Blood Spills on to the Shores of the Danish Faroe Islands in the First Pilot Whale Slaughter of the Year

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

The Slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroes is Happening Now!

The Barbarians of the Ferocious Islands are at this moment stalking and harassing a pod of 30 - 50 Pilot whales. They were spotted at Eiðinum near Svinoy and the boats were seen driving them South towards Hvannasund.

The killing on the beach has begun. It is happening now. The screams of dying Pilot whales are echoing across the water and a scarlet stain is spreading out into the cold water of the Fjord.

Sea Shepherd boats and crews have been barred from entry in the Faroe Islands as the Danish government exercises full support for an atrocity that is illegal in Danish waters.

Sea Shepherd's campaign this year is to pursue a legal complaint in the European Union Parliament and to promote the boycott of Faroese farm raised salmon and other fish products.

The Faroes have three large salmon farm companies - Hidden Fjord, Bakkanfrost and Marine Harvest. Two weeks ago I sent questions to all three companies asking if they will confirm reports that pilot whale and dolphin meat is being fed to farm raised salmon. I have not received a denial or a confirmation from many of the three although I have received many angry messages from some Faroese telling us to leave the companies alone because they provide jobs.

These companies raise salmon in the same waters that Pilot whales and dolphins are slaughtered and therefore we have called this years campaign Operation Bloody Fjords.

The Faroese dolphin butchers have the full weight of the Danish government, police and and Navy on their side and although physical ly prevented from intervention this summer, we can still strike out through legal and economic channels with the message that eating Faroese salmon means killing and eating the Pilot whales.

We need to tell the world that Faroese farmed raised salmon is associated with the killing of Pilot whales and dolphins. People who eat salmon should always ask in Sushi bars, restaurants and markets if the salmon comes from the Faroes and if so to not eat it and to advise the establishment not to serve it.