IFAW Reception speech - London

These are critical times for animals. We all know that their homelands are disappearing as human populations expand, the oceans are polluted and noise pollution is part of it. Wild animals are vanishing at unimaginable rates.  At the same time, human attitudes are changing and we are beginning to miss what we are destroying, just a moment before it has gone.  What is left must be preserved. Elephants in Africa are being poached and shipped overseas to tawdry zoos, orcas and whales are being captured for display in hideous amusement parks in shopping malls, thousands of miles from their homes. These are all individuals like us, with thoughts and feelings and desires, for freedom, for independence, for a reasonable, natural life. We cannot pretend it is otherwise. And, with all our power and might, with our human ingenuity to change everything and anything, we are depended upon to be leaders in changing the destructive path into a constructive, positive one that our great, great grandchildren will thank us for recognizing and saving.  It isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact, when we show the way, others follow.  We must show the way and let future generations utter our names in awe, saying “They saw what was wrong and fixed it.  They saved the great orchestra of life and reversed human domination of the animal kingdom.”