Press Conference notes Moscow Dec 16, 2016


All wars are heartbreaking
And now
Yemen is the mirror image of Syria.

War is never humane.
Innocent people, childrenand animals suffer and die -
For what outcome?

I have visited Refugee camps in Berlin and am going to Calais in a few weeks ... to bring treats and coloring books.
I hope every country can besensitive - during this difficult time.

More wars are inevitable if we do not consider climate change and there will be climate refugees
if there is less inhabitable land, less clean water to drink,
and an empty ocean.
You can count on bloodshed.

We must switch to green energy, eat less meat, use less plastic, walk more places.
If you have the choice - chose ecologically.
If we can change our own daily behaviors we are changing together.
That is powerful.
We do not need to wear animal Fur. It is old fashioned.
There is lovely eco fur out there that is just as warm and beautiful and causes no harm to animals.
It's much more chic
The new glamour is being thoughtful -
An activist is not reckless and
Having empathy is sexy.