"The Infamous Malibu Colony 'A Starlet's Beach House'" An intimate look at Pamela Anderson's California Christmas at home …


Merry Christmas!

In America it's 'Happy Holidays' or no celebratory greeting at all. you are meant to be so politically correct these days

My family says Merry Christmas... and , we believe in Santa Claus. 

At Christmas time - the boys and I are always together. 

We love to decorate- and spoil each other. 

We love having 2 trees...

The ornaments we've collected since Brandon and Dylan were babies fill one tree. 

It's always their favorite to stare at and share with friends.  

Lots of memories. 

Now that Dylan is 18 making music (and going to Music production school) . And Brandon is 20 in Acting classes - (studying for over a year now). Both are very serious about their crafts and careers. Both are quite ambitious and Independent. 

I was never that calculated. I had no idea - or mentors early on. 

I've been more free style when it comes to my career, and my passion has turned into helping make the world a better place? 

It just happened spontaneously. As I learn things, I apply to my life - and mission. 

I love architecture and design. 

I agreed to photograph my Malibu home this year- because it's taken me 8 years to build!! 

It's finally done. It's an amazing relief. 

It feels like a metaphor for my life-

I knew that when it was complete, so would I be - 

I knew I'd be content, my kids would be also -and, that I'd be madly in love some how. 

I have complex taste - as my home shows. I'm not sure if I'm modern or old fashioned. Rebellious or chic?

I think I must be everything. 

I built my home with Lautner and Ando in mind- my 2 favorite architects, this is why the sustainable teak, glass and poured concrete - we had wood forms etc. a little retro modern. I also have a love of Vintage pieces, mixed with contemporary art - I have friends who are artists. I love and am blessed to be able to collect small pieces -Ed Ruscha, David Lachapelle, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince - and a Brazilian artist Thais , 

I've been given beautiful Marilyn photos - as gifts - 

I keep in my bedroom. 

You wont see pictures of me in my homes. (Except some tiny candids with the boys) - 

I have always been conscious of the environment. 

I purchased solar panels for my home years ago- before they were cool. I am still the only one on my street with them. (which is shocking)

I have 2 homes. 

This Malibu Colony Cottage and 

A beach shack with some property in Ladysmith near my parents on Vancouver Island. 

I'm looking for a little Apartment in London or Paris?. 

I do some good writing there (and must finish my book- The Sensual Revolution) and have more friends than in LA-

I'd like to end up somewhere in Europe - dancing on checkered tables. Or on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean - I will do a Sea Shepherd mission. 

That would solve that. . 

It's hard to believe my Colony home is worth so much ?(estimated at 20 million US dollars) That's Malibu. Crazy. - (main house 5,000 sq feet, guest house 2,000 sq feet) 

Now that boys are grown and settled. 

I may consider renting it out while I travel and work. 

I get offers in my mailbox to sell all the time. I'm just not ready to do that-  My entire career is in this house. 

Almost every dime I've made. 

It is a big accomplishment for me. 

It took perseverance, multiple contractors and faith. 

It was the best investment I could have made. Clearly - and believe me- it was not smooth sailing. I was way over my head.  

And over budget. 

I'm starting to feel restless. 

I've never been to Africa. I want to help Elephants, Rhinos. 

I could see myself there for awhile. 

Or - Russia? 

Maybe, I'll do a film in Russia - One is in the works in Paris. 

I also feel drawn to places where people and animals are suffering. War torn places. I want to help somehow. 

This part of my life - is unresolved. 

I'm fortunate to have set up my life where my properties can work for me now... after tremendous work and perseverance. It's starting to pay off. Good choices. 

I'm also building a place to care for my parents- who are still together and madly in love after 50 years. 

I'm building a compound on my waterfront property in Ladysmith - on Vancouver Island -

Where at any age you can have 24 hr care - A simple butler service. 

Beautiful storage units -

Somewhere that's inspiring and healthy. 

I'm renovating the existing buildings. 

An Artist community - 

Welcoming lots of rescued pets I hope. More of a boutique green residence. This was my Grandmother's property (that I purchased 15 years ago) I was born at- my parents were married on it. 

I'd like to share it somehow. 

I will rescue a dairy cow and her baby - and keep elderly Horses there possibly. A pretty barn -

I'm working on my photography A hobby that's turned into fashion editorials with interviews-  men that inspire me- politically, physically. Activists are sexy. 

I'm having fun with it. I just shot my son Dylan for ODDA magazine. 

My recycled vegan boots and ballerinas have finally launched it's new season. 

Snow to Surf - 


It's an imperfect- labour or love project. 

I can only make as many as I can afford. It's not making me any money.

Come on malibu mom's. 

No more ugg boots. 

As for Soc media- 

I have toyed with the thought of completely ignoring it. But I found a way to make it interesting and about culture, activism and glamour and not so much self promotion . 

My instagram is really reflective of me. It's all hints of where I am at. It's my way of telling my cryptic story. It's a creative way without being too invasive and leaves some mystery- every photo has a story -even if it's not of me. I get so sick of myself. So thought I'd try something different. 

As for new year's resolutions. 

I'm trying to convince everyone to switch to green energy as a New Year's Resolution. It's one of the most powerful choices we can make as individuals. I've given up on waiting for Governments (esp in America now) to take Climate Change seriously. 

Most of Photographs by Emma Dunlavey

Flowers by Sue Balmforth. 

Original designer Josh Chrisant

Architect Philip Vertoch

Completed by Kevin Babineau 

Just FYI-

I'm preparing for a new role- and - am trying to find some comfort with smoking- 

I don't think it suits me personally- but- 

I love the smell of smoke - always have -

It's a little naughty .. 

Maybe I'm a little bored... 

I'm at a crossroads ... 

I still have big dreams. 

May you have a blessed and Meaningful New Year 



"I'm fucking crazy, but I'm free..." LDR