Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic of Finland

20 June 2007
The Honourable Tarja Halonen
President of the Republic of Finland
Mariankatu 2 00170 Helsinki

Dear President Halonen:
As a person of Finnish descent, I am thrilled to be visiting Finland. I’ll be there for this weekend’s Rauma Festival. Although I am proud of my heritage, I was disappointed to learn that Finland kills more foxes for their fur than just about any other nation on the planet. My friends at PETA tell me that 4 million animals are raised and killed on Finnish fur farms every year. In this day and age, violence is not an export that any country should be proud of.
Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but from the moment they are born to the moment they die, animals on fur farms suffer tremendously. After months of being confined to crowded, filthy cages, animals on fur farms are killed by suffocation, neck-breaking, or genital or anal electrocution. Sometimes these crude killing methods only stun animals, and they end up being skinned alive.
As you are no doubt aware, Austria and the UK have banned fur farms, and Holland is phasing out fox and chinchilla farming. It’s time for Finland to move into the 21st century and follow suit.
President Halonen, will you please make the compassionate and progressive decision to ban fur farming in Finland? I look forward to your response regarding this important matter.

Kindest regards,
Pamela Anderson