When did you initially meet Vivienne? What did her work represent to you?

Vivienne and I met while campaigning for Leonard Peltier's release. She invited me to a show- I fell in love with her Manifesto - we have a lot in common. Hard to believe for most people who worship Vivienne. I know It's a bizarre pairing. I think it's mostly our passion to help save the world. She is tireless and relentless - I have so much respect for her. She has taught me much- really, more than anyone. 

What is it you think you see in one another?

We care about the planet. The planet will live on actually. We care about Mankind - and we are facing mass extinction. 

Can you tell us more about the story behind that first Spring/Summer 09 campaign in Malibu? What are your overriding memories of the day? 

Vivienne, Andreas and Juergan came for a visit to the caravan I was staying in before my house was ready. Queen of the Stone Age came by too. Obama was in his first 4 years as president - We were so hopeful. 

How about the most recently shot campaign… Do you all still have as much fun as that first time? How would you describe the feel of this latest shoot?

I love the spontaneity. I was in London. Andreas asked me to come to Greece with them. This time we were shooting at Jeurgans home. I love the apocalyptic feel when we shoot. A warrior comes over me. And it feels like life and death. How will we survive the climate and over population. We may all become cannibals - or eat dirt. 

What have you learnt from Vivienne and what do you think she has learnt from you?

I have learned that each day is an opportunity. That I cannot be silent. I must be specific and work very hard every day to engage in the world. As a reader and art lover - I am an activist. (I'm not sure what Vivienne has learned from me? You'd have to ask her). 

What first made you an activist? Which projects are you most proud of?

I've been rescuing animals my whole life. And as an empathic person - everything I learn- if I'm exposed to an issue - I am sleepless till I can apply to my life and my foundation. I fight for every living thing. Including the planet and its desperate rainforest - And of course human rights. 
Humans are gobbling everything up- consuming everything. The world was not made just for human beings to annihilate for their pleasure. Technology has desensitized people. If we don't care about each other how will anyone care about a polar bear or injustices like the political imprisonment Julian Assange - who has done nothing wrong- but be a truth teller- (and villainized because it doesn't suit corruptive forces). 
I am vegan, I try to stay away from plastic (it's very hard- try to do for even 1 week) (try to eat less meat. That will help too) if we are all doing something we are doing something together. 
NGO's do the work that governments should be doing. 
People must govern themselves. 

What one thing can anyone do to help the planet?

Choose green energy. Get other people to choose green energy. And buy less stuff. 
Mend your clothes. Or only buy 1 beautiful thing a year. Share things. 
I don't know. You'll have to figure out yourself
My day is full of trying to be better - 
to make the best choices I can... And when I can't do anything else. I read. Get in nature, meditate or go to a museum with my kids.