Paul S. Michaels, President Mars, Inc.

December 12, 2007
Paul S. Michaels, President
Mars, Inc.
6885 Elm St.
McLean, VA 22101

Dear Mr. Michaels:
When I helped promote Mars green M&M's last year, I had no idea that your company funded and supported hideous experiments that involved shoving feeding tubes down rats' throats for months, cramming mice into underwater chambers for hours, forcing mice to swim in pools of paint and water, cutting out rabbits' blood vessels to their hearts, surgically ripping open rats' legs to expose arteries, and sticking needles into rats' hearts. When my friends at PETA showed me evidence that Mars continues to fund cruel and pointless animal tests, I was shocked—and it takes a lot to shock me.
I'm aware that your largest competitor, Hershey's, has pledged not to fund or conduct animal tests in their research. Surely Mars can match Hershey's commitment to provide tasty treats without forcing animals to suffer in labs. Please don't be a grinch. Until you promise to end all support for animal experiments done for your ingredients, I'll be encouraging everyone I know to choose other candy, like Hershey's, this holiday season.

Please let me hear from you. Thank you.

Pamela Anderson