is a turn-off. Claiming that “everyone else is doing it” doesn’t absolve your company of its own responsibilities, and claiming that you audit your suppliers is nonsense, since even your own animal welfare panelists don’t know about any audit program—and you’ve been unable to supply a single detail to PETA, the media, or the public.
I’m no more convinced by your duplicity than my fellow Canadians Dr. David Suzuki, Farley Mowat, and Elizabeth May, who recently filed a Competition Bureau complaint against your company for misleading the public about the fact that chickens raised for food in Canada have every natural desire thwarted and that they are bred and drugged up so that they can’t even walk, cooped in their own excrement for their entire lives, and often scalded to death while they are still completely conscious. If KFC treated dogs or cats as abusively as it treats chickens, Mr. Bitove, you could be prosecuted for the crime of cruelty to animals.
I intend to do what I can to let consumers in Canada and around the world know about my new video, which PETA has made available free for viewing or download at, so that everyone can decide for themselves whether the gruesome cruelty to animals perpetrated by KFC is “ethical.”
I’ll join you for lunch when you’re ready to announce that KFC Canada will adopt PETA’s four-point animal welfare program, which is endorsed by the world’s leading animal welfare experts, including members of your own animal welfare panel.
Until then, you’ll be dining alone.

Pamela Anderson