Matt Tupper, President and CEO POM Wonderful

October 19, 2006
Matt Tupper, President and CEO
POM Wonderful, LLC
11444 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064-1549

Dear Mr. Tupper:
I just learned from my friends at PETA that POM has been funding deadly animal tests. I’m shocked that these experiments—like the one in which an experimenter artificially created erectile dysfunction in rabbits with painful balloon injuries to their arteries—are being conducted to test the health effects of juice, especially when there are alternatives that provide accurate results without hurting anyone.
That’s why I’ve decided to call for a boycott and post a feature on my Web site highlighting the horrible things that POM has paid experimenters to do to animals, unless you can assure me of two things:
1. POM and the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Trust will follow the lead of Welch’s and many of your pomegranate juice competitors (e.g., Frutzzo, Naked, Old Orchard, etc.) by signing a statement promising not to fund or conduct tests on animals ever again, unless it is legally required.
2. If POM believes that some test is legally required, POM will discuss that test with PETA’s director of regulatory testing first, so that PETA can suggest alternatives. POM must also show that any such test is legally required and make a documented attempt (e.g., filing waivers with the FDA) to avoid such testing.
I’m sure that my fans will be as disgusted as I am when they watch the video I’ll post about vivisection and learn about POM’s support for such horrible and unnecessary treatment of animals. I also have many friends in the nightclub business; you can be sure that they won’t be serving any “POMtinis” until POM agrees to never test its products on animals again.
I hope to hear back from you about this issue soon.
Pamela Anderson