Wild Salmon

Press Conference Aboard
The RV Martin Sheen
False Creek, Vancouver BC

Thank you
I love coming home -
and I love as a fellow Canadian I am able to help shed some light on a local atrocity. That has solutions.
As The Chair of the board of directors of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
I'm pleased to be working with Dr Alexandra Morton on this very important local and international issue.
A common misconception -
is that purchasing farmed salmon might protect wild salmon populations.
That is far from the truth.
I began fighting for Salmon - when I started fighting for whales.- who need wild salmon to survive.
I'm appealing to the consumer.
To either not consume salmon at all. Or if you must-
please only consume Wild Salmon.

The bottom line is that the fish farms in the ocean are polluting the oceans. Spreading sea lice and killing the wild populations of Salmon and other sea life.- .
Please take this into your own hands and simply say no to farmed salmon.
You will be doing a great service to our oceans.
And will help Orca's feed their young.

Lets continue the fight in this seemingly upside down world right now. Do not lose hope.
Do not be distracted.
Do something every day to make the world a better place.

We must protect the biodiversity of the oceans.
If the Ocean's die we die.

I'd love introduce Dr Alex Morton
I want to thank David Suzuki for his support.
and thank you first nations.
You have the power.
We are here to help
support you.
Lets save the wild salmon

Thank you.


Please Sign the Petition: https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/salmon-farms-virus-pollution