Alison Redford, Premier of Alberta, Canada

July 16, 2012
The Honourable Alison Redford
Premier of Alberta

Dear Premier Redford:
I am writing on behalf of PETA to appeal to you to take decisive action to stop the deadly chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede. This reckless event—in which horses are routinely killed—must come to an end.
Horses used in chuckwagon races have sustained fractured legs and broken backs and suffered heart attacks. Despite new rules designed to make the races less deadly, three horses died and another sustained serious injuries in this year's Stampede. It's clear that there's nothing that can make these races safe. The chuckwagon races must be eliminated once and for all.
As a Canadian, I am ashamed that these races continue even as horses die. Can I please hear that you'll use your influence to convince Stampede organizers to do the right thing and permanently end these spectacles?
Thank you for your time and attention.
Yours truly,
Pamela Anderson