Evgeny Shumilov - Economic Officer - Embassy of the Russian Federation to the U.S.

The Pamela Anderson Foundation

Dear Evgeny,

Thank-you for accepting my request to visit you in Russia.

I am looking forward with both excitement and hope to the visit and meeting with the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergey Donskoy at the East Russia Economic Forum in Vladivostok.  I am very interested in having my Foundation work with the government of Russia to make the world a better place.

Russia’s commitment to defending bio-diversity on both land and in the sea is imperative if we are to take the effective measures that are needed. Russia’s initiative in opposing Monsanto’s destructive operations in the face of that giant corporations ability to buy off other governments is a threat to life on this planet.

I am also impressed that Russia has taken the position that saving bees is a priority. Without bees, the world’s agricultural productivity will be severely stressed and tens of millions of people will suffer.

Although the shipment of endangered Fin whale meat illegally exploited by Icelandic whalers is presently on route through Russian waters bound for Japan, I am hopeful that we can discuss Russia looking into banning such transits of protected species in the future. If we are to restore biodiversity in the Ocean, we need to replenish the ocean of whales, dolphins, fish and the thousands of diverse and important species that make up the foundation of our oceanic life support systems.

Protecting animals is more than just an ethical issue. With 65 billion animals slaughtered every year, the meat industry is now producing more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry. We have removed over 90% of the marine biomass from the sea since 1950 and plankton populations have been diminished by between 30% and 40%.

These are some of the things I would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you. We need a global movement to defend the ecological integrity of the entire planet. And with your indulgence I would love to bring with me, a recently released film that I am proud to be a part of called Unity.

I shall make preparations to be in Russia in September and I am very much looking forward to meeting you to discuss important issues that we both are very much concerned with.

Respectfully Yours

Pamela Anderson