Porn ;

-just break down for us exactly what your take on porn is...

Porn addiction is the issue. We will never get rid of it. This isn't a dictatorship - But, I hope we can look at ourselves and remind each other that human connection is important. And, we don't slide down the porn rabbit hole into Violence and disturbing imagery that is desensitizing - and caters to violence against women, rape and misogynistic views. Objectifying a woman or man for personal pleasure has always been around.
I think with the internet explosion -there is so much access and sickness. It's something to talk about.
Press Reset.

-Pam, you've obviously done some iconic Playboy shoots in the past, do you regret those now?
God no. I love Playboy. Playboy was sexy and innocently titillation.
I loved my experience - it was a lifestyle.  
It was the about girl next door.
I agree with Hef to let the magazine go.
It's the end of an era.
Porn killed Playboy, and I'm happy that the magazine didn't get to far off track trying to keep up. Lets keep those memories sacred. The next generation is going to have to learn some sort of self discipline. But this is an age of addiction, of fast food.
Good love making takes effort, imagination, commitment and style. It is not crass or self serving.

-The piece the 2 of you wrote for WSJ, primarily focuses on the consumption of porn by men, do you feel the same about women who watch porn?
-do you think there's any truth to the saying "all things in moderation."

I guess moderation is key -
I am not a fan. I think it's destructive.

-there's just as many studies that also show that porn can be healthy in a relationship and can be used to spice up someone's sex life, what is your opinion on that?

Have you ever been treated like a porn star in bed.
Slapped and spit on.
I'm sorry - but that is terrible sex.
When people say they learn things from watching porn - It makes me want to cry- it so sad to hear that. I hear that from straight and gay friends who are young. And I realize they might be telling me their experience - It's the worst way to learn about sex. Sex is mysterious. It is between 2 intimately tied partners. It is a journey.

I never have any interest in anyone but the man I'm with. And, It excites me so much more. - I'm not interested in watching someone else make love. I love to just create my own experience-
It worries me that the world might forget how to make love -we are talking about real intimacy. Partnership.
And beautiful sex driven by love and passion.
We have to be cautious of imprinting.
Everything we do watch, wear and eat and listen to.
Creates us. Our energies. The way we look at people.

I love sex, I love sensuality.
The 2 can be one.

This is my quest. To stir up romance and chivalry. It is resonating. So there is hope.