I know this may not be popular - but honest -

"I have to agree with PETA - it is a complicated and heart wrenching issue. ;

Montreal has banned BREEDING pit bulls. If they had banned breeding poodles, that would be great for poodles and overall.  We’d be rejoicing. They’ve banned pits because someone was killed, but any ban on breeding any dogs right now is a fabulous thing.  It’s a start, it helps, it will help pits and the homeless animals crisis way into the future. 

Montreal has also imposed conditions on ownership:  If anyone thinks that people who can’t afford a dog should have one, take a minute and think it through. What happens when that dog breaks a leg, gets parvo, needs shots, isn’t sterilized, and so on? We know: they get turned into a shelter, usually by that time too old, sick, injured and undesirable for anyone to want to take.  And remember, just as PETA sterilizes all pits free of charge in our own clinics, and provide free vet care for pits and other animals every single day of the year, there are funds in Montreal and elsewhere that help people truly on a fixed income who truly care for their pits or any other animals.

Finally, yes, pits in the Montreal shelter may be euthanized.  The fact is that as long as more dogs keep being churned out, there will be dogs who will be euthanized, pits or not pits.  SO, if anyone can provide a good home for a dog, hurrah, encourage them to do it. They can reduce the sum total of dogs being euthanized by adopting a pit elsewhere if they are hooked on only having a pit for some reason (as if dogs must look a certain way to be loved or wanted), or by adopting a different type of dog in Montreal – there are enough to go around, more than enough - thereby saving a dog life somewhere. 

Please read PETA’s position, above, carefully, before buying into the counterproductive hysteria that does absolutely nothing to solve the very real problems faced by shelters and homeless dogs. "

As we learn we must change ...