Some proceeds from your New Year’s Eve event in Miami went to the Pamela Anderson Foundation. The humane treatment of animals is the issue most people associate with you, but the foundation is interested in much more, including “defending human curiosity,” “freedom of information” and “education and justice for the vulnerable.” What issue (or issues) will be at the top of your list in 2016, and what potential solution will you be working on? 

I have recently been appointed 'Chair' of The Board of Directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I am taking very seriously. I am 100 % alligned with there views- it is a natural move. I am very honored. Top of our list-

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is fighting for whales in the U.S. courts, to put a permanent end to Japan’s illegal slaughter- as well as protecting the Vaquitas in Mexico -

I have plans early in the year to meet with many governments- Costa Rica, Turks and Cacoas- Mexico, The Phillipines, proposing more anti poaching efforts in sea sanctuaries all over the world. I have a few good charities I support. I prefer to help those on the front lines, of the real action. This includes helping activists. I am working on a tenure program that will be supported by artists. 

Among your concerns has been Haiti, working with Sean Penn’s organization. Have you been to Haiti? What do people need to know about the country, and what organization deserves their attention if they want to help?

I went to Haiti soon after the earthquake to help with food distribution in tent camps. I visited JPHRO in it's beginning stages.  I went back a few years later and I was very impressed at what they were able to achieve. This time I had brought with me- scientist Mike Hands of The Inga Foundation addressing - the deforestation issue. I an very concerned about the devestation of Mangroves and precious biospheres . JPHRO does great things. I've known Sean a long time - we've shared a few war stories.  He has my respect - he is a fighter - an intellectual. He cares. My friends include warriors like Vivienne Westwood and Captain Paul Watson.  I have tremendous appreciation for do-ers - straight shooters -from the soul with fearless determination. I would recommend supporting JPHRO. Sea Shepherd. PETA and highly recommend checking in with Climate Revolution. (Watch - read Vivienne's blogs) - Active Resistence. Our Religion should be honoring the world we inhabit with love and grace. 

Can you describe the most recent hands-on project you did – caring for an animal or otherwise – and what was the most memorable emotional or physical sensation your felt during or after that experience?

I was in Vladivostok, Russia and visited the Amur Leopard reintegration center - I was asked if I wanted to go for a ride in hopes of spotting a cat. But, not wanting to disturb her. I instead watched her on film - They named her 'Pamela'. They said she was not shy of the hidden cameras in the forest . She always found one to pose for. Amur Leopards are endangered. IFAW's Russian Council has been extremely effective. We must be very careful not to wipe out these important species. The world was not made for humans alone- of course we all respond to these magnificent beauties. But-

Even in the case of bees. They can survive without us- but we cannot without them. And- If the oceans die - we die. It's serious. 

Have your looks been an asset or a hurdle to overcome as you try to do such serious work? What is your favorite example of how looks helped you advance your work on an issue. 

Oh boy. I dont think I'm much of a looker. I'm more like a blonde blur-  who's leaving her mark. I love being a wild spirit. I have been blessed to be given such amazing creative oppertunities to do good in the world. What ever has brought me to this place. I take with a smile - and a thank you... 

I just want to do more. 

I’ve read that you’ve been communicating with Vladimir Putin lately via letters and intermediaries. What do you want from him, and how do assess his response?


He is a powerful man with a love if wildlife. He is someone who can make a real difference in the world -when it comes to Climate Change. And protecting Endangered Species. We have made progress with my meetings there- 

I challenged Russia with- 

Who will win the Earth race? 

There is no time left. I want to do my small part to care for the planet anyway I can. It's gotten me pretty far surprisingly - And I'm not shy about meeting anyone who I believe can help. 

Would you rule out a government position, diplomatic or otherwise, in the future? What area or role would be your dream job?

I'm doing exactly what I want to do every day. 

I work hard every day. This is my job. My foundation. And, squeezing in an indie film, art project, vegas show, play, write, or build my lifestyle brand of my favorite sustainable things for people and pets. And being a hands on mom to 2 teenage boys is the best and most rewarding work I've ever done. Especially,  seeing the empathy. It's a crucial part of life. Some people just don't care. We can't sit around and do nothing. 

You once attended a birthday party for Donald Trump? How is he being misunderstood (or isn’t he)? 

Was it his birthday?

It must have been a paid appearence a long time ago? I do remember meeting him. 

I care about climate change-  I can't say I agree with much I've heard so far from him, or many republicans.  I rarely watch the news. I listen to music ... I read more. But, seems everytime I turn the TV on. There he is. He is really good at manipulating the media. The media should be a bit more saavy. And - not play into it. 

As you know, Lolita is an orca that has spent the past 45 years at the Miami Seaquarium? Are there two sides to this issue? Do you have a solution? 

The only humane - side of this issue is to let her spend the rest of her days in a sea sanctuary. A large ocean pen - all sea aquariums must be shut down. Please never buy a ticket to an aquarium. All you have to do is

Tune into the disgraceful practices in Taaji Japan. This is where they capture dolphins for shows. Then slaughter their families - it is awful. Its barbaric. It's a thing of the past. People have to change. 

Of course, you have been in the news lately for your appearance in Playboy’s final nude issue. People are treating the transition as an inevitability in the age of naked selfies. What’s your take on this bit of history?

I think it's hard to compete with the explicitness of the internet. The 'girl next door' doesnt exist anymore. Everyone wants to be famous at all costs. How many 'likes' determines a kid's self worth? It's a dangerous playground. It means nothing. -

Playboy was very protective. 

It was a lifestyle of culture, gentleman and pretty girls. Times have changed. It isnt that simple anymore.  I'm so glad I was part of the age - (of the no retouching in the 90's) ... Flaws and all. Imperfections are sexy. And what is beauty? All shapes, sizes -  and hair colors. It's in the eye of the beholder. The original playboy catered - to that love- a celebration of women - a healthy, curvey or thin variety. I never saw anyone who looked like me back then. And,  visa versa. Girls were original. And, the naughtiness, the voyerism. It feels a bit numb these days. I'm hoping it's a phase. And we can get back to the fun of sexuality, sensuality and playfulness. 

Maybe they should have made me the 'new editor' ? I think Playboy has a very strong political voice. 

You turned Playboy down the first time they asked, and got sick during your first photo shoot? Can you talk about that experience?

I couldnt believe when they asked me the first few times. Then I called my mom. She said she'd do it. So I took my first plabe ride at 22 yrs old. 

I was so nervous. They got the cover in first roll of film. Oct/89

Before you agreed to this current pictorial, you talked to your boys (how old?).  What was that conversation like?

My boys are 18 (Dylan) and 19 (Brandon) now - they are the ones who let me know that Playboy wasnt doing nudes any more. Then the phone rang. It was Hefner asking me to pose again. The Last One. Ellen Von Unwerth shot it. How could I say no. My boys told me I must do it. They are very proud and protective of me. They have had their battles. But looking back now. They see what I was apart of. They Have their own Playboy Mansion stories now. They have been there since they were babies. And have grown to appreciate It - 

as - you can imagine.