My RAW unfiltered point of view and grave concerns.

I don't believe Wikileaks is seeking to damage Hillary Clinton's reputation.
It's important and brave to help educate people about the nature of power in the USA.
It's the actions of Hillary's inner-circle that damage her reputation.
The only solution is to ask her to rethink those people -
and create a genuinely progressive cabinet -
Not consolidate power through creating a "demonic" adversary

Trump is a populist.
His hideous behavior towards women and minorities disqualify him.
Though, I think he has inadvertently done a service to an undercurrent of dispossessed Americans that need to be heard, and don’t trust government they feel doesn’t represent them
In an odd way eventually, somehow -
He may have even improved the Republican party, and the Democratic party,
by shaking up the oligarch establishment
The war establishment

It is heart-breaking what is happening in Syria -
It is shocking. But not surprising.

I think Russia and Syria are escalating bombing now because of fears of an impending Clinton Presidency-
The US wants a successful war- after Iraq, after Libya.

Does a no-fly zone mean shooting down Syrian and Russian planes?
ISIS has no jets.

The popular urge to help those who are suffering is a testament to our humanity, but -
What does the post-conflict Syrian state look like?

Aiding rebel forces led to weapons being taken by jihadists in Libya
And those weapons flowed throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Anarchy and mayhem is the result.
What is the outcome for Syria?

Can the US intervene with so many unknowns? So much risk?

And what about the next war? And the one after that?

We must not desensitize but we must understand the root causes.

I want to know why saving the rainforest is not a desperate priority?

Why man-made Climate Change is not being addressed with the seriousness we deserve?

It's not about saving the planet. It's about saving mankind.

Deforestation in the Congo Basin led to changes in precipitation patterns.

Food-producing lands became non-productive.

This led to discontent in Northern Africa and the Middle East

which was a main driver of the Arab Spring and a main driver of the refugee crisis in Europe.

This refugee crisis was confused in the UK with EU immigration policy, and became the central issue of the Brexit referendum.

Everything is interlinked.

I'm preparing for a Clinton presidency

I will not feed into fear or conspiracy theories - just facts
but I will not accept business as usual.
I will campaign somehow for Bernie Sanders to have a prominent position in a cabinet of diverse, progressive, and conscious people
If we are to trust him, to vote for Hillary -
We must know what his role at the table will be-

And who else will be in the Clinton administration? Who will she appoint?

All we have to do is read Wikileaks to see how her inner circle operates.

It is being decided now. Government formation is happening now.

It needs to be disclosed.
We need to campaign NOW.

I highly recommend Vivienne Westwood's new book "Get A Life"

And, I'm off to another museum.
Lucky to be in London.

Culture will save us.
Artists are freedom fighters.
Engage in the world before it's too late.