Mercy for Animals presentation of the 2nd annual Sam Simon award by Pamela Anderson (1st recipient)

Drawing by Sam Simon

Drawing by Sam Simon

Photo by John Tracey

Photo by John Tracey

We miss you ...
What an honor it was, to be given the 1st Sam Simon award -
from the man himself.
Just last year -
he was here with us.
Still- He just doesn't feel gone to me.  Awards like this,  will be a consistent reminder of just that...
We will never forget Sam.
Sam was a rebel... genuis -
He was always a caring, generous and talented man..
And - his activism ignited him even more -
And I'm sure extended his life -
his precious, gangster life,
cut too short....
live fast - till the end.
Give it all you got - While you got it.
He went at it with all he had., everything he did...
He was brave - he was unique.
There will never be another Sam.  
This award represents his spirit.
His fiestyness. - his fuck off- ness..
Sam loved for all the right reasons.  He was a friend, with no strings attached.
To love without attachment is truly Inspiring -
There is so much to mention -
but just a reminder.
How Sam's such strong support of Mercy For Animals, PETA, Last Chance for Animals and Sea Shepherd has literally changed the world... He flew long distances when he was sick to Japan and with me to eastern Canada (against Dr's orders) he was extremely generous, and he continues to be - His estate is being auctioned at Sothebys /and everything goes to charity ... The Sam Simon Foundation - his legacy lives on.. and on. We know he's always up to something - that hasn't ended by any means.
His 'colorful way' touched so many people - and exposed them to animal issues in a way completely unique to Sam. Crying and Laughing at the same time is - an ecstatic gift.
that he taught me - we did it a lot. - to feel...  When I heard his voice in the film "Unity"  - It made me so happy - to hear his voice immortalized.
My heart exploded -
With all those feelings facing me at once
I looked at what is before us.
The questions we all have.
Am I doing enough?... Am I making any difference at all? Do my kids understand... the importance of this work?
As activists - we struggle at times with these Questions...

I emailed Shaun Monson(the amazing director of 'Unity')-  after a screening -
feeling a little thrown.

I want to share with you what
He said.

Don’t lose heart.  

In the words of Dori (from Finding Nemo) he said-
 “Just keep swimming.”  
He added-
I’m sure the abolitionists way back when- were so overwhelmed by the seemingly unsurmountable task of ending slavery, especially -
when the President at the time
owned slaves, and - all the major corporations.  
The immense pressure...their souls -must have been under, feeling so strong in their hearts that this terrible practice must end, while at the same time - faced with the undeniable fact that slavery was everywhere.-
They were told that the entire economy of the USA was built on slavery,
and that if they abolished it,
 it would literally financially destroy America.  
The pressure, I can only imagine, must’ve been immense.

But they kept at it anyway.

We - are today’s abolitionists, as you know.  We’re not always popular, and we’re often ridiculed, but - we know in our hearts that this-  is what we must do, so we just have to turn all this into - fuel.
He said-
Whenever you feel overwhelmed,
turn it into FUEL.... 

You’re not alone in this.  

Every body here tonight.
I want you to
I know SAM would agree with Shaun - and especially Dory...

Just keep swimming …

The 2nd Sam Simon award goes to another rebel. A wild man. I couldn't dream of two better men to be sandwiched between.
Not ... such a lonely place.
The shy, the brave, the lifelong activist - the creative and talented artist.


Morrisey couldn't be here tonight- he's performing.
A Brilliant shining light in a cruel time. A poet - a powerful voice.
A beautiful man.
Sam would be stoked!!! Wow! Morrisey??? ...
He'd think this is so cool.
You know -  he's here. (There is more out there then just this)
He's laughing. Drinking, smoking- He's embracing us all.
And, he'd just would want us to think of him with a smirk or a smile and have fun. Enjoy all this... We are alive- we are shepherds of this planet.
We are doing what we love-
and we will   -
just like Sam .. Do all we can to encourage love and Joy for all-
Till our -very - last - breath.