Sergey Donskoy - Minister of Natural Resources and Environment,Russia


The Pamela Anderson Foundation

To: The Honourable Sergey Donskoy

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

September 5th, 2015

Dear Minister Sergey Donskoy,

Thank-you sincerely for your gracious invitation to attend and to speak at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. Everyone was most welcoming and receptive and I was quite honoured to be given the wonderful opportunity to address the delegates to the conference and most happy to have been able to contribute to the fund raising efforts to promote efforts to protect and conserve threatened populations of tigers and leopards. I was impressed with how progressive the conference was and the opportunity to bear witness to the dedication of many in Russia to the cause of wildlife conservation and welfare.

I remain hopeful that Russia will act to stop the shipments of meat from endangered whales in Iceland from transiting Russian waters to Japan and I am hopeful the Russia will release the 18 Beluga whales and 12 Orcas back into the wild. My trip was most enlightening and you gave me the opportunity to learn about both the problems and to hear possible solutions.  I appreciate the many contacts made and the valuable discussions that I feel honoured to have participated in.Eastern Russia is beautiful and I will treasure the fond memories of my visit here and of the people that I met and spoke with.

Thank-you for making me feel so welcome and for giving me the opportunity to speak in defense of the many species of animals that we, the people of all nations must be responsible for. For only by ensuring their survival, can we ensure our own survival. It is this interdependence of species that maintains the balance of the eco-systems that supports us all, both humans and non-human on the land and in the sea around the planet. 

Yours most sincerely

For life, diversity, interdependence and harmony.

Pamela Anderson