A Sensual Vote

When you feel the hearts of others-

You have empathy, grace, respect- dignity -

Is a sign of a great leader.

It is disgraceful in any position but especially in one of high authority showing contempt for women and viewing women as objects.

This show's Lack of

Mental or self control let alone mental fidelity -

There ARE men who unfortunately demean women behind closed doors - maybe to one another.

It seems part of a culture of entitled people that have experienced little or'no consequences' for inappropriate behavior.

A father and a husband should know better .

It is sad how this behavior poorly

models a grown man? - (to our children). 


Men like this have never felt the ground - or had compassion - for any being other than themselves...

The ground is probably near I predict- It will be good -

When men speak crassly - (and show no remorse of how their actions effect their family -)

it shows a lack of intelligence.

A lack of discipline. A lack of style. A lack of grace.

Men with this many short comings and blatant insecurity probably need to brag about money to entice attention- by showing off ? Its boring -

Money does not bring enduring Happiness-

Women catch on quick and have to battle their own self worth- and take a stand.

That's when men get scared.

And women suffer -

It is not sexy -

No man with that kind of thought process will ever win at anything.

It will be short lived. What ever attention they pursue.

It is not becoming of a powerful man. It is of a weak one.

the scum always rises to the surface.

To be addressed. It is a problem - Racism, Sexism.

It is something telling that America needs to look at..

There is a reason -

it's in our face right now.

Face it and erase it!

We are being shown these behaviors collectively.

The reaction will determine the outcome - our future.

It is not OK to sweep this under the rug.

And any one watching or participating needs to know that you will not be validated in a positive way for this type of behavior.

Please do not reinforce the poisonous practice of tiny men who are too spoiled? or think they're too rich? to respect others.

What is it about today's society that needs healing?

We are in need of A sensual revolution-

The Art of A gentleman. (Is not a lost art)

There are good men out there.

I wish we wouldn't have to subject our families to the TV these days.

To view such extreme reality show antics, 

every night on the news?.

The most important job in the world is at stake -

I'm sure everyone will VOTE their conscience.

I will, my kids will - I can promise that much.