The Sunday Times

                                            (Photo:Roe Ethridge)

                                            (Photo:Roe Ethridge)


Pammy on a plate- 

Just to be clear... 

in this interview -

I did NOT mention the stolen home movies someone (we never found out who) stole. We did not owe construction money (that may be confused - because of a lawsuit I had long after my marraige-at a different home construction - where I was grossly overcharged - but resolved amicably) I have never seen 'the tape' a theif created about my husband and I - I wouldn't know what my hair looked like-  and - we NEVER made ANY money off our private moments - 

We agreed 'the damage was done'- and - to let it go- We were spending too much time, energy and money defending our private property- when it was already 'out there' .... I was pregnant with Dylan - and the stress of the lawsuit I feared,  was affecting my pregnancy-  they were cruel and ruthless to me- I was in tears every day of depositions- so - we just stopped fighting. Our family's well being came first. 

Still - in the end - it sadly took it's toll on our relationship - it was too much

I still do not understand the interest. Or - why others followed suit -purposely? ... 

It seems a desperate attempt for fame -

and 'the root of evil'- 


I'm happy with the rest of article -

And - the writer, photographer and I got along well.

 I'm surprised at the slip up here. Maybe added by the editor? 

- some like to do that- it's just old news - 

The blessing is- 

It gave me a chance to clarify.