IAPF Urgent Appeal

A rhino is dying #‎Every8 hours. The (IAPF) International Anti-Poaching Foundation need your voice. Damien Mander, ex sniper and special ops for Australia is running a successful anti rhino + elephant poaching mission in Africa and making a huge impact. Because of this, his rangers are now being targeted in their own homes. They now need your help more than ever. Check out the Video with Joaquin Phoenix and Damien Mander appealing for support:

Go Fund Me Campaign: www.gofundme.com/iapfurgentappeal
The IAPF would appreciate anything you can do. Simply sharing this video would be incredible.

Poaching of rhinoceros has intensified over the last several years, but in the areas where IAPF is operating, Mozambique has recently had significant success in suppressing poaching activity in this area, described as “the most critical piece of land on the planet for rhino conservation”.  With illegally traded rhino horn now reportedly selling for in excess of $75,000 per kilogram, pressure on the endangered animals from poachers remains extreme.

Founded in 2009 by former Royal Australian Navy and Special Forces operative Damien Mander, the IAPF has grown into a respected global conservation charity which brings military–derived tools, technologies and techniques to the front line of the poaching war. Applying the motto “Wildlife conservation through direct action”, the organisation shows that such experience and skills have a significant use beyond the human battlefield where they were conceived.

Under an agreement with Mozambique’s National Agency for Conservation Areas (ANAC), IAPF has brought much needed relief to the front lines of the poaching war on rhino along the South Africa - Mozambique border.  The border forms the boundary of Kruger National Park (KNP), home to up to 40% of the world’s remaining rhino. The majority of this population is in the southernmost quarter of the Park. In 2014 KNP accounted for more than two thirds of South Africa’s 1215 rhino fatalities. Sources within Kruger maintain that the vast majority of rhino poachers entering the park do so from Mozambique, utilising the poorly-protected areas of the Greater Lebombo Conservancy (GLC) as ready entry and exit routes. This area serves as the only buffer between the southern section of Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Mozambican communities closest to the park’s border.