Pamela Anderson is on IFAW's Russian Council

Pamela Anderson is on IFAW's Russian Council -
A PETA board member
The Chair of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
A Courage foundation board member
A founding member of Tenure
The Founder of The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Pamela has been an activist since birth.
Born on Canada's 100th birthday July 1, 1967 - she was front page news on day one.
Born to parents Barry and Carol Anderson.
Taking her Finnish, Russian and Canadian roots to heart.

Her love of fairy-tales and nature came from her very dear relationship to her Paternal Grandfather Herman Hyytianen.
Her love for feral cats came from her deaf aunt Marlene who 'had a secret language' with wild kittens.
Her first role as an activist was when she was 6 years old.
She made an emotional plea to her father and his friends to stop hunting (after finding a dead deer hanging upside down in the shed- with no head bleeding into a bucket)
Since then she has been a voice for Animals world wide.
She has expanded her awareness and activism to encompass all vulnerable being and environmental issues.
It is all connected.

Her Acting career started with Baywatch the TV series and ends with the new Baywatch film franchise.

Her focus has been and still is her children and causes that resonate with all of them.

She is a supporter of Julian Assange and other activists/whistleblowers. She appreciates the sacrifice it takes in today's world to get to the truth-
and is not led astray by propaganda -
all of her accounts are first hand.
Relying on her own eyes and ears for information.
She is welcomed everywhere she goes with her open heart - and disarming smile -
Making a valuable impact world wide.