Contempt - 1st of my wine series available now

The Canadian Icon and an upstart winery. On paper, they were worlds apart but little did either know they had much in common when in 2015 Pamela Anderson happened upon a bottle of hatch Brut Rose. Taken by the rebelious design and unquestionable flavour, a long seeded idea was hatched. An enthusiast of the luxury of Champagne while also being a Canadian patriot at heart, Pamela decided that wine was a great medium to showcase her interests in drama, glamour, art, love & fashion.…Contempt was the concept 'I wanted these wines to convey a feeling, a message, a warning something romantic, real, with a pink edge'.
It was a meeting exactly one year ago between Pamela and hatch winemaker Jason Parkes, a person known for his own artistic leanings that the partnership was cemented with a mutual love for art and rebelion, loud music and glamour. But most of all, wine. We are excited to debut along with Pamela 'Contempt', a beautiful sparkling wine made from the classic Champagne varieties grown along the Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the home province of Pam herself.
'The fine line - Contempt ends where love begins; forgiveness, always a battle.'
Wishing you Love,
Pamela   (Shipping to Canada only)