Letter from Brigitte Bardot to Vladimir Putin

Mr President,
Some months ago, I sent you a call for Victoria Pavlenko, wrongly imprisoned for helping a suffering dog. This protector is now free, and I am grateful to the judicial power for its kindness towards her.
Beyond this particular case, the situation of stray animals remains a concern in Russia, the lack of cooperation between local authorities and animal advocates prevents the implementation of sterilization programs for stray cats and dogs to limit their population, facilitate their acceptance and protect them.
Stray animal management is an important concern, preservation of endangered species as well. As such, Russia has a rare and fragile wildlife that it is imperative and urgent to protect.
Last September, your Minister of Ecology, Sergueï Donskoï, received Pamela Anderson to discuss the protection of Far Eastern leopards, Siberian tigers, polar bears, seals and whales ... Like me, Pamela now puts her fame to the benefit of animals, supports the actions of my Foundation and wishes to meet you in the hope that Russia commits to a greater protection of endangered species, a few months before the next CITES which will be held in South Africa.
The world is heading towards its own destruction by depleting its natural resources, looted by an ever greater exploitation, increasingly crazy ... Urgent actions are needed !
Mr President, you know how much I respect your authority and how appreciative I am of the sympathy you’ve shown me; I hope you'll hear my call and I assure you of my wholehearted friendship.
Brigitte Bardot