On location with Pamela "SUR VIE" directed by Yves Christian

Montreal, Quebec

·      Pamela, in Sur-vie you play Raquel Rose, a reality show host. What did you think when you first read the script?

They translated all the scripts to English. I loved it. And We really made my character interesting after all.

·      Did it take a lot of convincing for Fabienne Larouche and her team to get you on board? Did she came to California to meet you?
My Agent at ICM sent me the script. I was excited about going to Montreal and working on a Canadian production. I knew of the director. And it wasnt hard to sell me on it. We just worked on the Character together. I didnt want to play myself. I get offers all day long to do Cameos. Or play myself in films. I play myself every day. It had to be something unique and different. I think we accomplished that.

·      Since you are playing yourself, was it important for you to approve the scenarios and make sure that the character was true to your personality? Im not playing myself at all. Not even close.  

·      How was your relationship with Mariloup Wolfe on the set?
I only met her a few times. She's very sweet. Most of my scenes were with Luc Picard.

·      You came to Montreal for the filming of your scenes. Was it the first time that you spend has much time in Quebec?
Ive been to Quebec a couple times. But only for a day or a night. This is the first time Ive been able to look around.

·      Filming a tv show in Quebec is very different from filming in Hollywood. How did you find the experience? absolutely wonderful. The crew is amazing. There is a lot of talent here. We were moving fast. But Im really excited to see. This was shot very artistically. Reminding me of David Fincher?

·      People in Montreal tend to be at the same time very friendly with celebrities but still very respectful of their intimacy. Did you have some contact with fans outside of the set? Yes. Outside the hotel I signed some autographs and took pictures.  Also
At le gros luxe where the have incredible vegan poutine.

·      You are one of the most virulent animal right advocates and a notorious vegetarian.  After years of work, supporting PETA notably, do you feel that you have made a difference? That some people listened to what you had to say about those matters? It's been over 20 years. I know PETA and I have helped make big changes. They have to make tough decisions sometimes. For the greater good of all animal welfare. My friends there are brave.  And have done more for Animals than anyone. Im on PETA's honorary board.
Im also the chair of the board of directors for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. And Im in the Russian Council of IFAW - I visited the SPCA on a Sunday while I was in Montreal. They are incredible. It was so nice go hug and kiss some dogs waiting for adoption.

·      Regarding animal rights, what is, according to you, the biggest challenge in 2016?
I think we must all be as Vegan as we can be. For the environment, water, out health. Its something each one if us can control. Even if we eat less meat. We are helping the planet. Of course there are many campaigns. I deal with every day. The oceans need a break too. Stop all fishing and our oceans may come back on 50yrs.

·      You come from such different backgrounds. How did you come to collaborate with singer Morrissey for his clip Earth is the Loneliest Planet? We have a lot in common with our love for animals. I guess its perception. Love is the common thread between us all. Compassion.

·      Soon, Baywatch will be back on the big screen and you are part of the cast. How was it to come back to on the beach with a new team? I did a cameo - It was great!  I think they are doing the TV show again. And have already shown interest in having my son Brandon beiing in it. Which is full circle. I left baywatch when I was pregnant with him.

·      How did you get along with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Effron on the set?
Both men are so sweet and funny. It was just hard to look at The Rock as Mitch. Ha.
Lets hope there is a sequel. If so. Im in in a much biger capacity. X

·      A few months ago, you were the last woman to pose nude for Playboy before the publication changed it’s policy. Considering that Marilyn Monroe was the first to be on the cover of the iconic magazine, did you feel it was an honor to be the ultimate model? It is bittersweet to see playboy disappear into the sunset. It was my life, my university. I learned everything up there. And I mean everything. The lifestyle is a lost art. It was chilvalrous and intellectual. No man will ever replace Hef.

·      You have been considered as a pop icon and a model of femininity. How do you think that the concept of femininity has evolved since your debut? Do you think that, in many aspects, you have been a positive role-model? Thank you. I hope so. I am the best I can be. I love being a mom. I live amongst artists. So sometimes I dont know where it all starts and stops. It feels like a dream. But I do know I care deeply for women, children, animals. All God's vulnerable beings. And do as much as I can -

·      A few years ago, the movie Borat was a huge international success. Sacha Baron Cohen’s character’s quest was to find you and to marry you. How did you react the first time you heard about the movie? He met me at the Chateau Marmont. Explained the concept and I agreed. I like things that other people might say NO way too. Ive rarely agreed with my agents. And am considered unmanageable. ?

·      Nowadays, moviegoers are asking for more productions starring strong women, especially regarding films based on superheroes comic books. You once starred in the movie Barb Wire based on such a character, but it didn’t get much success at the Box Office. Do you think it was a case of “Too much, too soon?”
I think I was doing so much. I just got married. And it was my focus - I was head over heels in love - it was my first movie. It was my fault.

·      Your sons, Dylan and Brandon, are now reaching adulthood. Do you feel that you made a good choice raising them outside of the Hollywood frenzy? Does any of your boys want to follow your steps?
Dylan is a musician going to university in the fall.
Brandon is an Actor. He's taking acting lessons. He's quite a character. Very dramatic. I guess he's in the right business. I'm very protective though.  

·      As all of your fans know, you were discovered after some advertisers saw you on the giant screen at a football game in BC, your home province. This moment changed your life. Do you sometime think what would have happened if you didn’t show up at that game or if the cameraman had simply not decided to put the camera on you?
Probably not.
Fate is a strange thing.
Hard to say what if. And this is a tough business to pursue. I haven't been on a audition really and I haven't been in acting classes. Not sure how I got here. But I do work hard at everything I do.
I want to be the best actress I can be. I want to be loved. I appreciate my seemingly life long fans.