Jewish Values Award

Jewish Values Award- presented by Rabbi Schmuley
Pamela Anderson Speech
recipient of "The Lover of Israel" Award
May 5/2016

I am truly honored,
Thank-you, very much, for inviting me, to speak with you, on this very special day.

It has been my privilege, to have visited, both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and to see, first hand, the miracle, that is, the modern state of Israel.

As humanity moves forward, it is imperative, that we learn from the past.
Humanity must never tolerate genocide. We must never,  surrender to intolerance. We must never, forget that each, and every day,
we lay the foundation stones of tomorrow,
within this wondrous continuum of life.
We must look towards what unites us, and not, what divides us.

No matter who we are, or where we live, we depend on each other, and we depend upon the diversity of life, for our survival.
Israel shares The Mediterranean Sea, with 23 different, and very diverse, nations. All of these nations, are dependent upon a healthy sea,
as the entire world is dependent, upon a healthy ocean.

When the sea is diminished by over-fishing, and pollution, all of humanity is diminished. No matter what philosophies divide us, the one thing that must always bring us together, is our mutual dependence, upon the Ocean, for life.
No matter what are faith, our race, our politics, or our status, we must understand one fundamental truth – if the Ocean dies, we all die.
The Ocean provides us with over 50% of the oxygen we breathe, and it regulates the climate.
The Ocean is life.
The laws of ecology, are diversity, interdependence, and finite resources.
Humanity must work within the boundaries of these laws to survive, and we must embrace diversity, both ecologically, and socially. We must embrace interdependence, both ecologically and socially, and we must understand that there are limits, to what we can exploit, and how much we can grow.
The production of meat each year requires the slaughter of 65 billion animals on land, and many, many more in the sea. The production of meat, contributes more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, than the entire global transportation industry.
And one of the things I am so proud of Israel for, is that Israel is one of the leading countries in the world, practicing, and encouraging, vegetarianism, and vegan-ism.
This makes Israel, a world leader, in advancing, the ethical, and environmental, measures that this planet, needs to survive.
Of Israel’s 8 million people, one million no longer eat meat.
This is a national agenda, of kindness ,and growing ecological awareness.
Vegan-ism is now so popular, that vegan meals are offered to soldiers, in the Israeli Defense Force, and the IDF provides for non-leather boots, on request.
Israel has historically been a nation of determination, courage, imagination, and compassion, and these, are the virtues that improve the world.
I believe, that evolution, includes ever evolving humane behavior. It means learning from the past, adapting in the present, to our obligations to all future generations of humanity.
Our future survival, depends upon learning, to live in harmony, with our fellow humans, and, with all other species, that we share this planet with.
We exist, because of them.
Without the bees, the trees, the worms, the birds, and the fish, we cannot survive. Without phytoplankton, in the sea, and trees on the land, we cannot breathe.
It is from the Middle East, and on the shores of the Middle Sea,
that civilization sprang, and. it is, in this region,
that the clash of cultures, over the years, has led to tremendous heart-break.  
However, tragedy has one important, positive consequence – it illustrates, the need, to adapt, and, to change.
Israel lies in the center, of centuries of conflict, and, for centuries, lessons, have been learned, and people, have adapted, to ever-changing pressures, and have, learned, to cope, and survive.
I would like to see Israel’s, evolution of compassion, grow, ever stronger. I would like to see this growing reverence for life, be the guiding light, for not just Israel, but, for all of humanity, and I believe, that Israel can help guide humanity, along the path, towards a kinder, more compassionate world.
Thank you,