Pamela Anderson has a body of work that encompasses entertainment and activism. She is an international icon who uses her status to help make the world a better place.

Pamela Anderson holds the record of appearing on the cover of Playboy Magazine a record 14 times, including the magazine’s final nude pictorial this past January 2016.  Pamela’s first major television role was playing Lisa, the Tool Time Girl on ABC’s hit sitcom “Home Improvement” for its first 2 seasons.  She became a global icon starring on the internationally successful series “Baywatch” (5 seasons) and went on to co create, star in and produce her own national/international television series “V.I.P.,” which ran for four seasons.  Pamela’s feature film career includes a starring role in “Barb Wire” and Sacha Baron Cohen’s obsession and love interest in the hit film “Borat.”  She recently finished shooting the indie film James Franco directed - A strange period piece “The Institute” and recently starred in the critically acclaimed indie film “The People Garden” and Luke Gilford’s short film 'Connected.”  She's finished shooting in Montreal the French Canadian miniseries “SurVie,” portraying an avante-garde actress adhering reluctantly to modern filmmaking.  And - future projects include a short film shooting in LA this december directed by Josh Safdie. 

Segueing effortlessly from the world of acting into activism, Pamela’s courage, compassion and empathy combined with her worldwide popularity, has made her a powerful voice for the planet, for the animals and for humanity.  As an honorary board member of PETA she was instrumental in many successful campaigns over the last 20 yrs. (too many to mention). She chair’s the board of directors of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which helps to further the foundation's mission to maintain biodiversity in our oceans along with bringing awareness to the cruel capture of whales and dolphins for Aquariums, the seal hunt and the dangers of fish farms. She is on the Russian council of IFAW and has also joined forces with Dame Vivienne Westwood and Climate Revolution to protect the Arctic from drilling, defending human curiosity, and environmental rights. She advocates for Julian Assange, and Leonard Peltier — freedom of information, education and Justice for the vulnerable, for all living beings on the Planet - exposing the hardships of women and children in difficult surroundings.  In 2014 she founded her own foundation, The Pamela Anderson Foundation (, which supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines in the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights. 

Anderson has a vegan surf- snow boot line called PAMMIES (, She recently aligned with The Hatch Winery, to create her first vintage in the Pamela Anderson wine collection ‘CONTEMPT ‘Brut Rose.’ With an inspired cinephile twist. 

She is committed to all her causes and applies everything she learns to everything she does. 

She is an advocate for women and children. And has been speaking out about the dangers of porn addiction and desensitization. Encouraging empathy - calling for A Sensual Revolution - while writing her book The Sensual Revolution. (A guide to the erogenous mind ) Her hobby is writing erotic short stories and poetry. 

A native of Canada, Pamela has dual citizenship in the USA and Canada. She is the mother to two boys, an avid art collector and friend to the art community. She has been a distinguished speaker at both Oxford and Cambridge in regards to activism.