Israel/Palestine ...

Mr Kerry's comments and proposal are reasonable and the only way forward to an equitable future for both nations. Palestinian violence must stop, but Israel needs to recognise that it possesses overwhelming power and strength and the future is in their hands. What kind of future do they want? 

For all the ills of Occupation, Israel's human rights record is better than almost any other country in the region - minorities and Palestinians are treated better than women in Saudi, Christians in Iraq, Shia in Bahrain, Kurds in Turkey, Sunni in Iran, or everyone in Syria. However, there can be absolutely no justification for collective punishment or the building of settlements on Palestinian land - anywhere else we'd call it colonialism and we must in the West Bank too. Settlement expansion must cease immediately, as a first step and show of good faith. 

Secretary Kerry's comments come from a place of love. The United States and the American people have been Israel's loyal friend for many decades. But friendship sometimes means telling hard truths - precisely because we care. Instead of lashing out at President Obama's administration, the Israeli government needs to think about what future it wants for its people. 

Most countries of the world already accepts Palestine as an independent nation state, It is time for Israel and its allies to do so too - just as Palestine must recognise Israel's right to exist. 

There will be difficult decisions ahead - on settlements and land swaps, on Jerusalem, on securing borders, on sharing natural resources. But progress must be made. The alternative, as Secretary Kerry warns, is Israel as an apartheid state and the end of its hard fought democracy. I truly believe this is not the kind of Israel most Israelis and their many friends wish for. 

Pamela Anderson