The Sensual Revolution

To make a woman melt from head to toe-
You must know me,
to love me in those ways.

The erogenous mind is aroused by sincere
respect, a sexy imagination, laced with dignity, mystery- and safety,

The forbidden fruit-
Never settle-
Wait for-
to swim in vulnerability-
is an art- few are brave enough- (those are the good ones)

I am in the DNA
of Playboy-
A centerfold, bunny,
cover girl.
Playboy in my opinion was titillatingly innocent-
without being grossly over sexual.
It was a very 'euro'/forward thinking -a semi nude publication-
that celebrated freedom in many ways -
beliefs and boundaries-
I will always proudly align myself with.

Porn killed Playboy
A darkness,
A mad addiction-
En-slavery in the sex industry -
Easy access to explicit pornography has infected our relationships -
our families,
our choices.
disorienting -
teaching bad habits, by bad example-
How to be terrible lovers -
An epidemic-
lacking the most important parts -
respect and dignity.

We need to learn to make love again. It will save us.

I, as a sensually driven woman - worry about the course we are on.
It is not sexy.

*Pamela Anderson
Activist, Author, Actress
Best known for her role as CJ Parker on Baywatch and most likely for her record number of Playboy covers-
She is a defender of the environment and uses her compassionate stance to help protect all
vulnerable beings,through the hard work of The Pamela Anderson Foundation.
A true romantic, poet, artist- she defends families, love and freedom -
She is courageously outspoken about sex trafficking/pornography, domestic abuse- and how we must protect our precious loving relationships.

The Sensual Revolution - coming soon